2.5 Impale Demon Hunter (T13 Speedfarm/GR90+ Solo) - Best S10 Build

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Uploaded: 28 Mar 2017 Likes: 130
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noobster100 on 29. Mar. 2017.
Tyvm for this, looking forward to play with this in the new season.. Now if only UE multi build would have bit more tanking power i would be 100% fine.
DnllnGproductions on 29. Mar. 2017.
cant wait for the written guide
StealthMouse on 29. Mar. 2017.
Thanks for the nice guide! This is the build I'm gonna play on season 10 along with UE grenade generator. Gotta love the new armory wardrobe <3
Allan Nielsen on 29. Mar. 2017.
Lovely guide
ArturoPladeado on 29. Mar. 2017.
First off great videos like always Deadset, And second, I don't see how people can do Greater Rifts above 65 because it takes so long to kill elites and constantly almost dying isn't fun because I enjoy being able to play and not having to look between my health on where I'm at literally every like 2 seconds and not take like 10 - 14 minutes to do one Greater Rift so I don't see how people enjoy taking 10+ minutes to do one Greater Rift and almost dying constantly and don't give me "Oh but they do it to be high on the leaderboards" Like fuck off leaderboards don't mean shit because you don't get anything for being high on them and they are just all around stupid but then again I'm not one of those annoying competitive asshats so I guess I wouldn't understand the joys of being high on leaderboards
ZenZa on 29. Mar. 2017.
I'm curious as to why AS is preferred over AD in the weapon and glove spots for this build?
iKevzz on 29. Mar. 2017.
Is the cubes ingeom for T13 only used for more uptime on damage buffs, or is there something else im missing?
XoX on 29. Mar. 2017.
dh will be my second char for s10 along with a WD. can't wait.
David Coltman on 29. Mar. 2017.
WOW now that covered everything I knew and so much more Thank you so much.
Jón Snorri Veigarsson on 29. Mar. 2017.
Nice video, now i can show this to my friend that I've been pushing to play implale this season :) Btw do you plan on making a video on the zDps monk? And do Impale DH and Zdps monk make sense as a grift duo?
Kaelos on 29. Mar. 2017.
Great! Was wondering why theres no pure impale build on site
OvermindVic on 28. Mar. 2017.
Great guide man! One question: how do u make your first two skills on the bar autocast all the time?
Kieran Costello on 28. Mar. 2017.
Good job bud.
Francis Guindon on 28. Mar. 2017.
Amazing as always :)
Bruce Wagner on 28. Mar. 2017.
Thanks for the awesome Build guide