Battle for Azeroth - Island Expeditions

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Kratatch on 20. Mar. 2018.
Damn, i fell asleep mid vid and missed all the action :(
Strayjaye on 19. Mar. 2018.
So island expeditions are like group leveling....but at max level...yikes.
tucci06 on 17. Mar. 2018.
WoW community in 2018: "It's not a different game?" *_Dislike_*
Sanibre Softic on 17. Mar. 2018.
Well mining looks fun
Warcel on 17. Mar. 2018.
Well, kinda ingenuous for WOW, I must say! Maybe they are testing this inside this controled enviroment (instanced island) so they can handle us some awesome features in the future. Like ramdom encounters over the map, treasure hunts, head hunts, etc. Anyhow, feels lame and DULL. Maybe, JUST maybe, the WOW we once knew is not ANYMORE.
73838 6474 on 17. Mar. 2018.
lights hope is free vanilla server its badass join us
73838 6474 on 17. Mar. 2018.
Kokoplays MB on 16. Mar. 2018.
This was a badly done video..
Islam is a mental illness on 16. Mar. 2018.
wow this looks like the most boring fucking shit they ever came up with
sconnolly88 on 16. Mar. 2018.
This is their Shiny new feature? It's worse than MoPs scenarios.
Daggernath on 16. Mar. 2018.
Did fire mages lose ice block and blink? Since the ai is improved in these scenarios this might be a great way to learn how to play defensive and a great way to transfer to pvp.
Manicca on 16. Mar. 2018.
Another timed GO GO GO -stress event?... No thanks...
BuliwyfZRage on 16. Mar. 2018.
The problem is that this could be interesting but it simply wont be if the enemy faction is purely NPCs and not one player character. But oh boy may those filthy casual PvE'rs ever get challenging Content instead of a Mob which repeats its mechanics over and over again.
Martin W on 16. Mar. 2018.
It's okay aside from the, "GO! GO! GO!", timed, do it before they do, kind of BS. TIME SENSITIVE + FARM STUFF = MIGRAINE LEVEL HASSLE!
Crazy Zaul on 16. Mar. 2018.
Is it 6000 actual azerite used for gear upgrades, or minigame azerite, and if you win you get like 200 actual azerite?
lukasgaming82 on 15. Mar. 2018.
This looks boring as all hell. Kill all mobs, mine all stuff.
Beddy Bell on 15. Mar. 2018.
LMAO y'all actually lost?? smh
Overdozx on 15. Mar. 2018.
holy FFFF do you guys know there is actually a VOLUME slider to turn it down?
Sarang Saranghae on 15. Mar. 2018.
A real snooze fest. This, and the new mission table are about on par for what I expected out of BfA. Shoutouts to the art team, I guess. At least those guys still love this game.
SuperDuperSonicSpeed on 15. Mar. 2018.
This looks EXTREMELY boring.
Humanoid being. on 15. Mar. 2018.
i hope island expeditions doesnt suffer "garrison syndrome"
Burbata on 15. Mar. 2018.
Bored, bored and very bored.
jvjd on 15. Mar. 2018.
So its a 3 v 3 arena in a world setting than actually has some lore reason to exist . Pvp version will be fun
Twilleh on 15. Mar. 2018.
Ryaaan on 15. Mar. 2018.
Looks like shit
jorko_moro on 15. Mar. 2018.
riveting gameplay lmao
Neurotyczny Kot on 15. Mar. 2018.
can't wait for triple stealth teams ganking :D
Arvenas on 15. Mar. 2018.
ShadowPicturesJay on 15. Mar. 2018.
Guys, it's an alpha, WIP. Some of you folks whining as you do shouldn't be on the internet.
Jacobim Mugatu on 15. Mar. 2018.
Another thing to sit in a city and queue into, get paired with strangers, no one talks, and you win or lose based on who you are randomly queued with. Shame. Also it looks really boring, I thought they could do better, its 2018. It just feels less and less like WoW.
elivion1 on 15. Mar. 2018.
Raiden on 15. Mar. 2018.
where are the 200+ IQ AI..??
Bindair Dundat on 15. Mar. 2018.
Drink a shot every time she says Azerite.
Daish on 15. Mar. 2018.
your voice is horrible
Bi$harp on 15. Mar. 2018.
Looks dope
fflove on 15. Mar. 2018.
Hahaha, no abilites at all
Grandork on 15. Mar. 2018.
Did they edit this video with their ass? Jesus, this was painful.
Raymond Mallozzi on 15. Mar. 2018.
could be worse....COULD BE WHAT 14 Is doing atm with their stupid relic grind. I'd rather have small scenarios like this than having to spend hours just to get enough crystals and experience to do anything of meat in Eureka.
Epic Loot on 15. Mar. 2018.
This looks terrible. 3 Range also doesn't help.
strzaskany alf on 15. Mar. 2018.
Oh look ashiteran v2... as shitty as the predecesor in WoD.
Luchesi Suzana on 15. Mar. 2018.
Pandaria scenarios reloaded.
Erionax on 15. Mar. 2018.
fatslapper49 on 15. Mar. 2018.
They have run out of ideas, pretty sad people are more excited for Classic than BFA.
moo mäh on 15. Mar. 2018.
Welcome to the daily grind of BfA... My brain is melting out of boredome simply by skipping though this video. Farming Scourgestones back in Vanilla was already boring and Blizzard ist doing the same thing over and over again. Also funny how all these (mentally) 13 yo's are feeling like the cool kids for playing Horde. This whole Horde vs Alliance crap got old 10+ years ago...
GluttonousDragon on 15. Mar. 2018.
get that ass ,,,,erite
john doe on 15. Mar. 2018.
wow.... sucks they spent so much time on this...... this looks terrible.... its almost like a 3v3 bg...... they should add 12 more people to this
Philip Blake on 15. Mar. 2018.
I see the problem here. You're playing Alliance and that's why you lost. Even Horde NPCs are superior.
Zeno on 15. Mar. 2018.
This should be entertaining on heroic and mythic mode. I wonder how strong the enemy team will be and what abilities they have. Knowing Blizzard, these fuckers will probably have abilities the players miss very much. x)
Алексей Чернов on 15. Mar. 2018.
2:52 - 2:57 Totally facepalm.
Hans CakeStealer on 15. Mar. 2018.
ya that looks exciting.........Zzzzz