Bajheera - Arms Warrior / Holy Paladin 2v2 Arena Session - WoW Legion 7.3 Warrior PvP

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Uploaded: 5 Dec 2017 Likes: 163
Patch: 7.0.3 Disikes: 4

Antonio Crapuzzi Castedo on 6. Dec. 2017.
can list your addons pls? looks great im looking for nice interface.
Jety on 5. Dec. 2017.
what addons do you use :O
Hordok on 5. Dec. 2017.
Thats an awesome transmog. How do u get that? Im guessing some crazy rated pvp ranking right?
ZK Cutz on 5. Dec. 2017.
Bahjeera. For warrior/disc 2s. Which build would offer the most damage?
04 on 5. Dec. 2017.
1:49 is priceless, popping Evasion after losing 3k health, classic 1k rated team
Drew Torrance on 5. Dec. 2017.
That Shaman/Druid comeback was boneriffic
HEYHEYDUDEROFL on 5. Dec. 2017.
"-Look im so good! With pocket healer..."
Joshua McGuire on 5. Dec. 2017.
never shows face in arena rofl
KaJIgyH on 5. Dec. 2017.
Can u share info about your addons? Your interface looks great.
TheCynicalJay on 5. Dec. 2017.
I was yelling at the screen during the lmfao fight lol.
Reeezeful on 5. Dec. 2017.
Hilarious video - loved it :D
Rayis on 5. Dec. 2017.
subtlety rogue is good in pvp?
Sergeant Coconut on 5. Dec. 2017.
If only I had been playing better that day lol. But I hadn't played with you for probably 4 years and we had zero communication for CC and CDs. :D
Austin Wolfrey on 5. Dec. 2017.
Make more fury videos
CoD We Troll 4Life on 5. Dec. 2017.
love you
Hith'micken on 5. Dec. 2017.
this dude got worlds first for 3s but hats tryhard nigga wat you even play war
Fede M on 5. Dec. 2017.
Nice vid baj! I try to play like you but... But... Well nvm lol I enjoy your videos!!!
BajheeraWoW on 5. Dec. 2017.
Sup guys! :D With the beginning of Season 6 comes a whole lot of fun Arena sessions so I hope you're ready for plenty of 2v2 & 3v3 videos on the way! :) Going to start it off with a little bit of Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin matches I had with a buddy of mine & I hope you enjoy the action ^_^ Thanks for watching & keep up the good work <3