Argus the Unmaker Normal + Heroic Guide - FATBOSS

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John Dolan on 5. Dec. 2017.
And now Argus got buffed on Normal and HC. Kek xd
Tranquilized Horsefly on 5. Dec. 2017.
buffs the raid with Titanforged but not my fucking loot, thanks Khaz'Goroth you cunt.
Gazmend Rexhepi on 5. Dec. 2017.
Any chance you Nova guys can let us know what addon is thats showing the debuffs/buffs on the adds nameplates,please? :)
Deacon Gaming on 5. Dec. 2017.
Easiest aotc to get
Tempestra on 5. Dec. 2017.
do you get armor damage by dying in this encounter? if so, dying more than 8 times will leave your gear broken.
Rayan Naeem on 5. Dec. 2017.
Complaining that the boss is too easy yet when tos came out the same were saying it is shit
Ricardo Gianella on 5. Dec. 2017.
So, in resume, dont be "shit"! =P
Evelo on 5. Dec. 2017.
Knowing the Disc of Norgannon is fixed is super helpful for pre-positioning as a melee. Just have to be careful of the weapons.
stelios karkalis on 5. Dec. 2017.
Demon hunter at 6:30 has found and insanely beautiful way to display damage down above the nameplate. Could you possibly share your secret with me? <3
Владислав Шаклеин on 5. Dec. 2017.
A thing to note, spells that belong to multiple schools of magic (Chaos, Astral, Shadowfrost, etc) will get an increase as long as the P3 add's debuff matches at least one of those composing an ability. PS: Don't forget that Chaos no longer includes Holy.
Malenky on 5. Dec. 2017.
How hard is it to read Khaz'goroth.
bononoz2 on 5. Dec. 2017.
I found it much more convenient to swap at 2 stacks because the damage won't get so ridiculously high
Fayez Iskandarani on 4. Dec. 2017.
"or if you die because you are justshit" lmaaooo
Razzg on 4. Dec. 2017.
Teemo Main /spit
Apoxiosis on 4. Dec. 2017.
what weakaura was you using to show add vulnerability
Thornefield on 4. Dec. 2017.
Boy am I glad to be a Demon Hunter for the Discs of Norgannon debuffs. Chaos Damage just counts as everything.
Revanges on 4. Dec. 2017.
Can you please post the Weakaura that tells you which magic does the add take?
Samuel Wilde on 4. Dec. 2017.
By the way another useful hint is that you can use lightforged augment rune if you've died before. Very useful for p4
Sly92gaming on 4. Dec. 2017.
At 8:06 Argus the unmaker:"omae wa mou shindeiru", raid:"nani!?"
Dimebag Darrell on 4. Dec. 2017.
0:26 "omg who fucking fucked my dad"
The S on 4. Dec. 2017.
Free elo boss. Eight pulls we took =/
You're Wrong on 4. Dec. 2017.
As a balance druid/enh shaman I have to say: Fuck that mechanic where those adds are vulnerable to a specific school of magic.
J.J. Shank on 4. Dec. 2017.
**mumble mumble worst end boss, worst raid, worst expac mumble**
Aftertone on 4. Dec. 2017.
Argus desing is pretty dope, tho
Tooth Reaper on 4. Dec. 2017.
10:19 "so any players that die from the soulbomb or if you've died because you're just shit" roflmao xd
Dave w on 4. Dec. 2017.
You made a mistake, you can lust twice because the start of P4 removes sated of the raid.
biker bob on 4. Dec. 2017.
only difference if you dont want to watch dont interrupt anything besides cosmic beacon in add phase
Sastank08 on 4. Dec. 2017.
I was worried they were going to undertune this raid because of Tomb. And they did. At least from a norm-heroic perspective. Hopefully somehow it takes WF 3 weeks or something. Cool looking and sometimes interesting fights, just not challenging thusfar Kind of sad this is it for the expac. Too long of a wait now.
Physics Only on 4. Dec. 2017.
this fight is super undertuned. at least on normal and heroic
Denchuga on 4. Dec. 2017.
We killed it yesterday and Argus is easy as fuck. The real bitch in this raid is Aggramar and i fear to see him on mythic.
Pirinach o.o on 4. Dec. 2017.
one shot last night
jeppefredsted98 on 4. Dec. 2017.
Fatboss what is the WA that you use to show the disc of norgannon debuffs?? i need em
Alex on 4. Dec. 2017.
Kazragoth? Really?
Lolaroflwaffle on 4. Dec. 2017.
Did aotc on thursday, fight is cool but really disappointing difficulty wise
Ryan W on 4. Dec. 2017.
'If u died cuz you are just shit' lol Alex
Nixxiom on 4. Dec. 2017.
I thought the Argus fight had a lot of creativity thrown into it, but I felt it was a tad bit underwhelming. It's just us vs a big blue man and some star people - no use of Sargeras as part of the encounter at all. But eh, it was alright. As for the mechanics, I felt they were a little too simple. I wish there was more going on in the death realm, for example, when you die, instead of just dodging reused Sha models and picking up orbs. Maybe you also fight Argus while you're dead, so you have half the raid group alive fighting the physical Argus and the other half as ghosts fighting the spirit of Argus. I dunno - something! Either way, I feel they could've added a little more to this fight. It was still fun though, nonetheless. I'm just a greedy bastard who always wants more. :)
Rixarius on 4. Dec. 2017.
>people complaining that heroic is too easy top kek
Jorge Almada on 4. Dec. 2017.
So a legion commander was stronger then a fucking titan.... GG Blizz.
Beserk06 on 4. Dec. 2017.
1 thing to note about that final phase is consumables such a prolonged power can be used again each time you ressurect.
Piotr Ochocki on 4. Dec. 2017.
You missed an opportunity by not saying 'Run to her bush.' Shame on you boys.
Salt on 4. Dec. 2017.
Question, why are we using bl during the adds ? On heroic I get it but on normal progressing to it why would you , you can easily kill them without bl and have it for the last phase
Novak6991 on 4. Dec. 2017.
Yeah what is that weak aura over the adds heads?
Eero V on 4. Dec. 2017.
Loot Pinata We got a legendary trinket for an alt from normal mode, too Hard Game
OTCStitches on 4. Dec. 2017.
I absolutely need the thing that shows which debuff goes on which add. That is so helpful.
Piper on 4. Dec. 2017.
Does anyone have the WeakAura that places the elements for Designates over their heads? That looks incredibly useful, my guild will be on heroic Argus soon.
Theblackahsa on 4. Dec. 2017.
5 days late with all these guides.. its been cleared... better luck next raid with giving those guide so people can use them :)
RakshasaR on 4. Dec. 2017.
Sarazan on 4. Dec. 2017.
I'm disappointed, but not surprised :( Fight is easy on heroic. I killed him with pure pug group and our first pull was 15 %. Bombs looks like good ability, but WTF? 15 second for this ability? Edge of Obliteration and Cosmic Ray are slow too.
BLibby _ on 4. Dec. 2017.
How about you do a guide on LFR the hardest mode?
Eradin on 4. Dec. 2017.
Honestly this fight is pretty boring besides phase 4 and heroic seems way to easy. I hope they put all the work into mythic.