Aimbots Are STILL A PROBLEM! (Overwatch News)

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Hamza Mazhar on 14. Jun. 2017.
I opened around 65-70 loot boxes in the whole event got Lucio skin twice and 7-8 dance emotes that's it
mustafahusham1 on 13. Jun. 2017.
Thank you blizzard but fuck you for this event
Janus Rønne on 13. Jun. 2017.
Since when did Blizzard care about aimbots or cheating in general?
MrMarch on 13. Jun. 2017.
Hero-specific aimbotting is a REAL problem in Overwatch. Especially given the balance/counter design of the heroes. I play a ton of Pharah and I've had games fighting hit-scans that can't kill any of my other teammates, yet suddenly manage 90-degree turns (and even full 180-degree) on me, killing in seconds with little to no aim adjustment. Pharah is particularly targeted because she's a problem for hit-scans who don't want to "waste time" DUELING. So they play fair with the rest of the team, but aimbot you. Please do a video about this. Needs more attention.
- Shuvir - on 13. Jun. 2017.
force please, let us witchhunt. my pitchfork is ready
MrMarch on 13. Jun. 2017.
This anniversary event was the WORST loot percentages I've ever seen in Overwatch to date! I played a LOT of the Anniversary and opened 94 loot boxes. Still had to spend in-game currency to buy 3 of the legendary skins I wanted and there's still 2 left. I average 60-70 boxes for most other events and manage to get MOST everything without spending too much currency. But not this time, even with 20-30 more boxes. Pathetic.
graham bishop on 13. Jun. 2017.
I've stopped playing overwatch now because it's just not worth it, from aimbotters to being Ddosed, to people throwing the match it's just simply not worth playing any sort of competitive at the moment, the community is very toxic and it's a shame because overwatch it an amazing game but fucktards spoil it for others
Daniel Yu on 13. Jun. 2017.
i got 0 skins, 1 dance emote and a few loot boxesT^T
Ravenpy on 13. Jun. 2017.
Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you the glory of the PC master race gaming
StereoFace on 13. Jun. 2017.
Wish I could report on console
Angelus Mortis on 13. Jun. 2017.
The problem is not wanting to witch-hunt. Nobody wants to anywhere, Reddit or here. Fuck that. If that's the case, why do we "witch-hunt" anybody doing crimes in real life? Oh yeah, because it's illegal in real life. Just like it's against terms of service on Overwatch. Same concept.
Defaign on 13. Jun. 2017.
it didn't really feel like a big event to me. the summer event had lucioball etc, halloween event had Dr. junkensteins revenge and then there was the omnic attack which all felt like a lot of stuff was going on aside from skins, Voice lines etc. But i guess the fact that none of the skins for the anniversary event really spiked my interest might have something to do with it.
Joakim Solheim on 13. Jun. 2017.
I got one Dance emote and no skins this event so, not happy.. fyi i play somewhat frequent, like 3 - 4 days a week
Sami Bou Khaled on 13. Jun. 2017.
1 year ? Well let's take a look at counter strike ...yeah
Un Sun on 13. Jun. 2017.
Anniversary event was awesome. The LIMITED TIME ONLY items that we can get FOR FREE are very cool, can't believe people are complaining. How many times does big daddy Jeff have to say it: YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO GET EVRRYTHING
Vidget Gaming on 13. Jun. 2017.
Too bad the mouse and keyboard support for console is sub par at best, the Hori TAC4 being your only legal product that I know of. I really enjoy playing on my PS4 because I know there won't be any aim bots and as a plus you won't get the toxicity you usually get since there's no text chat where players can abuse each other.
Frexie on 13. Jun. 2017.
I played a game yesterday with an aimhacking widdow at bronze boosting hes silver mate that was playing mercy. :) reported both of them, but it wasnt very fun to have the entire team constantly die outside spawn cus 100% headshot rate on EVERYTHING no matter what you did :P
Rodrigo Seoane on 13. Jun. 2017.
Jenthedruid on 13. Jun. 2017.
Naw the real problem is being unable to log in to blizzard having 800min of wait time
shaunmania 76 on 13. Jun. 2017.
not a huge problem on console
Davin Ardian on 13. Jun. 2017.
Get 4 Event Legend during the double exp 2 Normal Legend, and Able to buy 1 Event legend with the coins. Way better than my time in uprising 0 event legend, 1 normal legend. (duppes not counted)
Ridley Johnstone on 13. Jun. 2017.
Well got no dance emote so im just tad unhappy
ٍِSamdroid gamer on 13. Jun. 2017.
Duplicates duplicates everywhere 2xp my... I got soldier 76 legendary skin more than 5 times regarding the other duplicates
Carlo Sihombing on 13. Jun. 2017.
i think blizzard should make the dance emote a legendary emote and cost 1000 credits but available all the time after this event
Bleach Babe on 13. Jun. 2017.
