3 New MMORPGs That Will Release In 2018

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Dreaden on 26. Dec. 2017.
Crowfall gonna be awesome
Lavadragons on 26. Dec. 2017.
Why are people looking for the next big MMO? BDO is already here idiots.
Xtazic on 26. Dec. 2017.
So bland.... I would say dead genre beside the usual colussus we all know about. If not maybe for ashes of creation with their node and caravan system that are very promising. But besides that... Jesus...
Naotomi on 26. Dec. 2017.
I liked the look of the second one, so sick of action combat style. Bore me to tears. At least you have to think about rotation in tab targeting.
Dusk on 26. Dec. 2017.
I'm waiting for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, oldschool, hardcore, PVE MMO, with a focus on building a community.
BaBaKo on 26. Dec. 2017.
wait for Bless online ... hype :D
Skyper ZaC on 26. Dec. 2017.
Loony1979 on 25. Dec. 2017.
I really like the art style of Crowfall, but I hope it will get some PVE content as well
Lemon Joy on 25. Dec. 2017.
Good review, thanx :) 2cents: played bless before remake.. so it failed.. there are NO castle sieges!!!!!! they call so some shitty "mini-game"
Superformance72 on 25. Dec. 2017.
"Coming in two fousand and eighteen"........
Ivan on 25. Dec. 2017.
6:26 Can someone tell me what is this game, please?
Dougie Crypto on 25. Dec. 2017.
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Alex m on 25. Dec. 2017.
freaking $50 early access fee for crowfall... no bye.
Jamie S on 25. Dec. 2017.
Asian MMOs are never good.I was fooled into getting black desert because it looked awesome.Asian MMOs always look awesome now, but they always suck.
Jamie S on 25. Dec. 2017.
Crowfall has no pve like raids and dungeons I heard.Pvp only is a such a fail, its just lazy.
Aris Sp on 25. Dec. 2017.
its time for developers to stop using TAB TARGETING combat welcome to 2018 ffs
Aris Sp on 25. Dec. 2017.
are you gonna do a new worth playing video for SWTOR expansions?
Skyrim Hunter on 25. Dec. 2017.
Learn Korean it only takes 4months if your not very good and 2weeks if your really good.
animeshit on 25. Dec. 2017.
tldr: they're all shit
KineticMango on 25. Dec. 2017.
The graphics of Crowfall look really cool, I like the cartoon style graphics more because its an almost immortal style that will keep the game looking fresh for years while "Realistic" looking games like the others on the list will start to look worse and worse with each year due to advances in technology.
Leafbinder on 25. Dec. 2017.
Would rather walk Barefoot on a floor of Crushed Emeralds, Salt and Lemon Juice than play another Asian MMO oh wait i need to log into BDO to get my Daily
dnb_gaming on 25. Dec. 2017.
Nice to see you, Peon
Mamun on 25. Dec. 2017.
Mamun on 25. Dec. 2017.
as for my opinion, only game im excited about is Crowfall cuz its unique like rainbow six siege, i hope it become a successful game, stategy+dying, sound like my type of instead smashing keyboard
Dale Long on 25. Dec. 2017.
I have alot of hope for crowfall and ashs of creation.. i hope they don't flop
Shaojin on 24. Dec. 2017.
I don't know why y'all getting hype about what M/MORPG supposed to come out in 2018 when some games that are supposedly to come out in Q1 of 2017 still hasn't come out or canceled and or postponed. #Sad #DarkYearForRPG
Logica on 24. Dec. 2017.
Played only one game religiously for years (WoW) and then after achieving rank 1 in 3v3, rank 3 in 2v2 and clearing all the PvE content I stopped playing it in 2011. Ever since then I've been looking for and playing EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. GAME. - under the MMORPG genre, that came out. Fast forward almost 7 years later, to this day and I still haven't witnessed A SINGLE good MMORPG release. It's all been 1.Cash-grab games, 2.P2W games or 3.Casual-player-targeted games - And it's been like that year after year after year... Now with 2018 approaching, if no good releases happen next year, I'm officially done with the genre and most likely with gaming as a whole, since I only like MMORPG genre... It's been fun...
ROB on 24. Dec. 2017.
