Battle for Azeroth TRUE Expansion Size Revealed! BfA VS Past Expansion Size Comparison

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BellularGaming on 4. Feb. 2018.
Megasus's method:
Mystikal - Public on 24. Feb. 2018.
5:53 Titanstrike spotted. (The dwarf)
ASNS117Zero on 23. Feb. 2018.
So I wonder what the real world scaling is for Azeroth at this point? I mean, in the Elder Scrolls games, we know that Nirn is scaled down pretty dramatically for the 3d open world games -- I wonder what the ratio for such a thing would be for Azeroth?
Marcus Jarrell on 21. Feb. 2018.
I think that "empty space" can be valuable in a game. It adds cushion to an otherwise crowded content, and it gives you the feeling of adventure when you travel. Glad to see this next Xpac is going to be so massive!
morthim on 18. Feb. 2018.
you have to make sure that pixels are the same size for both. characters could have their model size changed. if you make models bigger, then you can have more fidelity in the ground.
Felix Karlsson on 18. Feb. 2018.
Phlint95 on 15. Feb. 2018.
love videos like this dude, if you have these ideas dont hesitate to execute!
Nikita Kazakov on 15. Feb. 2018.
14:01m + 120 level zone
bill miller on 15. Feb. 2018.
are we headed for Gondwana soon?
SpecOps on 13. Feb. 2018.
Holy math Batman!
Ender Skies on 13. Feb. 2018.
Its a WoW expansion. It will be small. But of course few old school MMO players are left so it will seem normal or big to most players.
Charmanderaznable on 12. Feb. 2018.
1:26 That's definitely a penis in the map :(
Miss Katness on 12. Feb. 2018.
I just wonder if there is a continent as big as Kalmidor or Eastern Kingdoms, on the other side of Azeroth.
Johannes Wolf on 12. Feb. 2018.
in wow meters an yards are actually equal, so there wouldn't have been any need for unit conversion ;) (Most non english clients use meters and the numbers are exactly the same)
Alecandrius Fedorowski on 11. Feb. 2018.
I'm sure it's going to be rather small, certainly smaller than prior expansions whether it be in actual size or the content provided inside it.
whiskeytower on 11. Feb. 2018.
Sweet video!
Devanor on 11. Feb. 2018.
The question is: will Battle for Azeroth be like Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (huge but empty) or like Horizon: Zero Dawn (filled with content so size won't really matter)
Robert Ricci on 11. Feb. 2018.
So alliance gets a postage stamp size piece of area as well as the horde..... probably run out of in game content within a few months as well....S.O.S. new day
Iz sama on 11. Feb. 2018.
I just hope that i dont have to do another pathfinder to unlock flying in bfa.
Super Vegan on 10. Feb. 2018.
Size doesn't really matter... thats what she said!
Sluchesi on 10. Feb. 2018.
Who cares about the size of the land if there's nothing to do in it? Content/sq pixel is where is at, and content isn't just walking around, it's doing quests, world quests and so on.
Jude Moore on 10. Feb. 2018.
Approach few pole large fresh giant cut component exciting coat historical
Logan Cavey on 10. Feb. 2018.
Math on point there.
Joe Potts on 9. Feb. 2018.
So Tenaris is a 2.5K long desert.
Ron Chris on 9. Feb. 2018.
And of course Horde gets 7.2 MPix in Zandalar while Alli gets fewer 6.8MPix in Kul Tiras... Also, 14.01MPix is not one point four one (time 3:27 )
Miss Kobe Yoshi on 9. Feb. 2018.
Legion was worse than Warlords of Draenor Fight me
Austin Adams on 9. Feb. 2018.
Thats what she said
bornalive91 on 9. Feb. 2018.
This is cool and all but it may be really big but we still need to figure out if there's going to be enough content if this is basically Warlords of Draenor that's strike one with me they did really good job and Legion so here's hoping they do another good job in this expansion
xmansavassi on 9. Feb. 2018.
Dont feel bad about making this video, I actually found it very interesting
Vanja Borovac on 9. Feb. 2018.
5:55 i smell warcraft 4 xD
Nachtigall on 9. Feb. 2018.
Damn. I don't remember when I was so hyped for a new expansion.
mumbo wumbo on 9. Feb. 2018.
Geom Pcivtoukve on 9. Feb. 2018.
"Some of that land is water" nah dude its not
Rick Moran is on 8. Feb. 2018.
I'd advise EQing your mic to cut everything below 150hz. You have a full, smooth voice that booms a bit in the low end. Great video by the way.
Skellys on 8. Feb. 2018.
dangit i wanted to know the file size.. :p
flightschool818 on 8. Feb. 2018.
I hope blizzard doesnt under value the impact a large open zone like Dragon Blight had on the immersion value of players. it gives the player a stronger sense that they are exploring a massive world with epic architectural wonders and beautiful sweeping landscapes. In hindsight, Pandaria felt like a really nice mix of everything in terms of world design. mix that with legion level content and TBC/Wrath meld of endgame mystique and difficulty and i would definitely renew my sub for BfA.
macmaasi79 on 8. Feb. 2018.
As a geographer, I like this topic very much. Nice job exploring and measuring.
Drifticidal on 8. Feb. 2018.
A little off topic here but going back a ways in you videos where you were discussing some of the lore and the 3rd death of certain character leading to the fruition of some unrealized void plans, I think you might find it interesting to talk with Alleria Windrunner near the statue of her infront of Stormwind where she talk about felling as if she had died twice already and that shes was planning to confront Sylvanas about being Warchief, pehalps it may turn into something, or maybe a cleverly placed red herring by bliz :), Anyways keep up the great videos
Hulk Trash on 8. Feb. 2018.
Dude... awesome video. Lol Thanks for this info and doing that research.
GuyN0ir on 8. Feb. 2018.
Hi I'm American and what is a "Meet-er" and how does it convert to freedom units?
Steven Mitrano on 8. Feb. 2018.
I enjoy your content but skip the Math next time. Final data would be better. All the formula stuff was just too much.
Michael Lemmon on 8. Feb. 2018.
meter? wtf is a meter? like a parking meter? Speak Murican!
Aerrow on 8. Feb. 2018.
What the name of music intro? I was seeking it from announce of legion...
Goodnight Sweet Prince ϯϫϯ on 7. Feb. 2018.
Haha, have to appreciate the calculation process.
Sail 87 on 7. Feb. 2018.
too much talking too much numbers yet got the calculation wrong. to convert pixels to area would be meter squared. cause pixels is 2 dimensions not one.
Condruz George on 7. Feb. 2018.
Iwannaplayssbb on 7. Feb. 2018.
no, it's a filler expansion, but hey pandaria was filler too, and it wasn't too bad i guess
ThePlayfulSpirit on 7. Feb. 2018.
"Why did i do this video?" Me: Cause there is no other contet to talk about xD You are running low on content to record about.. Its clear to see xD
jack shepherd on 7. Feb. 2018.
Much prefer it to be open and more like a world then a cramped tiny space full of stuff that's a puzzle to get around like legion was . More of a mmorpg then having each map like a Banjo and kaz level
David Ckoocie on 7. Feb. 2018.
Him saying size doesn't matter makes the gays go wild!