Are Primal Ancients a Good Idea? Diablo 2 Lead Dev David Brevik Interview (Diablo 3 2.5)

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Sergey Sedlovsky on 3. Feb. 2017.
Regarding not knowing that's bullshit if I was a creator of a game and someone took over development instead of me, I would be at least curious to know where this project is going. I bet you he said it that way because of an NDA or something.
HumanMechanism on 3. Feb. 2017.
Another solution is this: It seems blizz is trying to create the aura of those ultra great drops from back in the day so why not make primal ancients tradable with other primal ancients? That way if you get a good one it might inspire you to do a new build or to try and trade it for the primal you want?
Jh h on 3. Feb. 2017.
or better idea lets just give everyone primal item after 2k hours of play ? why pretend gathering ingredients is any different than a time cap that gives you what you want. rng is fair and its that rarity thst makes it special. cause otherwise just bring back the auction house
KeeperOfDGroove on 3. Feb. 2017.
I dont see any problem with primal ancients, seeing as how we can literally target specific legendaries and even reforge those ancients with kanais cube. 1% sure is low but its not nearly as bad as it would be without the cube especially now that you no longer have to worry about having more of a certain act's legendary mats. Honestly this is reminding me of D2, I remember in the beginning uniques were what everyone wanted grandfather was the best sword you could ever want and all that, then along came the Bugged items, finally Runewords that made you do silly shit like a teleporting paladin or druid or being so god damn beefy on defense that guided arrow actually never hit you lol.
Ernestas “Beep” Bogdanov on 3. Feb. 2017.
I think they could make primal ancients craftable too. For example 2 ancient items of the same + mats and new cube power. And after I wrote this, you told the same in your video :D so seems we are on the same page regarding a possibility to upgrade ancient to primal with guaranteed percentage but big requirements, so more grind will be required.
Cold Clutch on 3. Feb. 2017.
I think primal ancients should be completely random because it gives you something to work for. Because after you have all the gear you want there is really nothing left to do in ththe game. Primal ancients are like that one in a thousand thing that will give you an edge and I think it should stay that way
dvxAznxvb on 3. Feb. 2017.
It doesn't effect most people besides casual and end gamers that stay all season, the more you play the more chances you get and these are more changes to the GR leader boards
anthony snyder on 3. Feb. 2017.
so lets say I find a primal ancient that has nothing to do with my build or any build that I would want to do... would be freaking great if I could trade it instead of breaking it down into just another crafting mat. sigh...
Dávid Tóth on 3. Feb. 2017.
My nephew had this idea. Collect some pieces of the same ancient item and fuse them together to get a primal. He said 3 at first i said too little. So either go with 10, then its the same drop chance on average as primal now, but not that random, because after 10 ancients you surely get one. Or make the number lower. It could go even further as popping 10-15 random ancients into the cube to get a random primal.
Samuraith Beyond on 3. Feb. 2017.
@Rhykker just a quick question will the ps4 get access to these ancient items or is this strictly PC or maybe will it happen at a later date? Your thoughts or info would be appreciated. Thanks for the videos and builds you've put together over the last year or better, they've been of help.
Matthew Crews on 3. Feb. 2017.
@Rhykker Just to clarify, I'd LOVE a 1.5 hour interview with David Brevik
Johua Noffsinger on 3. Feb. 2017.
@Rhykker I would suggest that maybe a new reroll for item. When you reforge legendary at cube there should be a reroll ancient legendary but without the penalty of losing the ancient roll. It's hard for me to automatically want an easier way for me to find primals, that's the lazy part of me speaking. for now I'll just treat primals like the lottery.
ChungTran on 3. Feb. 2017.
David was right about the current situation of D3 items!
B.B. Wiggs on 3. Feb. 2017.
Primal Ancients seems like just another enticement to get players to grind. I really like the idea of saving stuff to 'buy' the upgrade...I would enjoy blood shards more if the was a guarantee of getting what I wanted...
Joe Ranalli on 3. Feb. 2017.
I think primal ancients is going to be unhealthy for seasonal play for those of us that are trying to push on ladder. The top of the ladder is just going to be filled with the lucky individuals that got full sets of primals without much of a hassle.
RiceRunner128 on 3. Feb. 2017.