3 New SHITEST MMORPGs That Will Release In 2018
Fahad Sky on 24. Dec. 2017.
Isnt crowfall p2w? Vip system
Christon Harrison on 24. Dec. 2017.
It saddens me when i know there wont be another mmo like Archeage. Archeage has the best gameplay a sandbox mmo can offer, you can fish, make trade packs, steal peoples stuff, become a pirate, buy and drive a car, skateboard, or even build and ride your own ship. The tension that often came when you had to deliver trade packs across zones that people can kill you and take your packs, but when you delivered them you would find that it was all worth it. Sure the combat system had its set of flaws, but it was still fun nevertheless. It just sad to see a Sandbox mmo like that be gone into shit
Dougie Crypto on 24. Dec. 2017.
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7-Inch on 24. Dec. 2017.
Like always all of them are going to be disappointing
Lonely Junk Yard on 24. Dec. 2017.
I am in love with MMORPGs, the open beautiful world to explore, I want the game to be like a journey for me that I'll meet people on the way, get skilled, learn the game's world and the character I chose.. But for the last 6 years all I've done was watching videos about the genre and wait for the right game to come..
Big Abbo on 24. Dec. 2017.
u gonna buy an account off Player auction for this too?
Jetty Boy on 24. Dec. 2017.
When's lost ark coming out?
Dutchy Dutch on 24. Dec. 2017.
A:IR looks amazing graphically....I guess we’ll have to try it out to see the rest
Brenton Anthony on 24. Dec. 2017.
This guy lol, he put's wayyyyy too much emphasis in his "accent" to try and sound "cool". I mean, are all of you so oblivious to this? It's so bad.
007creep on 24. Dec. 2017.
So two bad asian grinders and a zergfest sounds awesome
somer summer on 24. Dec. 2017.
Don't forget Soulworker! They where planning Q4 2017 but they have moved it to Q1 2018
Payback on 24. Dec. 2017.
I just wished there's something to completely replace PSO2. It hits a good sweet spot of fast paced gameplay and content. The last game that came close to it for me was Dragon's Dogma Online but that requires a bit of effort to play. Furthermore, a lot of these Korean MMOs I've been playing is still very much the same like the rest before it. Sure it looks pretty but it feels as if the only thing they did for a change in combat is just move the attack button to your mouse and lets you move around a bit. With the occasional screen shake spell effect to make it look "epic".
Daniel M on 24. Dec. 2017.
Kind of surprised you have never done a Final Fantasy 11 episode. Back in the day it was as hardcore as they come, but its community was one of the best ones around
Rrtre on 24. Dec. 2017.
still watiting for that post apocalyptic mmo
Luffy on 24. Dec. 2017.
I really really hope this year of RPGs is wonderful you know
Brian Vickery on 24. Dec. 2017.
Was excited about Crowfall, but the character customization to be kind of distinct is just major turnoff.
Schwarsee シュワルツ on 24. Dec. 2017.
Peon, you really should try out one of the most best looking, biggest MMO's out there, Star Citizen. 3.0 just came around the corner and trust me, you will fucking love it. you gotta pay for a ship tho, but i have to say its really worth it.
Comrade Zephyr on 23. Dec. 2017.
Why can't we just have a non-bugged version of Mortal Online, it'd be fucking perfect
Ashy Larry on 23. Dec. 2017.
Only one I'm interested in this year is Crowfall. Hopefully Coe and AoC release in 2019, but even those won't be out till end of the year at best. Probably won't start getting the good shit till 2020 :(.
jacy phoenix on 23. Dec. 2017.
thank god its tab targetting action combat is so shitty and always bores me to death
John Parducci on 23. Dec. 2017.
So lazy peon u Gunna play these for 2 weeks before u quit because you suck and don't think the game is 100% perfect?
Wu Xi on 23. Dec. 2017.
There's too many MMOs coming out. And it's yet again quantity over quality. I'm not saying MMOs mentioned in the video are going to be bad, it's just that I'd rather have one MMO that wouldn't die after few months of it's launch. And for steampunk MMO I'd rather see it not using UE3 since a lot of players still use potato computers and it'd be a lagfest for those, sure it looks really nice, but most of us prefer increased performance than lagfest. I might be wrong though.