2.5 Marauder Demon Hunter (T13 Speedfarm/GR90+ Solo) - Season 10 Progression Build

Creator: Deadset Gaming Views: 318
Uploaded: 29 Mar 2017 Likes: 39
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 1

Rikudou Goku on 29. Mar. 2017.
why not use the primary skill "Grenade" instead of "Evasive Fire" so that also procs the belt passive?
Frank Herfert on 29. Mar. 2017.
thanks for the guide.. can you lower the background music volume a bit? This was a little too loud sometimes.
Ken May on 29. Mar. 2017.
awesome guide! thank you!
Aggeboigaming on 29. Mar. 2017.
Really good video as always! Great that you are showing of the build in action and show both Greater rift and "speedfarm" variations! Keep doing what you do!!
nes0901 on 29. Mar. 2017.
hi deadset. big fan of your videos and guides. in the video demonstration here, how did you get both oculus ring and convention of elements, while running focus/restraint? via your follower?
Henrique Layber on 29. Mar. 2017.
hey deadset, you're getting some attention lately, covering nearly all solo builds, good job, im enjoying it