I think its a great idea. You get people within the first day in full sets (more than 1 set) and already halfway on their ancients. I would love to have the excitement of "OMG, i got 1". I tend to think it is too easy to get geared in the way it is designed. We just do a few objectives and we are already near T10s, essentially end game shortly after the first 4 parts of the season journey.
Rich gAmA on 3. Feb. 2017.
I still play D3 now and then, but honestly not very fond of this primal ancients.
Justin McCullough on 3. Feb. 2017.
You got.a Random drop! Goofy Rhykker saying! It's super effective!
MadMaxJuggernaut on 3. Feb. 2017.
Fans: Hey blizzy blizz could you guys add more content and fix some stuff? Blizzard: Yeah sure we will just increase dam.... Fans: No no blizzy please no more increase damage. Just fixes and more content. Blizzard: Ahhh sorry I didn't quite understand your last question, sure yeah we can add more numb... Fans: NO MORE NUMBERS AND DAMAGE JUST ADD CONTENT! Blizzard: Fine fine we will just increase numbers and damage by 30% then.
gundamseed64 on 3. Feb. 2017.
Diablo 2 took years to become as good as it is? I can play that game on LAN without any patches or LOD for many many hours and can have fun. Every post launch content just made the game more legendary. It was way better then that garbage Diablo 3 with its cartoon feel and cooldowns for spells. I tried to give that game a chance (even with ROS) but it was just to boring and felt like a WOW spinoff or a dungeon siege game then a sequel to Diablo 2
Anestis Kostaras on 3. Feb. 2017.
And that's the reason i bow to him... :)
Ryan Williams on 3. Feb. 2017.
I'm not sure why the input of someone who doesn't even know what an ancient is (and therefore has no concept of the current state of this game) would be of much value on the primal ancient topic.
Drew Lloyd (ScarySandwichMan) on 3. Feb. 2017.
I don't like the idea of Primal Ancients, but they NEED to raise the chance of both dropping. 1% is stupidly low for something that most of your items need to be to be competitive at high GRifts. They should raise ancients to 20% and Primal to 4%. Instead of 10% + 10%, it's 20% + 20%.
Sol Goode on 3. Feb. 2017.
I think it would be awesome if rings and amulets would always roll with a socket.
Balrend on 3. Feb. 2017.
Too much RNG for my taste, RNG to get the item you need + RNG to get it Ancient and even more to Primal + RNG to also have the desired stats + RNG to get those stats high or low. I think this will be my last season.
Sol Goode on 3. Feb. 2017.
I love it when I find an Ancient item and it has shitty stats.
EarlGrey on 3. Feb. 2017.
Will there be a new set.. legacy of primal nightmares? Multiplies all your damage by a million if you are equipped in primal ancients only.. lol
John Johns on 3. Feb. 2017.
because i'm not going for ranks, i think primal ancients are good. i can now get some flexibility and randomness and be strong instead of needing BIS. No set Set best thing in D3 imo but takes 1000's of hours of grinding just to find out what i was going for isn't as good as a complete set i found after only 20 hours. No set Set is really hard to be competitive compared to class sets that have ridiculous power without needing everything to be ancient.
fatalis arx on 3. Feb. 2017.
this guy says the correct things. and this is the same shit with unlimited paragon. .. it looks that blizard dont have a really solid logic upgrade that will be worth as long as you play or unlock some specific quest or conquest smt like that..!! unfortunately boring as long as seaon comes.. pff and the top shit of all these coming upgrade.. is you can get a primal anciant with the most crapy rolls ever lol .. wtf
Noctis Caelum on 3. Feb. 2017.
Eternity Splinters is definitely a nice system. Marvel Heroes as a game overall just isn't super fun to me. It's just fun to play it every now and then. But the splinter collecting meant you're saving up for something you truly want and you'll get a couple everyday if you play for abit for sure.
Christopher Franklin on 3. Feb. 2017.
I personally do not have a problem with the concept of primal ancient items; however, I would prefer there to be a new currency introduced with the primal items so that it could be traded to upgrade ancient items into their primal variant, either at the Cube or at a new vendor. But at the same time I would not want this new currency to be too easily obtainable; perhaps having one (and only one) drop from a Grift level 60 and above boss and the upgrade would cost some where from 100 currency to 300 currency depending on the item. Then again I play on console, with not optimized gear, and I have no idea how long it takes someone on pc to run through a high level Grift.
kracman99 on 3. Feb. 2017.
yes I love that you fucking admit that rune drops of diablo 2 sucked and yes no feeling of progression and doing same thing over and over again is not a good game design make people mad and your game dies
Archn Scythe on 3. Feb. 2017.
