Banned For Playing Widowmaker... AGAIN!? (Overwatch News)

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Jason Marcus on 4. Jul. 2017.
Obviously people shouldn't be reported because their character choice or because they're terrible. But part of me actually enjoys when bad things happen to hanzo/widowmaker mains. It might have something to do with how disgusting the play style is and how annoying they are to deal with(I am not trying to imply they are OP). Getting one shot is never fun and is especially irritating when you consider that just about everything else in this game can't one shot you. Sure, you can stay vigilant to avoid getting one shot. Unfortunately for anyone regardless of skill level, the sniper will find an opening and and that's it... you're done. No counter play allowed. I don't personally find that type of gameplay to be fun, but to each their own I suppose...
Ecchiboy Gaming on 4. Jul. 2017.
Don't play widow maker on console she is useless
EL. 9 on 4. Jul. 2017.
people should get banned for even playing on console
Alonso Gutierrez on 4. Jul. 2017.
good thing main bastion on Xbox one
jeroen92 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Serves them right for being console peasants.
lostboy365 on 4. Jul. 2017.
im sure they aren't losing money on loot boxes... i bet they will make more money now that everything has gone stale. I stopped buying them because of the duplicates. I'm more likely to buy loot boxes now knowing I can actually get a new reward.
powerfulpheonix on 4. Jul. 2017.
I felt like I was watching CNN for a sec
timabuf on 4. Jul. 2017.
wish pc still had avoid me, god i cant stand playing with the scrubs.
The Interfering Speedwagon on 4. Jul. 2017.
did not know the xbox one had that "feature", nice idea in theory but how could they not see that people would exploit that to troll people?
SoSoSleepie on 4. Jul. 2017.
No, that may not be the main reason why they reduce duplicate on loot box. It may be because they see a trend of people buying less and less loot box, therefore reducing the duplicate chance to attract more people to buy it again.
Mr. Moose on 4. Jul. 2017.
Widowmaker is soooo trash on console. I played OW on PS4 all the way up until level 109ish and I'd say I'd run into a widowmaker on any team maybe 10% of the time but on PC, it's literally like 90% of games have one on both teams.
SquiggleZ on 4. Jul. 2017.
Xbox will literally ban you for shit talking, not even kidding, i got banned for about a week because i told some pussy who reported me after for calling him out for cheating.
Blu Blu on 3. Jul. 2017.
To anyone playing on Xbox one this issue is easily fixed by playing world of tanks. Since the game brings around 30 players every game, and for every death you can jump into a completely new game with different players. This game doesn't use the report system, so it useless for anyone to report you. It takes approximately 2-5 days to take the bad rep away, it was two days for me, so you have to be patient. Trust me this works 100%. I was on "avoid me" and now my free of this bullshit report system. Remember just be patient and have fun with the game it isn't that bad for a free game.
Anbu on 3. Jul. 2017.
Glad you talked about this, made an account not to long ago to test this out and on that account I only play widow and hanzo. I have high win rates and good stats but after only 2 months I got to Avoid Me. Xbox Support says that they review the reports to make sure they're not spam reports but that's false, they don't review anything!
Matthias Troester on 3. Jul. 2017.
i hate the xbox rep system because i really like to play widow and hanzo but i cant because ill get reported
Grant Hawkins on 3. Jul. 2017.
You should be banned for playing widow maker
Fiona Roberts on 3. Jul. 2017.
console peasants heh
Frozencubed04 on 3. Jul. 2017.
What's next? They're going to ban me for accidentaly selecting a off-meta hero? Why am I forced to play boring CoD guy when there are 23 other more fun characters? It's a problem on console, but I play on PC so I don't have to deal with it.
X__Elixir__X on 3. Jul. 2017.
Oh sorry Gleevac guess you’ll have to stay on pc
dunkybeatskyinsmash on 3. Jul. 2017.
who gives a shit about console peasants tho
Tbird1945 on 3. Jul. 2017.
This has happened to me so many times that I made another account so I can play the people I main (hanzo, widow, junk, torb) without my main account getting punished.
Death the cat on 3. Jul. 2017.
That's why I main Mei
pegaweegee on 3. Jul. 2017.
I had a thrower who picked only Symmetra and fed the enemy, their reputation was "avoid me", but every1 else in the game has no bad reputation.
Celery on 3. Jul. 2017.
Actually I think the way they improved the lootbox system woukd bring even more revenue. I can't tell you how many times I refused to buy lootboxes over the sheer possibility of getting only duplicates. Glad they improved the system though. A win-win in my opinion.
FAWN VUSTALE on 3. Jul. 2017.
Fucking pc cunts
Darthplagueis13 on 3. Jul. 2017.
That´s always the problem with reporting systems in games with a very present(if not even too present) meta. Some people will always get annoyed about teammates playing non-meta or anti-meta(by that I do mean playing heros that are not very popular or are considered weak right now, not things like picking another dps despite the team being already nearly assembled but needing another tank or support) and they will get salty and then, if they have the opportunity to ruin someones reputation just for playing a bit different(ban him, he played torbjörn on defense) they will do so. In the PC report system Blizzard explained all the reasons to report someone and emphasized that you are not supposed to report people for playing unpopular or weak heros but on console ther eis no such.
Dahuntahpaladin on 3. Jul. 2017.
The xbone really is garbo, eh?
