Banned For Playing The WRONG HERO?! (Overwatch)

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Jacob Luck on 1. Jul. 2017.
Since the 1.12 Update, players can now check teammates Top 5 Heroes played. Now people are more accepting and open to off Meta picks. Even Widow mains are given a chance, instead of thinking they are throwing. But if you see that player constantly in the kill feed, then let them know that it's not working.
ege işcan on 29. Jun. 2017.
on console we dont have report option and opening smurf account is free , console master race(that moment when you are playing in your main acoount and you see a guy named widowxxxonly on your team)
CKM.Asuka.msi on 29. Jun. 2017.
you can play whatever you want! but if you play like a complete shit even if thats not your intention you'll get banned
General on 29. Jun. 2017.
I have turned off my msg on xbox, its the best decision ive ever made :) ranked is fun again.
gohnta on 28. Jun. 2017.
I don't need a golden weapon anyway.
Silver Cake on 28. Jun. 2017.
At 2:11 you can see Jeff Kaplan in the bottom left corner
makaramuss on 27. Jun. 2017.
what did he say? I was watching genji gameplay
Colin Campbell on 26. Jun. 2017.
Please ban Force for that genji playing...
BoxesOfCereal PS4 on 26. Jun. 2017.
Oh my, great sombra gameplay
Billy bob on 25. Jun. 2017.
can get dragon ball Fighter z on the Nintendo switch! Here is the link we need 3k more signatures. Let's do it!
Max on 24. Jun. 2017.
i don't have a problem with people playing off meta heroes, i have a problem with people that play off meta heroes and sucking with them.
Naffi Axx on 24. Jun. 2017.
I got banned for spamming thank you after losing
kermit the frog on 24. Jun. 2017.
someone got banned for being really good
Unborn Paradox on 24. Jun. 2017.
I played with a guy named "UgengiIthrow" he lived up to his name more than is okay
Kermit on 23. Jun. 2017.
I know how those people feel, I was a Hanzo main and got reported constantly when was having a bad day :\
Kurt Markum on 23. Jun. 2017.
I think it's okay to be a hanzo main, but also players need to know when to switch off or when to use specific heroes. windowmaker and symetra and others are not good for every situation. I'm not one to call out people to change at the start but if said hero isn't helping the team and won't change off, seems like a them issue if they get banned. it's a cooperative game
Sonicgott on 23. Jun. 2017.
MMOs rule #1: Don't be a jerk.
Cry Thunder on 23. Jun. 2017.
They shouldn't be able to ban someone over hero pick, but if someone is playing widow on attack on console it's basically a 5v6...
Dillon P on 23. Jun. 2017.
*Bans every person who plays Bastion
Hammond on 22. Jun. 2017.
At 4;18 You dashed into rein but didn't get charged???
Jesse McCree on 22. Jun. 2017.
I am a Hanzo main and a lot of times I get reported for refusing to switch. Some people accused me of throwing and (recently) people accuse me of not getting any kills even though I had gold with 14 eliminations and gold with damage dealt. I had bad positioning which I should have noticed given my experience but they just focused on Hanzo being pick at all. I really hate how the community is using peer pressure to get other players into sticking with the meta because they care far more about easy wins rather than actual skill. In Dust 514, we called these people flavor of the month chasers because they don't want skilled players. They just want easy wins.
heh heh on 22. Jun. 2017.
Honestly, I just really don't get the point of maining a hero. Mainly picking a few specific heroes makes sense, as you in that case play better as you don't have to practice and learn the others, but rendering yourself completely unable to play support, tank, or dps (depending on who you're maining), and completely unable to switch within your category to be able to counter, makes you useless to your team a lot of the time. If you're playing against a slightly competent team, they will fairly quickly switch out their tanks or dps heroes to be able to counter you, and you will be hindered from actually playing well.
AlecFox12 TFN on 22. Jun. 2017.
I got banned for looking at dvas butt
Gingbro on 22. Jun. 2017.
So I can get banned for being friendly in an unranked game?
Stars on 22. Jun. 2017.
ItsDaKoolaidDude on 21. Jun. 2017.
