10 Minutes of DOOMFIST Gameplay (Overwatch)

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AmyQuinnxoxo on 8. Jul. 2017.
Welp if enemy team has Sombra and she is good and hacks Doomfist he is basically dead LOL
Chandler Swanson on 8. Jul. 2017.
Why did you end the video with a minute thirty left in the game? I need to know how the game ended! I need closure!
Cosmedian Gamer on 8. Jul. 2017.
You were playing with bots? So that's how u managed to lock Doomfist
Castodas on 8. Jul. 2017.
So is it a continuity issue that it seems that the robots in the starting Attack Spawn area (particularly the one up in the wall) has been smashed by a doomfist gauntlet (The bullet-hole graphic of his smash looks very similar I think)? Being that that is where the attackers come from, doesn't it make sense that Doomfist came through that way first before getting the Doomfist Gauntlet? Then how would he have made that big dent in the wall? Or did he casually go back to the airport, and through the front entrance just to smash a robot into the wall? Also, why is Doomfist protecting the thing that used to hold his Doomfist gauntlet; or why is anyone protecting the now empty container for Doomfist's gauntlet?
Kevin Trinh on 8. Jul. 2017.
His walkspeed is ridic
Maldus Alver on 8. Jul. 2017.
Can't wait for the next Overlooked episodes from Carbots.
WiggleBabies on 8. Jul. 2017.
One Punch Man has arrived
Josh Recktenwald on 7. Jul. 2017.
"there aren't any melee heroes, not really". Ever heard of Reinhardt?
Zach Gibson on 7. Jul. 2017.
this game is now broken... I guess I can't play my mains anymore lol
Homie Alpaca on 7. Jul. 2017.
His gun looks familiar
Jordick 69 on 7. Jul. 2017.
Interesting hero, but to me he seems a little bit over powered to me with that high damage and mobility. =/
Jaymzmiller on 7. Jul. 2017.
Not actually seen anywhere, but can he be targetted when he goes in the air to do his Ult?
Gabriel Silva on 7. Jul. 2017.
Buck with torvald glove kk
Lockon52 on 7. Jul. 2017.
Counter dive? more like help it.
Iron Tiki on 7. Jul. 2017.
awesome video. he looks great!
Azrazel Hananto on 7. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist is literally Galio with a pea shooter
Bethanie steph on 7. Jul. 2017.
If Blizzard can keep making fun hero's like dooomfist then OW will be around for a long time.
Mocita on 7. Jul. 2017.
But did you win the game?!
Kenny West on 7. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist is Galio
Dragon Emperor Gaming on 7. Jul. 2017.
dang it not a defense hero? we could sure use some
Lorcan Duffy on 7. Jul. 2017.
zarya would be a good combo
thorbacon on 7. Jul. 2017.
Yeah 10 minutes! Get that youtube money
Nero_Faintly on 7. Jul. 2017.
holy shit he's getting nerfed so hard. he's a better genji lol
H Orsidus on 7. Jul. 2017.
Like a miniature Reaper, Genji and Rein
Mondyjoy on 7. Jul. 2017.
Why do you think you always has to shift before E? So random lol
Barro80 on 7. Jul. 2017.
2:23 That poor Mei got nailed and it was glorious lol
iang on 7. Jul. 2017.
jesus christ why the low sensitivity? after you slam the ground you literally spend like a whole second staring at the ground
Rambles on 7. Jul. 2017.
that animation of the E ability took you 5 minutes into the game to realise... dude xD haha
BoximusPrime 10 on 7. Jul. 2017.
u get like 2 subs a century
1un4cy on 7. Jul. 2017.
I'm all like whoa teammates that stay by the objective instead of running forward for kills. Then I realize they're all Bots.
Alexander the not so great on 7. Jul. 2017.
this shit needs to be nerfed.... wtf...
PigeonsAreBeast B02, B03 Zombies And More! on 7. Jul. 2017.
RIP Hanzos
Krishnarnia on 7. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist is gonna replace Genji for montages
Gabor Hodossy on 7. Jul. 2017.
As tank main, I will laugh my ass off when I eat rocket punch boy to breakfast.
bruter98 on 7. Jul. 2017.
That Rocket Punch is fucking insane !!! Blizzard just keeps on delivering :D
Michael Berry on 7. Jul. 2017.
Really overwatch! one gorilla was enough.
Ivan Martins on 7. Jul. 2017.
WTF???? this char is amazing!
Phlebiac Clown on 7. Jul. 2017.
You were late, but at least you did a gameplay vid
FuNFuN on 7. Jul. 2017.
So this is what would happen if Genji took steroids...
This account is dead on 7. Jul. 2017.
I feel like DoomFist will be one of those heroes that is easy to play but hard to master. I also feel like he will be like Genji in the sense that if you want to do well with him you have to use your all your abilities in perfect synchronization.
The Game Bang Bros on 7. Jul. 2017.
at 4:50 solider gets taken by the doom fist God's.
Rennnewz on 7. Jul. 2017.
His ult gonna be type annoying to stop
TheLonelyMoon on 7. Jul. 2017.
10 min ad revenue
sam parrott on 7. Jul. 2017.
I think hes op so far of what ive seen
RockGaming on 7. Jul. 2017.
His left click is like Weapon 7 from Unreal Tournament 2004!
Joseph M on 7. Jul. 2017.
Had to stop the Vid when Force punched the crap outta Mei lls
Nick Palmisano on 7. Jul. 2017.
Silentnanner overwatch on 7. Jul. 2017.
Giatsu Akenori on 7. Jul. 2017.
i hope he wont be long on the ptr :/
JoshuaWashua on 7. Jul. 2017.
Honestly seems pretty under powered. His right click is good, but his E is very disorienting. Does little damage too.