BANNED! New Overwatch 3-Strike System; Remove All Support Builds? (Diablo 3 gameplay)

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kruth 666 on 12. Oct. 2017.
I enjoy playing support sometimes but hate it when I'm compelled to. In a perfect world a support should contribute as much as a dps and everyone is free to pick whatever position they like.
Jean Holder on 7. Oct. 2017.
Personally i don't like playing support. i want to kill demons ^^. if the team dies. it is always your fault. So yeah i'd like to see 4 dps players at some stage.
Diogo Pauli on 7. Oct. 2017.
I agree 100%, remove support of game. Ruined the entire game.
Jake M on 4. Oct. 2017.
Support has no place in ARPGs. MEH
Slawomir Kolpak on 2. Oct. 2017.
feature is diablo 4. diablo 3 is dett.
Jerry2011b on 1. Oct. 2017.
Season 12 live already?
Nobleman on 30. Sep. 2017.
i would play support
ctbram0627 on 29. Sep. 2017.
Here we go again! The trolls crying he is to strong so nerf him!!!
Sheppard on 28. Sep. 2017.
I started playing Support Barb in Season 9 and I've had a lot of fun doing so, however.... It's completely unusable to me for solo play, so my Supp-Barb is an alternate hero.  Earth-Quake is far more fun.  hahaha!
Theodore Shadowscar on 28. Sep. 2017.
NO ! Remove supports in Diablo. Diablo should not have holy trinity or support roles, only place or reason i would accept it is if Diablo 4 turned out to be an MMO. I have played diablo since diablo 1 came when i was a kid, but D3 when supports came i turned from hardcore diablo player to solo casual.
Waarg on 28. Sep. 2017.
It's been seasons since natalya's RoV has been viable. Why not give it a chance? it's quite strong now but I feel like it's going to be left behind..
Victor Carrasco on 28. Sep. 2017.
Hawken shirt?
Buddy Barlow on 28. Sep. 2017.
Rhhyker, well news is...nothing coming for d3 this year at blizzcon. Obviously it's in maintenance mode... d4 is being worked on
Isaac Law on 28. Sep. 2017.
When are you gonna release the video on Zarya's comic :D
RoxyLuffer on 28. Sep. 2017.
What I hate is that in Quickplay people think that you don't need to communicate because "This isn't competitive" and I'm like I DON'T PLAY COMPETITIVE! Competitive is By far, usually the most Toxic Scene, and I distance myself from that.
RoxyLuffer on 28. Sep. 2017.
I've always been support. In my younger years, I didn't like being support because I was like you "KILL ALL THE THINGS!" But I started learning that there has to be a support character, and most players don't like playing support. Someone has to keep the party alive, buff them, and so on. Any game that has buffing, and Debuffing will have Support characters. if you don't want Support characters in Diablo 3, make characters that can only buff themselves, that would seriously attack the idea of being a support "Class" in D3.
RoxyLuffer on 28. Sep. 2017.
Crusaders have an ability that allows them to single hand wield a 2 Handed Sword and a Shield (Heavenly Strength), but it's been nerfed by enough that you really only ever use 1 handed weapons. a Legendary Effect ISN'T the only reason to wield a GOOD 2 handed sword with a Legendary Shield, you have to have the Damage to back it up. otherwise you're just wielding a Neutered 2H Sword/Axe/Maul/Flail.
jezreel garrido on 28. Sep. 2017.
why i cant buy diablo 3 in blizzard apps guys? need help
Andy Belarus on 27. Sep. 2017.
11:36 so do I.
knitterpam on 27. Sep. 2017.
Oh, I'm posting here because maybe Blizzard will see it. :) I'm still playing S11 (I don't do the PTR much because I want to save the excitement for the actual season) and *just* (where have I been?) noticed that the Necromancer sets were left off most of the seasonal Greater Rift achievements. Has this been fixed in the PTR for S12? I like to try and do achievements throughout the season and was just going back to hit a few, and realized I couldn't do anything but the No Set and basic "get to L70" achievements. Where is the best place to get Blizzard's attention on this?
Michael Martin on 27. Sep. 2017.
Edit:You're so out of touch with the game and community that I just deleted the comment.  Just play something else.
Rekkn_ on 27. Sep. 2017.
In the end you payed for the game, some people just cant handle tention and out it in different ways (some by aggression towards there team). and permanent ban is to radical, a season ban would be more reasonable. people (normally) change in time.
Riptide Gaming on 27. Sep. 2017.
I think when Jeff says that 26 is "very playable", he means that the hero will be usable by everyone, ie people with low mechanical skill and high mechanical skill. I really dont think it means that the hero is in the latter stages of development.
Chris Mercado on 26. Sep. 2017.
I agree with having the level requirement reduced available only until lvl 69. I certaintly don't want that rolled on any of my lvl 70 gear during seasonal, especially since I could use the cube to get rid of lvl req if I really wanted to. Doesn't benefit anybody for that long.
WhoThaCazer on 26. Sep. 2017.
FormatDriveC : on 26. Sep. 2017.
and i forgot i agree that its too late to remove the z dps builds from the game. do as our clan do everyone make a sup and we take turns ( cause sup is freaking boring ). im just glad that blizzard improved monk builds and barb builds so we can start them and compete with the other classes and still grind the support gear at same time, that was a good move.
