Ana Buffed, McCree Nerfed (Overwatch) Patch Overview - July 2016

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Ness from Onett on 27. Jul. 2016.
Peacekeeper not Peacemaker
Никита Алексеев on 27. Jul. 2016.
I wish i could meet you
Ben Merritt on 27. Jul. 2016.
Ana didn't fucking need a buff, if mcree and zen weren't op af Ana would be used instead of buffing Ana they should of nerfed zen and mcree and left Ana where she was
Daniel Christensen on 27. Jul. 2016.
Please nerf Genji next... so tired of watching PotG where he ults, Shifts behind you and doesn't even turn to actually hit you, because for some reason he slashes 360 degrees around himself.
Vissere on 27. Jul. 2016.
McCree wasnt really nerfed, just tweaked
Ethan Colmar on 27. Jul. 2016.
Winston should get a buff
Mynadar on 27. Jul. 2016.
Just make McCree into close range only hero already. Give him back his FtH dmg while giving FtH short CD and make his dmg fall of at 10 meters or something so he will be another close range hero who will be more effective vs flankers and less effective vs tanks (less effective if the CD on FtH would be added) than Reaper is.
Patsonical on 27. Jul. 2016.
Hey, Force, what's that background music you got there?
AlgaeEater08 on 27. Jul. 2016.
I'm losing so much interest in this game. I play a bit.. get off, go to work, play the next day and everythings changed. Get off go to work, and everythings changed again. Geeze blizzard STICK WITH SOMETHING OR DONT DO IT.
Ethan Farmen on 27. Jul. 2016.
Is this patch live?
Saber Plate on 27. Jul. 2016.
Man they need to *seriously* buff Mercy -She can only do *one thing at a time* whether that be damage boost or healing or actually shooting -Even if she has good mobility her it is only reliant depending on her teammates positions and how they play like actually having a Pharah on the team -Her damage boost is a joke, it's only 30% to the tethered ally and if they get hurt you need to switch to healing, unlike Zenyatta where it's a 50% damage bonus *From all sources*, you can STILL heal your teammates AND you can still shoot with Zenyatta -Revive? Lucio's and Zenyatta's ult actually prevents them from dying in the first place plus sometimes you are constantly debating whether to use the revive for two allies or wait for more to die in the heat of Battle otherwise it's waste of the revive and so on. -Also unlike the other healers you actually have to put yourself in danger when playing Mercy And now that Ana got buffed and she is the best healer all you have to do in c
Spid3y4hire on 27. Jul. 2016.
im starting to think blizzard is going to update this game wayyyy too much. honestly, slow it down and let people get adjusted. "we found that in the right hands the hero was overpowered" well i mean no shit, isn't that the point lol
KsIims on 27. Jul. 2016.
I much more prefer McCree as a marksman instead on the FTH character Blizzard "designed" him to be. I never played McCree when his FTH did 400+ damage because it felt cheap and boring. When they nerfed him i picked him up one game and loved how it was much more rewarding to head the "dink" headshot sound after the flashbang but much more skillful. I think they should of just decreased his damage to 65 instead for the same reason they did it to Zenyatta. 140 for a headshot is quite a bit of damage. 210 when combined with Zenyatta is crazy. Even when a Winston jumped on me i would win the fight 90% of the time because it would only take me 4 head shots with the addition of a flash bang and considering how huge winston's head hitbox is its quite easy to do. Maybe i'm just being selfish but i like the rewarding of good aim McCree, better than the "hey tracer my main job is to kill you...but if you blink away from my flashbang then you've stumped my role" McCree.
CLC TheBeast on 27. Jul. 2016.
Ansatz on 27. Jul. 2016.
3:15 Shouldn't an increased rate of fire mean that "rounds per second" has increased? Maybe these numbers are "seconds per round".
Sean Linehan on 27. Jul. 2016.
When mercy is slowly dying -.-
Ultra HD Let's Play on 27. Jul. 2016.
Something else I would like to mention is that *Ana is a wonderful counter Soldier 76*. He is balanced around the ability to heal himself on a short cooldown. When he is completely unable to heal himself and takes about 1/4 of his HP in damage from your Biotic Grenade before you have even shot him yet... things are looking good. Not to mention you can now sleep and instakill *17 out of 22 Heroes* with a Sleep Dart into a quick double shot then grenade!