I only use aimbot on winston
Enoshima Junko on 13. Jun. 2017.
Aimbots will ALWAYS be a Problem.
Geert Matthys on 13. Jun. 2017.
Stylosas just trying to stay in gm, sometimes he just has to use one
TronimusPrime on 13. Jun. 2017.
I had a widow on console that was clearly using an aimbot. I reported them immediately
Bobydragon Browne on 13. Jun. 2017.
To bad you can't report on console
Kry0 on 13. Jun. 2017.
dafrans smurfs?
LordAustinKing on 13. Jun. 2017.
Every skin I got in the event was for characters I don't play so I guess you could say I'm upset. On the plus side lootboxes did give me at least half the dance emotes for every character
CaptainChiken on 13. Jun. 2017.
Maybe Dafran made a second account
spaz905 on 13. Jun. 2017.
Scumbags like this deserve to be witch hunted.
A Mei Zing on 13. Jun. 2017.
Aimbot goes unnoticed in one of my console games, yet I get 5 messages blaming me for aimbot when I got some headshots with 54 scope sensitivity + flickshots. ok
Sivix on 13. Jun. 2017.
Just me that has never seen an aimbot in ow?
JanHai butts on 13. Jun. 2017.
pls make your intro for Overwatch news: Hey whatsupguys its Force here
Vitor Vena on 13. Jun. 2017.
honestly im in favour of witch hunting bcz if someone is willing to cheat he need to be treated as one would you help hide the actions of thief irl? thats basicly the same thing so dont help those ppl they deserve hell upon themselves
FlashMakesStudios Gaming•AndMore! on 13. Jun. 2017.
i still dont have soldier skin :(
Insanity Wolf on 13. Jun. 2017.
The problem is that scripters in League can do rediculous stuff like shoot from one base to another,have no cooldowns and no cost on their abilities,etc which makes it obvious that they are scripting.However,in Overwatch you can never be sure if someone is scripting because they could have the best aim in the world.
BoxPressRadio on 13. Jun. 2017.
I didn't feel like there was any celebration at all. It was just a few weeks of trying to grind out new skins with very little luck. None of the old modes, none of the old events. It was a sad excuse for an Anniversary event. Also, I play about 6-8 hours a day and run into hackers almost daily. It is so common in fact, that I'm reporting someone with video proof just about every day now, with no doubts about them being a hacker. Even their team will mention it most of the time. One common hack I've seen the last few weeks is someone being able to regain health at a nonstop fast rate, with no healers on their team, and no health packs anywhere near them. Just, they hit either half or quarter health, and their health jumps back up to full, and then they don't take damage for a couple seconds from anything.
Batman on 13. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard can change tracers victory pose because it's somehow "offensive" to an idiotic sjw but can't put the damn dance emotes in the base game
DesiredHeadshot on 13. Jun. 2017.
Well OverWatch said if you want anything done you have to pay for it. This game is P2W.
boez52 on 13. Jun. 2017.
PC problems lol
Chris Mills on 13. Jun. 2017.
If they would have launched the Double XP along with the Anniversary event it would have been a baller move instead of, "Oops, here's a pillow for you to bite so it doesn't hurt so much." Second thing I would do is prevent Double XP from being a part of Competitive because you clearly get the most XP from those matches so it causes people with the wrong intentions to play that mode, causing tilters and leavers to run rampant in a mode that the adult-ish people treat with respect and play correctly. Competitive should be just competitive, no frills and extras like the Double XP.
barduk4 on 13. Jun. 2017.
using an aimbot on a character that has inbuilt aimbot? thats desperation
Micheal Mason on 13. Jun. 2017.
Well widow doesn't even know what an aimbot is so no bans for her
Henbot on 13. Jun. 2017.
*No the anniversary wasn't that great of a celebration. Barely had anything perm that was special. Been perfect to drop a new hero* Would of preferred Orisa dropped now or a new hero because it barely felt like an event tbh and it isn't drama it consumers getting treated as mugs. All anniversary content should of been permanent , all legendary hero skins should have been up again to unlock. *Should have rewarded people who have put so many hours into the game. Like ten times more then me should have got in game currency or bonus xp and loot boxes if they regularly played OW in the year* A few people I know who *used to play* have just stopped OW now and event didn't bring them back when told about anniversary, they had no real interest. Think a chunk lost it because of the bs with in game content and just lacking of content being brought.
Daan De Jager on 13. Jun. 2017.
Hoe I feel 0 skins
Henbot on 13. Jun. 2017.
Think probably a lot of GM and above are going to be hackers on PC
Steven Colon on 13. Jun. 2017.
why are all your videos so negative