REAP on 26. Sep. 2017.
I am a D3 player but ever since I started playing Path of Exile I ask myself - why? Why should I play d3? And honestly, I can't find an answer for myself. I love Diablo but...come on, micromanaging, buffing, nerfing only 7 character builds is boring... P.S. Good vid from Rhykker as usual, keep up the good work!
FormatDriveC : on 26. Sep. 2017.
Necromancer does a 90 gr without weapon and offhand... yeah and dont forget that developers made pestilence set the exact same build as trag'ouls, even after weeks of feedback warning that the build was the exact same blizzard still decided to make it like this so not much to say anymore. i hope the next ptr patch change pestiilence in a diferent direction from trag'oul ( wich have an awful 2 minutes cooldown gameplay )
Shotokan on 26. Sep. 2017.
Can you be a little more detailed regarding the Impale buff?
solips on 26. Sep. 2017.
Personally I don't like playing support in Diablo
Hokies Fan on 26. Sep. 2017.
I loved support roles. I had a ton of fun back when you could run crusader to gather and witch doctor to group them tight and dps burn them down. When that went away and the game just got full of chaotic clutter, I stopped playing.
wkndplaya on 26. Sep. 2017.
Now try this with any other class and see, sigh.
spawnman62 on 26. Sep. 2017.
I play zmonk. It's super fun. I use it for paragon gain and leveling gems. It sucks that the only real dps characters are necro and firebats. Hopefully the new season will allow other classes to shine as well.
grv on 26. Sep. 2017.
zbarb is the only reason i play d3
saur2244 on 26. Sep. 2017.
Ok first with overwatch I think the ban thing should not apply to people with bad internet . You and blizzard clearly don't understand that not everyone has the luxury of being in the city with top notch internet connection . Maybe they should have a way to just pass on the competition and just get some kind of gun or skin pack after every competition seeing as there not likely to be able to play to win it in the first place. As for the chat thing . When people are more positive people win more ? Noooooo say it isn't so .. If this is news to you then what rock have you been sleeping under ? The fact is three are many play styles and even you admit this . The way some people talk is only for the perpuse of winning the game because competition is that important to some people and here is a news flash for those who live under a rock . Some people are just assholes and will act as such no matter who is in chat with them . If you wish to be positive and try to g
ETL19 on 26. Sep. 2017.
The high pitched S~ sound kills me >.< .
Anthony D on 26. Sep. 2017.
But what do you think.....
monofxide on 26. Sep. 2017.
Rhykker you going to blizzcon?
Stephen Oliveau on 26. Sep. 2017.
i miss the vanilla support builds... i LOVED my ubers cc wiz.
Dica on 25. Sep. 2017.
Whi would i be nice to a complete noob that join ranked games gtfo and play quick match
Legintown on 25. Sep. 2017.
sealedinterface on 25. Sep. 2017.
The thing about reduced level requirement is that it only ever rolls on gear that's already at your level, so the slot is only useful for secondary, leveling characters. It's completely redundant.
Scott Greiff on 25. Sep. 2017.
Daibo is pronounced “Die-bow”
Anestis Kostaras on 25. Sep. 2017.
Make Grandfather great again!!!!!! :D Also wouldn't it be great if you could wield two Two Handed weapons..? ( ohhh you said it... :) )
Niklas Frisell on 25. Sep. 2017.
I don't like the support at all. It hasn't existed in any of the other diablo games and functioned well. You are the Nephalem with emense power, you can't heal diablo to death! My 2 cents. Take care
malataur on 25. Sep. 2017.
Okay Rhykker, here's a complaint you probably haven't heard before. I'm an introvert, and social activity (like chats) is very draining. I want to play Diablo 3 solo, but the game is designed so that solo play is extremely nerfed. People jump into groups and tag team rifts and get their gems up to ungodly levels, augment their gear and push obscene rifts with extreme paragon levels, while all of us solo players are left in the dust. Let's have some love for solo players while Blizzard is handing out buffs left and right. Let's have xp boosts for solo play instead of group play, and let's have higher chances to level our gems when we solo a GR than when we mob a GR. Quit ostracizing introverts, and give us some buffs, too!
Russell Zahralban on 25. Sep. 2017.
"It's not because I want to, it's because I have to..." These six Hanzos say otherwise.
Muazen on 25. Sep. 2017.
Step 1 is necro being stronger than everyone, get everyone to buy the upgrade. Step 2 is to nerf him and make people who bought him feel cheated. Even if Blizzard didn't intend this, it seems to be the trap they are falling into.
Im VIP Tho on 25. Sep. 2017.
Necromancer was already op in D2 either a they didn't play it or b short memory. Leave them alone, next season they will be nerfed, other classes overpowered. This is how blizzard works, buffs, nerfs to make people play different stuff
barry winston on 25. Sep. 2017.
I admit that i quit d3 at necro release. i knew they'd make necro op and pretty much make all other classes obsolete. Blizzard cant make money with a weak character right? Their greed has ruined the game, similiar to auction house. And this will happen with all new character releases. I may come back if they balance all classes but not if necro is still #1.