I don't think that Primal Ancients are that bad.
rolawrence036 on 3. Feb. 2017.
ya know...hunting these primal will be much easier than hunting a mount in WoW with a 1% drop rate...first off WoW mount drops are boss specific and you can only do such boss once a in Diablo any item can drop anything in game multiple times in same rift IMO no where near comparable. If its a 1% chance...and you absolutely want a primal ancient of that item...simply grind out mats to re-roll it 100 times then...never know could get it after 20 quit with the complaining, you get the get it, if not oh well
Kabuto on 3. Feb. 2017.
Not a fan of the 1% chance but I do like the idea of a way to bank up to it. We need a ramaladni's gift type item, craftable and/or lootable, that will upgrade the rarity of a specific item. One time use that takes the base item and upgrades it. Whether or not it re rolls the item or if it just scales it up would be interesting.
John Cho on 3. Feb. 2017.
Primal Ancient is stupid. Release new gear and classes then we're good.
Matthew Howell on 3. Feb. 2017.
Just make it 500m gold to upgrade, then gold is actually useful again.
boren81 on 3. Feb. 2017.
that comment about getting blessed by RNGesus made me laugh much harder than it should have
Michael DeMarois on 3. Feb. 2017.
Did he really say RN Jesus? Ohh my so funny
Daniel Apfelkuchen on 3. Feb. 2017.
Honestly i have no problem with it i guess its different for min maxer. But i like it, ancients drop pretty often and now there are items that are actual rare for non min maxers. I like to have builds that have one or two awesome items that know i will not get again.
Anderson Silva on 3. Feb. 2017.
he is the primal nerd XD
Ryan on 3. Feb. 2017.
I feel that Brevik's response is even more suited to the Cosmic Wings. If the frustration with those getting those things is anything to go by, Primals is going to drive everyone batshit crazy before the necro comes out. The 'pity timer' concept is something I'm up for... especially with the cosmic wings hunt... say we get some new form of currency from whimsydale or even whimsyshire for those hunting the rainbow portrait. Getting 100 of the currency allows us to buy the cosmetic in game.
texasgtilover on 3. Feb. 2017.
I like the idea of upgraded an item with a material, it would be interesting the get a new additional material from ancient items specific to the class of weapon or gear slot to boost an item to primal. The only thing that I would suggest is making the price very high AND keeping the stats on the ancient item that you upgraded with equivalent percentages of perfection on the stats. This will prevent you saving for two weeks and ruining your perfect ancient weapon for a crap rolled primal ancient. The only issue that I have with primal ancients, have to do with bots, blizz has gone pretty lax on botting much like d2, wont either of these options make botting more prevalent? Follow up, Is botting such a bad thing, d2 has had botting made to be nearly necessary for keep the economy going and it's still being played today. In D3 the leaderboards were filled with 99-100 paladins and noone on baal runs cared...(plus that game had an interactive economy unlike d3)? Food for thoug
UltimegaSeven on 3. Feb. 2017.
Anyone here play Borderlands 2? Imagine trying to farm random Pearl rare items, much less legendaries. I like randomness but the seasons are competetive and thats just another gate to get lcoked behind of bad luck rather than you didnt grind enough
Ashtar on 3. Feb. 2017.
@rhykker yes rng sucks! 2 weeks ago I re-rolled a few legendaries, spent 7500 souls and nothing. Put me off and didn't play for 2 weeks. Not good... rng must be set in a controlled environment.
Dee Jaay on 3. Feb. 2017.
I would gladly watch a 10 hour long interview with him, Baldree or the Schaefer brothers (as a response to the very last statement).
- Los on 3. Feb. 2017.
What about deconstructing an ancient to gain a material/regent to convert your existing ancient into a primal ancient. Just a
3rdworlds on 3. Feb. 2017.
I would tie it intoelites. Give some form of currency for killing bosses in rifts, greater, and world, that you can spend to upgrade your legendaries. But allow Regular->Ancient->Primal. But the rolls are locked. Meaning if it is a 50% perfect rolled weapon as a regular. It would be a 50% perfect rolled primal with the same rolls ie str, vit, +all res, crit, socket etc
Unsterblich on 3. Feb. 2017.
hey rhykker want me to screenshot my Ancient Ancient Wand of Woh?