Ian Gorton on 3. Jul. 2017.
I hit avoid me for playing widow. I do well the other team says I'm cheating via mouse and keyboard. I do poorly I'm throwing... soooo now I cannot play.
MisterMercy on 3. Jul. 2017.
let me explain why this loot box change is bad for consumers and they shouldn't be happy about it. Increasing the currency for duplicates wont matter if you aren't getting duplicates in the first if you don't get the stuff you want, you now won't have enough credits to actually buy what you do want unless you're one of those players that has been hording credits since launch.
Alex Tight on 3. Jul. 2017.
that is a great addition what do you mean xD
ZappBrannigan on 3. Jul. 2017.
You act like banning someone for only playing widow is a bad thing :)
Kaine Garcia on 3. Jul. 2017.
It's not the banning he/she deserved but truly needed.
Perzonic Fly on 3. Jul. 2017.
Loot boxes are shit lol. I'm lvl 36 and have bought a total of 22 loot boxes. In all of them after level 5 I was getting a duplicate. This loot box system is shit right now. Because I don't even get skins anymore. all I get is emotes and highlight intros.
The Guiido on 2. Jul. 2017.
Nana Vasquez on 2. Jul. 2017.
Force please don't speak on console overwatch!! Aiming isn't the same as pc , the overall game isn't even the same !! Like come on play on Xbox then speak on this
Artemirr Lazaris on 2. Jul. 2017.
The funny thing about the loot boxes and the pack openings I mentioned the problem back with NAX, of that the ratio is skewed, and should bring in happier players but not allowing duplicates to be gotten. Since its such a rarity.
Artemirr Lazaris on 2. Jul. 2017.
Source had this in the counter strike series, such as the banning of players just cause, by administration.
Jeffrey Pigeon on 2. Jul. 2017.
The enemy team shouldn't be considered in reports or at least not heavily. Also bad picks should be punished just as heavily as leavers, because if you're a feeder it's even worse sometimes.
Nero_Faintly on 2. Jul. 2017.
You should be banned for playing a hero who cant fit the team. If you cant carry your own its your fault.
HellGod67 on 2. Jul. 2017.
lol Blizzard being classist! I'm a toxic player but admit it, only toxic players have the capability to teach theese low rank monkeys how to play (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I will point out the problem and add an insult to attach it to your fking monkey memory.
Hey Mystic on 2. Jul. 2017.
So that's why I don't get widow mains in my comp games? Pls don't remove that system blizzard
FourKings on 2. Jul. 2017.
Funny thing is they are going to most likely make more money per event now that the new system will be implemented. I know I had stopped buying loot boxes because of the duplicates. I think this was a very cunning move on Blizzard's part. They will now sell more loot boxes during the events as the bulk of their loot box sales are during events. Very very smart.
Kaleb Millan on 2. Jul. 2017.
i hate how force always hates on console. like if you agree
Daniel Guimarães on 2. Jul. 2017.
I don't agree it's safe to state "removing duplicates means they'll sell less lootboxes". I didn't buy lootboxes in the Anniversary event exactly because I was frustrated with duplicates I got in the Uprising event (I got 2 orange uprising Torb skins, and I saw a video of a girl opening 100 of them, I think, and she got like 4-5 of that same skin). So knowing you will get better rewards from them, is also an incentive to go and get them. You'll need less lootboxes to obtain what you want, that's true, but that means whenever you do buy them, you'll get something better for your money. If one evens the other out, or which way the sales of lootboxes will be nudged to, that's something I don't think even Blizzard can entirely predict.
asuitandty on 2. Jul. 2017.
Sweet, if widows are getting banned on xbox then maybe I should play on the xbox rather than the PC. Fuck those people.
Cloudil on 2. Jul. 2017.
It's like Microsoft thinks people can't be assholes on the internet, especially on online games such as Overwatch.
Tussler 21557 on 2. Jul. 2017.
is there a way to check your status for console players?
Curtis Ford on 2. Jul. 2017.
PC gamers are the most toxic gaming community full of aim bot , hackers/moders, and people who feel Superior because their graphics are better. lOOk I've gOT a BeTTeR grApHiCs cArD aNd MoRe rAm I'm a gOd. stfu
Curtis Ford on 2. Jul. 2017.
Maybe it's because widow is the go to character for people who troll and throw. I just played a game where a teammate was throwing with widow and I've played a lot more of the same games. It's annoying so if I see a widow shooting at the fuckn wall I'm reporting that person. When the widow players start actually playing the game we're good but most of the time that is not the case.
AncientEcho on 1. Jul. 2017.
True story. I am a high platinum player and I used to play with my junkrat main friend. He was really quite good at it and had like a 60% win rate. The problem was when he picked junkrat everyone thought he was throwing. If we ended up losing the game everyone on our team would report him. His reputation got to an "Avoid Me" status and he couldn't find games. When I tried to play with him the queues lasted forever. One time we sat in a queue for 10 minutes and eventually just gave up. We got into a skirmish one time and it was full of other off-meta-main players (i.e. torb, hanzo, junkrat, widow, etc.) We sat there for a few minutes waiting to find a game and - after it was apparent that we weren't finding one - we left. We tried to queue a few more times only to find that we were out in the same skirmish again, again, and again with the same people. He hasn't been able played a comp game for a week or so so he's stopped trying.