"Are You BORED Of Overwatch?"

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Definitely Not Shanque on 31. Mar. 2017.
I got bored around season 2 but then something hit me and I am suddenly became addicted in early season 3
MajorasFlask on 31. Mar. 2017.
Im really bored of overwatch. Competitive is toxic and broken, got bored.
Mondyjoy on 31. Mar. 2017.
Its starting to get boring since its so repetitive. It feels like i HAVE to play ranked cuz thats the only way too get the golden shit. The flag thing and no limits are all just meh tbh.
Casey Ramthun on 31. Mar. 2017.
The custom game mode/server browser update is keeping me interested. Reminds me of old TF2 days for the goofy game modes. But for a team-shooter experience, I get the feeling my friends and I are gonna switch to Destiny 2...LAN parties to shoot-fer-loot sounds a lot more fun than arguing with DPS mains.
Mango Mango on 31. Mar. 2017.
Overwatch started to die with Sombra. Once they jerked the community around like that it was over. Who can trust the devs. Even further proof is with Orisa. Who expected Doomfist? Their needless ARG drove a lot of people away. Now onto gameplay. It is very lack luster. The official game modes are bland. Just CP and Payload and now CTF almost a year after launch. The custom game modes are bland as well. How is there not a Talon vs OW mode? With missions you have to do? We see that people break off to go do missions in smaller pairs in their own life so why is the game a static 6v6. And that is another problem. Who has more then 6 friends on this game? There are no game modes that allow a larger player pool which is the real detriment. You can only play 6v6 that are designed around highly competitive play for so long before getting burned out and just want to have fun. But then you can't cause you will get yelled at for not playing the game in quick play. Until they increase server size
ViperdragZ on 31. Mar. 2017.
The game is fun but for me it gets stale pretty fast
Karl Terwissen on 31. Mar. 2017.
i am very much bored. There aren't enough hero's and its tiring seeing the same people every game. The meta changes but then you see the next same group of hero's when it does. Worst part of it is that when the meta does change 3-4 people become useless, to say the least. The community doesn't help much with everyone thinking they are better than you and the other 30% that just wants to see you get mad and troll. I think that hurts more because there is no down side to being a bad person on the game where team work is essential.
Patrick Djugo-Eagleway on 31. Mar. 2017.
Dr. Caesars Palace MD on 31. Mar. 2017.
I love OW but I can't find the drive, desire, or motivation to play anymore. Every month or so I'll play for a couple days and then stop again.
Sean R on 31. Mar. 2017.
I am not bored either. I am however hesitant to try other games. Im afraid I will stop playing overwatch if I get involved in another game.
Aron Hising on 31. Mar. 2017.
I miss the Force feed
Joshqim on 31. Mar. 2017.
Overwatch is one of the very few games that I have never really gotten bored of. There are so many different unique heroes to improve on and idk, the content is just fantastic. The lore and animated shorts are also making me want to play the game even more.
Zodaick on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'm not bored with the game. I'm just bored with the competitive play. Given the limited amount of time to play competitive game every week (let alone play the game in the first place), having to spend 7 games a week in ranked to keep my Master when I just wanna just fuck around, play Torbi on koth with the only purpose to hit people with my baby hammer i really not something I've enjoyed this season
batu on 31. Mar. 2017.
i am long not bored playing ow
The Nerd Navigator on 31. Mar. 2017.
"Hell people are still playing original Everquest" *smashes like button*
Michael Pasco on 31. Mar. 2017.
If I didn't play League of Legends before Overwatch came out, I would play it more, and I think many other people feel this way too
Alltheday 7 on 31. Mar. 2017.
I would be happy if overwatch was the only game I owned
MT2NL on 31. Mar. 2017.
To be honest the game itself is great, but the community kinda ruins it for me nowadays and makes me not want to play the game...
Rhialisse Xavorin on 31. Mar. 2017.
I may at some point get bored of it, but that really just means I drop the game for a month or two and then get right back into it. Never, ever going to drop it forever lol.
top kek on 31. Mar. 2017.
game is only boring after getting to gm over and over and still having to deal with all the trolls and autistics still.
Isac Oscarsson on 31. Mar. 2017.
I play the game everyday Im lvl 566 and at t500 and Im No where near bored this Game is My life I think about overwatch in school at work then Im with My girlfriend. I dream overwatch
cyriptobi137 on 31. Mar. 2017.
Yeah, I have found the game to be quite dull lately, despite the large hero pool there is a serious lack of diversity when it comes to game modes which for me has made the game quite dry. And it's sounds pessimistic but I would be surprised if Blizzard was able to come out with anything truly fresh as the hero abilities create problems - such as the ones in capture the flag.
The Shocking Dropkick on 31. Mar. 2017.
i am probably not bored of this, just having more fun with for honor
samualwatkins on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'm not bored with it, and I believe it is safe for me to say I never will. I can always just stop for a week or two and come back later with just as much enthusiasm as coming back to it after a couple of days. As long as Blizzard does not out right overhaul the entire game, it will still more or less be the same game that I enjoy.
Zero Noodle on 31. Mar. 2017.
ooh this question was very changing.... hmmm. If I'm quitting this game I need a new game with a competitive scene
TheKingNoob 3 on 31. Mar. 2017.