Zantsu Rocks on 27. Jul. 2016.
After all this nerfs and buffs on MCCree the only hero he counters is Tracer. uAehuAEHuAEh All the others are nightmares to him. When the range of the damage was augmented he turned a Pharah Counter, but now... Only tracer again, reaper can "shadow" easily after the flashbang and run away or kill him. Well, the others heroes... Pff can kill him easily with 2 shots.
jelaninoel on 27. Jul. 2016.
Knew she was bad. Hated when ppl picked her on my team
Tomer Chervits on 27. Jul. 2016.
did console alredy update or we are stil old and bad
gonzalo peralta on 27. Jul. 2016.
Is the patch also on console ?
Connor Gibson on 27. Jul. 2016.
Blizzard seriously doesn't know what to do with McCree. He has had a change in basically every patch.
SasoriKishi Destiny on 27. Jul. 2016.
I tested the old range around 32m and the new around 22m, so from what I see the 10m seems spot on.
slitherpuss on 27. Jul. 2016.
DRAG that bitch
Reaper on 27. Jul. 2016.
Ana's new dps is fucking INSANE. She tears tanks to shreds effortlessly from a distance. This shit needs to change again.
monish1478 on 27. Jul. 2016.
0:45 Who's "Rickree"?
hunterxgamerz on 27. Jul. 2016.
from 5:55 replace every f said with a w lol
ThoA45 on 27. Jul. 2016.
And now high ranks have a new "useless" healer of the name of Mercy as well. Yaaaay
hunterxgamerz on 27. Jul. 2016.
when will this patch hit consoles?
nararya nalakanta on 27. Jul. 2016.
PHST kooj on 27. Jul. 2016.
Why do u say hero so weird sometimes
Mah Jun'd on 27. Jul. 2016.
MCcree Sucks Again
DamagedLink _ on 27. Jul. 2016.
Do they have some kind of sliders to change the balancing always ready at the Blizzard office? Honestly this is kind of how I imagine it working there: -Ahh crap, Mcree's too strong again. Hey Steve! Pull Mcree's effective range down a bit so we can get another update out before lunch! -But boss, shouldn't we test this a little first? -Dude, I'm hungry, we'll worry about it later. And throw some buff to Ana too, people like her more than I thought.
Piercing Skulls on 27. Jul. 2016.
Has this Lucio, McCree, and Ana buffs and nerfs come out on Consoles yet?
Lord Mack on 27. Jul. 2016.
TheTrueWolfboy on 27. Jul. 2016.
Soooooo now I'm no longer gonna be fucked by reapers but Hanzos are gonna be cancer again. Great
Joshua Bugnet on 27. Jul. 2016.
Maybe it's my MMR but I don't think it is because I'm rank 70 and I feel that I challenge skilled players but I don't feel Ana needed a buff she was fine where she was if you can keep accuracy around 60-75 your going to do a lot of heals so I don't see why they buffed her
Hadzsimeee on 27. Jul. 2016.
Always and keep changing the heroes... Yes only McCree... a lots of other heroes should be nerfed, but no, fuck only with McCree, nice. Nice job there.
Linkophere on 27. Jul. 2016.
Thank fucking jesus they listened. macree was WAY to fucking strong
Arturo Ramírez on 27. Jul. 2016.
I think Mercy is going to get a rework soon.
Dekuianutshell on 27. Jul. 2016.
Smash bros. - Better nerf greninja Overwatch - Better nerf McCree
Kevin Taggart on 27. Jul. 2016.
can blizzard just let us play the game and stop ruining my characters every day
END Gaming on 27. Jul. 2016.
Mccree was fine
Ryan Osborne on 27. Jul. 2016.
Mcree got berfed
Lenny's Channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)-b on 27. Jul. 2016.
Is this update live on console yet?
Blue Toad the God on 27. Jul. 2016.
So now they have to buff meecy or nerf ana. Great
CPK3B4B on 27. Jul. 2016.
I cant be the only one who want to know if he killed that tracer at the end!
SamHammich on 27. Jul. 2016.
good luck building a competitive scene when u change the game every few days.
Tokumastu Etriari on 27. Jul. 2016.
now if only they could re-buff mercy and return symetra's original turret damage