40 HOURS IN: WoW Battle for Azeroth Impressions - Does The Alliance & Horde Split Work?

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BellularGaming on 30. Mar. 2018.
No thumbnail text. Revolutionary. True art. what is wrong with me
ilikepiedontu on 11. Apr. 2018.
I find their zone designs not leading into one another perfect. Legion wasn’t supposed to you were given missions to just go there. They didn’t have to tie into each other and if they did just like warlords of draenor did it would become an extremely linear experience with little to no replay value. Their quest design works perfectly fine.
Scared of toasters on 9. Apr. 2018.
I was hopinh that we would truly go back to azeroth...as in old places like stv, hillsbrad, duskshore, tanaris, mulgore, etc....not these new zones.
strandalx on 9. Apr. 2018.
:) Look forward to experiencing -both- continents (Any -real- World of Warcraft fan plays both factions, and get to do all the quests)
Gabep94 on 8. Apr. 2018.
What is the addon to alter the classic UI toolbar? To allow for abilities alone without bags and other icons etc.?
Josh Hoppes on 7. Apr. 2018.
Hey Bellular, something stuck out to me when you discussed difficulty for the Island Expeditions feature. I think to some degree you might be overestimating the challenge some people playing this game are looking for. While it was very easy for you, there are many people playing this game that also have to use assistance mechanics because they don't have the same dexterity, response times, or have other limits. I think Blizzard still wants to make as much of the games major features accessible to everyone.
Viking North on 7. Apr. 2018.
i hope they learn it was the same in WOD I hated the Zones design of WOD. I still like the MOP Design zones Open areas are nice!
Merp321 on 6. Apr. 2018.
Classic Bellular. An "in depth" evaluation of WoW that ranges from "It's fantastic/awesome/great/really cool" to "It's maybe at times a little bit less fantastic/awesome/great/really cool, but nonetheless fantastic". About literally everything. You really do know how to keep Blizzard on their toes with your poignant criticism...
Matt ulrich2 on 5. Apr. 2018.
So is there dailies or anything at end level or is it just these island things and Warfronts?
SAWTOOTH_FOUNDRY on 5. Apr. 2018.
I feel like WoW needs a sequel, not an expansion. Its starting to show it's age, and it kinda feels like it's overall just boring. Very little added seems to wow us any more, and some things added can just be cringy, like the disconnected themepark of legion. I love the lore, but i think a new game engine is necessary for long term survivability.
Daniel Carelli on 5. Apr. 2018.
"Feels like you've lost something." Uhm. Yea. Well they're taking our drain filler away and replacing it with some BS Vanilla shadowbolt spam, and also taking our life tap away from us - so it doesn't "feel" like I"m losing something. On top of the loss of my city and towns as an undead, I'm most certainly losing quite a lot. Hard to get excited for an x-pac when every announcement comes along with new things I'm losing. e_e
toadofsteel on 5. Apr. 2018.
So Kul Tiras is Skyrim while Zandalar is Dragon Age...
tehPlacebow on 5. Apr. 2018.
I got to know. What addons or techniques do you use for that beautiful cinematography with the free flowing camera? All I've seen and tried is the normal set view commands!!
Robert Frisch on 4. Apr. 2018.
What I would really like to see is the impact of the higher system requirements, for BfA vs Legion.
globenstine 1 on 4. Apr. 2018.
having vrykul as a playable race would have been cool
Flavia Pitariu on 4. Apr. 2018.
Cd stacking is a bad system and I hope they don't reverse the gcd changes. Finally your gcd matters
Flavia Pitariu on 4. Apr. 2018.
This is why I love not being tied to a faction. I play both and don't care at all if one is better than the other. I'll experience both, I hope not 26 times...
Brother Crayon on 3. Apr. 2018.
Those Kul Turas buildings remind me of Wildstar
Mark Shull on 3. Apr. 2018.
I'm personally really excited to go back to the feeling of being a nameless adventurer in a quaint questing zone. Those are the zones that are always the most enjoyable for me. I don't have to save the world on every single quest chain.
Frik0z on 3. Apr. 2018.
Erin Opheim on 3. Apr. 2018.
That balance druid that just hid there until you started the boss
batdog on 3. Apr. 2018.
this is such a pointless subjective and bad review...seriously meh. i think you need to play more non-story based games
Vias on 3. Apr. 2018.