I just got cancer from this banning spam. Then my cancer got banned.
xhyz on 21. Jun. 2017.
a votekick option would be better :) i wanna see the widow troll loose some elo
The Caught Predator, From Dateline NBC on 21. Jun. 2017.
3:41 is the quick answer
Swarrly on 21. Jun. 2017.
I think the big problem is that competitive is a team game. That means you need to work with your team to build a comp. Saying "I play one hero and only one hero and it doesn't matter if we lose because of it" that is being toxic. on 21. Jun. 2017.
I got a team kill in a play of the game and everyone was spamming me saying that I was really crappy at the game Note: all of the other players were level 3-23
Crazy Dude on 21. Jun. 2017.
I was reported for carrying as junkrat and he is my main because this guy who was toxic said "everybody report crazy dude for griefing" and I wasn't I was carrying
Alessandro Bennici on 21. Jun. 2017.
why not starting the same system like csgo overwatch in the matter of ranked matches?
wolfclaw719 on 21. Jun. 2017.
I'm a Mercy main and I've had people threaten to report me for not healing them, and I don't mean like not healing them upon request I men they threaten me that unless I stick to them like glue the entire match and ignore the team they'll report me, granted I play Xbone so their is no ingame report and they just type it through the xbox's report system which is taken about as seriously as death threats on Tumblr but I'm concerned its going to add up.
Garek Carter on 21. Jun. 2017.
When he solo ults the junk rat lol
Himax9 on 21. Jun. 2017.
If the game were properly balanced, ALL heroes would be meta for every map (TF2). Part of this is the fault of the devs, but the greater share of it is due to the toxic player community. This IS a BLiz game, after all.
Zeroforce14 on 20. Jun. 2017.
I'm glad I'm on console where there is no reporting
mad ogre on 20. Jun. 2017.
guys in africa play overwatch? oh they all play lucio
Letícia Queiroz on 20. Jun. 2017.
Oh look the fanboy defender of blizzard.
Queen on 20. Jun. 2017.
I got shit for playing McCree on defense even though I have 102 hours on him with a golden gun and god-like aim. They we're so toxic. Plus I think McCree as a defense than a attack. In my opinion
Sean Brannigan on 20. Jun. 2017.
I once got reported by my own team mate for playing Lucio, I wasn't trolling or anything. Their reasoning was once we started losing it was obviously the solo supports fault so they started flaming me and saying that Lucio was a trash pick and I should play Mercy or Ana or Zen because they are so much better than Lucio atm. This was not long after Mercy got res invulnerability and I had read the meta report the day before with Lucio getting somewhere between 80-90% pickrate. But apparently no one plays Lucio
sneaky g on 20. Jun. 2017.
a Ana on my team is angry becouse I chosen Hanzo I'm a hanzo main but and is level 357 I'm level 97 Ana died 21 Times I died 9 Times Ana said she was the best 3 kills barely healing and nano boosted ark players why so many death it's comp and it was a 3 hour match.
Aron ZR on 20. Jun. 2017.
Bet those banned were picking their mains, even if it meant sticking it to the team comp (No heals, tank, shit overall comp). Keep it up lol.
Gatlyn Gordon on 20. Jun. 2017.
why people hate hanzo i mean if your good with that hero then play it because it might be a game changer
deystroyai1234 on 20. Jun. 2017.
people get mad at me for picking the "WRONG?" hero even when im winning/doing well with them lol
Anti Sub on 19. Jun. 2017.
Wth is wrong with Non-Meta heroes in quickplay? It's just fucking quick play and it is not competitive so you don't need to be damn toxic about people choosing non meta heroes in quickplay. Plus Quick Play is where most players just mess around with heroes they can play.
KrazyKarly143 on 19. Jun. 2017.
still no report system on console though -_-
Baalor204 on 19. Jun. 2017.
Already said it in a comment in an earlier video... unless its a Tribunal system similar to Riot, where the community can see people get punished, and the transparency that provides, its effectively like giving Hitler the right to be a dictator. Blizzard systems will *always* have people banned for the wrong reasons. Someone being worried about being banned because they *like* to play Hanzo, and play Hanzo even if the team wants them to play some other character, is a legit concern. It will happen, if it hasn't already.
Jeffrey McAdams on 19. Jun. 2017.
Can you believe people are banning me for playing my mei-n?