ALL NEW SKINS & ITEMS! Overwatch Uprising Event

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LikeUhVillain on 14. Apr. 2017.
I personally feel like this event is terrible compared to the other ones. There's maybe one skin out of everything that I'd care about unlocking.
lolosh99 on 14. Apr. 2017.
I like the transition from "he's looking mighty handsome" to "omg I love her hair style" lol
Cole Ishida-Plavcan on 13. Apr. 2017.
someone please teach this guy some adjectives that aren't "adorable"
Yume 3413 on 13. Apr. 2017.
StykAnimator on 13. Apr. 2017.
I really like the Mei Martian Reference
james gordon on 13. Apr. 2017.
I got the new Dva Highlight emote on my first box
Sand Th on 13. Apr. 2017.
Did all of u guys didn't see pharas dad!?!?
Barry The Bisexual Triangle on 13. Apr. 2017.
"She'll be right", is an Australia saying. Its usually said when something isn't acting right but you ignore it anyway. Say Your car is making strange noises, you mate says " Should check that", and you're like "Nah she be right " and just ignore it.
sam parrott on 13. Apr. 2017.
omg lol he doesnt know the term she'll be right. dude its an aussy slang term
cooltank2000 on 13. Apr. 2017.
"she'll be right" aussie thing. meaning that something/someone will be ok
XhellscreamX on 13. Apr. 2017.
"She'll be right" is a common Ozzy slang for "Good enough"
blackfear1562 on 13. Apr. 2017.
I opened 100 loot boxes and got atleast half of my boxes filled with noting but dupes, 1/4th of stuff was non event items and finally the remaining was event stuff that was unique and not dupes. That's horrible
Beep Beep Lettuce on 13. Apr. 2017.
as a sombra main I am not happy
Kel Kirkpatrick on 13. Apr. 2017.
please hope that jeff adds pve mode
Sammy Deglass on 13. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is just Australian slang for it'll be okay
theBLARGSTORM on 13. Apr. 2017.
wish these were staying. my pc died and I will not be able to get these.
Retbullgivesyouwings on 13. Apr. 2017.
You kind of glossed over Ana's spray :(
A Barrel of Fun on 13. Apr. 2017.
Where is the hanzo love
BlueDrgn_TV on 13. Apr. 2017.
Sexy af
Dovydas Strelkauskas on 13. Apr. 2017.
so what are the items? spay s and other shiot other than skins dont count as items
Maple Chan on 13. Apr. 2017.
Didn't even know this was coming today. Well, I like great surprizes.
Liam Dalton on 13. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is an Australian expression. Its like some kind of reassuring statement I think
Breuitas Scilicet on 12. Apr. 2017.
The irony of Zarya having the US Rosie the Riveter spray is amusing.
Grained Arc on 12. Apr. 2017.
Why didn't reaper get a Skin? force he has Reyes
Tracy Brown on 12. Apr. 2017.
you skipped junkrats voice lines :P jsyk
Jenna M on 12. Apr. 2017.
The voice lines they gave Junkrat and Roadhog are the most Australian voice lines ever! XD
Barry Allen on 12. Apr. 2017.
Bought the hell out of the mccree skin not taking the chance I don't get it.
SpaceGecko on 12. Apr. 2017.
That Soldier spray was Snake from Metal Gear but blonde.
antsbchill on 12. Apr. 2017.
Reaper already has his Blackwatch skin came with the Orgins edition. .its my favorite reaper skin
Pusheen Gang on 12. Apr. 2017.
It's my first day with the event I already have widow's,Rein's, bastion's and Tracer
SCyosits45 on 12. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is an Australian slang us Aussies say
Killing Spree As McCree on 12. Apr. 2017.
Say adorable one more time I dare you.
Kamil118 on 12. Apr. 2017.
3:05 booooooooobs
spyOx on 12. Apr. 2017.
Mercy Skins always sucks
oshsiidsda on 12. Apr. 2017.
The overwatch team skins are pretty lame
Captain Mud on 12. Apr. 2017.
She'll be roiiiiit
DrViperVideos on 12. Apr. 2017.
They should patch reapers voice with the reyes skin. Sound like reyes, not reaper..
Captain Sombrero on 12. Apr. 2017.
Roadhog's "She'll be right" is an Australia. turn of phrase, no conspiracy theory to be had there
Marcel on 12. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is an Aussie term for dont worry
Abbysol on 12. Apr. 2017.
"She'll be Right" is just Australian slang, kind of similar to "it'll be okay"
Daniel Aikten on 12. Apr. 2017.
steel be right is new zealand slang
Velmat on 12. Apr. 2017.
lol reaper literally has a blackwatch skin, came with origins
ladybeava on 12. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is an Australian idiom for "it will be ok" being aussie myself I instantly knew that voice like would go over peoples heads LOL
PhoeniXCX on 12. Apr. 2017.
arent like, reaper and 76 sprays togeter look like a contra reference?, you know that old NES game
Dylan Anderson on 12. Apr. 2017.
She'll be right is aussie slang for it will be fine basically
Marko N on 12. Apr. 2017.
Reaper have ORIGIN SKIN!!! And your voice is terrible!!!
Brendan Merkel on 12. Apr. 2017. -Personality I do not see how these things are related to each other.
Asher on 12. Apr. 2017.
"She'll be right": Australian slang for "It'll be fine."
I Ain't No Joke on 12. Apr. 2017.
"She'll be right" is Australia slang, just urban dictionary it
*Aussie Har* on 12. Apr. 2017.
you missed voicelines for junkrat