Sounds like WoD again. I pass.
Suprasylph on 2. Apr. 2018.
The biggest problem that I have with questing on the Alliance side is that the quest progression isn't conterminous. They don't flow into each other nicely and quest resolution sometimes has a tendency to teleport you to places that left me completely clueless - especially the one quest where you had to hide in a barrel, then a sea monster attacks, and suddenly you find yourself in a town in a completely different part of the island where all of the inhabitants are frozen. There's no follow-up to what just happened although there are other breadcrumb quests to pick up later. There are also so many scattered side-quests that it felt tiresome and I found myself in other parts of the island without being able to resolve other quests (mainly because of bugs and NPCs that have fallen through the world geometry or are not in the same phase as you.) I didn't feel as lost when playing as Horde in Zuldazar. Right away, you know that Blood Trolls have become a significant challenge to the
TheMajorRuin on 2. Apr. 2018.
Hi Bellular what do you think or feel about feral druid in bfa ??
Per Erlandsson on 2. Apr. 2018.
Great stuff!
Per Erlandsson on 2. Apr. 2018.
Great stuff!
Nor Adrenalin on 2. Apr. 2018.
Is it just me or does Sylvanas really look like Harley Quinn on the tumbnail?
Luke tee on 2. Apr. 2018.
Pionts for and agaist early access for general public No matter pro or con. I wish to god they would make any info public and the ppl that leak it just have no morals. I find we play they game before its even released.. we theory craft everything...but by the time its released.. everyone is in their safe space and not overwhelmed with legitamte suprises in the new story. There nothing right about it..its all left
Olle Fjällström on 2. Apr. 2018.
Just longing for Zandalari
Edward Ness on 2. Apr. 2018.
10:35 Da Mon!!!
TJ TJ on 2. Apr. 2018.
My biggest draws are raiding and mythic+. I'm hoping the islands thing gives me a third thing to grab onto. PVP just doesn't do it for me.
the Zero on 2. Apr. 2018.
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Stevan Serdar on 1. Apr. 2018.
3:35 right ship have Macedonian flag !!!
Ryan Wright on 1. Apr. 2018.
7:00 critters are done with your shit
Dadomdom on 1. Apr. 2018.
Hello Bellular! Can you do a test of the BFA client if its any better for Multi-Threaded perfomance?
RJ Silvers on 1. Apr. 2018.
you sound like blah blah. I just like looking at the in-game art lol
arthur fraga on 1. Apr. 2018.
For The HORDE! no i dont need to fix my spine thx! arrrrggghhhh give me pork!
Musab Albakri on 1. Apr. 2018.
Totally fail expansion like warlords
Carlos Eduardo Vieira Lemos on 1. Apr. 2018.
WoW was never a story driven game, questing and leveling is just boring. I love the game, but we must see its flaws.
Jared on 1. Apr. 2018.
Honestly I think Blizzard has zone design down pat. Biggest concern is whether Warfronts and Island Explorations are going to be fun
Xaionik on 1. Apr. 2018.
This expansion is turning out to be a big giant "Meh" sound.
TiqoHunt on 1. Apr. 2018.
sylvanas is so thiccc ughghgg
Nixon Dixon on 31. Mar. 2018.
its not impossible to go from zone to zone and have repercussions but its harder to do that now for blizz, youre a smart boi, you know everything is true if try and this is not rocket science : p prolly like a night of thinking it out and more time on implementing it, tho yeah it would be wasted time i guess at this point
Convantol on 31. Mar. 2018.
You are just happy with everything...
Gregorio Suter on 31. Mar. 2018.
What add on is used here to hide the ui? Thank you
Kevin Rex on 31. Mar. 2018.
He’s finally become a full fledged neckbeard.
Lian Querry on 31. Mar. 2018.
Hey Bellular, quick question: ARE YOU ALIVE??? Do you EVER breathe? How do you talk for 20 sentances without taking a breath... Is it edited or you are simply an undead who has no need of trivial things like oxygen? <3 D:
Rather Digby on 31. Mar. 2018.
Does anybody ever wonder how many people play this game still?
Ollie Webb on 31. Mar. 2018.
gotta say, Looking trim A F today Bellular ;) ! but enough of that, I'M HERE FOR CONTENT <3