I give my self 3 years to get bored of it.. was playing maple story for about 3/4 years now i love the game but it's not like when i started then i found out the game teamfortress 2 and played it for 3/4 years i stillLOVE the game but sadly the game is dead then i started playing league of legends for 3/4 years but then the game started making me rage A LOT though i still like it, i cant play it solo and i am still overraging from it and now i am at overwatch (and got to master ^^) so yeah, i give myself 3 years.
Nassim Gadhi on 31. Mar. 2017.
How can you be bored when there is so much character to play? Oh wait this doesn't make any sense
Boris Drumev on 31. Mar. 2017.
Anyone else here since Diablo 3?
Roald Furstenberg on 31. Mar. 2017.
I enjoy the game, but as of late I have been playing a lot less. So yes I am a bit bored of it
Philip Bell on 31. Mar. 2017.
yeah, I have gotten board of overwatch, and have moved to csgo. I just prefer the high skill ceiling and the Tradeable skins to overwatches model.
X Realninjaz on 31. Mar. 2017.
Not that I'm bored of Overwatch. Just that I don't play it as much as I did since day 1. With alot of new games out, Overwatch isn't always the first thing in my mind when I want to play something. Another reason why I don't play Overwatch much anymore is because the lack of character updates in the department of Costumes, Emotes, Voicelines, and so fourth. I love Overwatch to death and love that they give us everything for free. Just that sometimes an update for cosmetics and stuff just takes a bit too long for me. I understand they are still trying to balance and stuff. But, I am a person that just wants to see some new costumes sometimes. (And not just during events).
Nish on 31. Mar. 2017.
Grevier on 31. Mar. 2017.
I quitted, so yes.
Daniel Bowne on 31. Mar. 2017.
not even remotely bored.
Cesar Santoyo on 31. Mar. 2017.
It's been boring lately I go and play it for seven comp games and then i usually get off of it I don't know it's a fun game but just for a few games
Josh AQBUMP on 31. Mar. 2017.
@forcegaming My friends and I still absolutely love Overwatch and we've been playing since launch. I still play with the same squad on a daily basis.
Thunderfro on 31. Mar. 2017.
Rainbow Six Siege is also really good.
Samugremus on 31. Mar. 2017.
Sometimes i get bored of the game, and if this happens, i just start to play not my mains. And damn, those was hell of thing, when i SUDDENLY realised how awesome and challenging Mcree is, i was totaly blown away and played him for like 3 days unstop. There is some game time which need to be dealt with to fully understand gameplay mechanic for every hero, and thats why Overwatch is a so god damn good game. Each hero has very unique and different gameplay, and it feel like you playing a different game, so to fully expirience gameplay potential for each hero you need, at least like 20 hours on each one. After this i will maybe get bored of overwatch.
Madarcher24 on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'm not as crazy about it as I was at launch, but I think that's normal. I'm still very much into it
punch4freedom on 31. Mar. 2017.
you forget that overwatch is funded by wow basically, everything blizzard does is
Dragonslayer on 31. Mar. 2017.
I just take days between playtime so I don't get bored. Plus I hit masters (my season goal) yesterday with a solid rating of 3520. Not sure if I should continue past this rank to see if I can go higher (I didn't feel like I was at my limit yet in terms of rank when I hit masters that day) in rank. What do you guys think I should do?
Spikà on 31. Mar. 2017.
I have not been playing a lot lately simply because my favorite hero, Mccree, has been heavily nerfed and continues to be outclassed by other heroes. Bastion is a better pick than him at this point. Why play Mccree when you can play Soldier or Bastion?
Gerald Flynn on 31. Mar. 2017.
I just really don't get Over watch, like what's the point of playing it? I can probably play 1 - 2 games and then I'm just bored as hell.... there's nothing to do? from a game play perspective it's fantastic, but like what's there to go for?
Remy Blas on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'm not bored of the game, but I'm tired of its community. I find myself playing less and less OW lately, because when I have free time and have to decide what to play, I consider Overwatch and my mind floods with memories of toxic players throwing a competitive match while insulting everyone because the rest didn't pick the heroes he wanted, or shit like that, and it already makes me feel mentally exhausted before even opening the game. So most times I just play something else instead.
Jose Vargas gaming on 31. Mar. 2017.
not at all I fucking love this game
Elinel 12 on 31. Mar. 2017.
I found you because of overwatch and im not bored of it . it's the same goal every game but it's different every time I love it
Jose Benitez on 31. Mar. 2017.
im bored of the game. Doesnt have variety anymore. Plus there too many things that the game does wrong like matchmaking and how rein is broken and noone is complaining about him. his ult is broken as fuck. either blizzard has to pump out more heroes just like paragon does every week or do something to the modes to make them. Overall they are taking way to much time to put changes in live servers.
OGTrapHero on 31. Mar. 2017.
I'm like the polar opposite of force. I stayed on OverWatch because of the competitive climb. From being platinum to the verge of gold to climbing diamond, masters, and finally grandmasters today for this season! Seeing the leaderboard and knowing that I need less than 200sr to get on it is what really keeps me going. All in all do what ever makes you happy.
Mats Svendsen on 31. Mar. 2017.
Yes, I got bored.. Even sold my computer.
Nic Schneider on 31. Mar. 2017.
They need a new event. Easter maybe?