Best Group Builds - Diablo 3 2.4.3 Season 9

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Joshible363 on 12. Feb. 2017.
Cool video! Would love to see a support barbarian in depth guide.
Zeus on 12. Feb. 2017.
I enjoy zdps when I'm playing with my friends pushing grifts I just hate being useless like if I'm being power leveled or someone is helping me gear in t13 but I can't do anything I hate that
Zach Rodriguez on 12. Feb. 2017.
so in the groups of 4 it's. support barb, dps monk, and what else? is it a 2nd monk-sup and a witch doctor? I got lost somewhere between 3 and 4 lol
Daniel Asgaard on 12. Feb. 2017.
Great video!
Thomas on 12. Feb. 2017.
I personally love playing support over dps. But I do understand that most ppl are more leaning towards dps classes. You did an awesome job on teaching ppl how this works Rhykker!
Gaming Kitsune on 12. Feb. 2017.
my Problem is, that i can clear Grift 70-80 or so in a Group, but My Friends dont even clear Grift 40 Alone
Twinrova on 12. Feb. 2017.
im playing supp barb since it came out cause i enjoy it the most and the class makes me the most fun
Sharon Fiedler on 11. Feb. 2017.
Yes please for the zdps monk build video, thank you ;)
Cogo Olfer on 11. Feb. 2017.
thanka for the clarity Ryk !!!
DINFILTRATOR on 11. Feb. 2017.
Rhykker, I need your help to let the Developers knew that the Holy Point Shot quiver should have a (75-100)% bonus damage to Impale. The Deadman's Legacy and the Bombardier's Rucksack got their bonus damage. Please, my idol, you are my only hope to let them know before the patch goes live. Thank you and GOD BLESS!
Asblomma on 11. Feb. 2017.
Still struggling with that "Mana" word I hear xD
antuanos on 11. Feb. 2017.
Very well done! PS. Could have ended with a clip of the monk killing a rift guardian. Ending with a pie chart was kinda unsatisfying. Felt like some visual input of what was talked about was missing.
Inquisitor Trevelyan on 11. Feb. 2017.
Rhykker what's your favorite class in group meta?
Wickle Pinksnout on 11. Feb. 2017.
I admire the folks who take such time to compile these builds and figure them out, but the constant cluster cuck of mob farming is what turns me off wanting to try the meta side of things. im crossing my pinkys that the new diablo game in the works is a dark souls type thing =)
Seven Steps to Writing Success on 11. Feb. 2017.
great vid. loved it. (made a monk cause of it) - i love support, didn't even knwo u could in this game since i thought it was all damage based (been playing for a week). probably wont get top clears though so the meta probably doesn't effect me :P still good to dream... servers also seem dead :(
Santiago Pujol marin on 11. Feb. 2017.
Do you need reaper of souls to play online with friends?
g7enn89 on 11. Feb. 2017.
Yeah, wizards in ASIA.. I'm already on GR88 but still not on the top 1000 wiz leaderboard.. QQ
Aworr Teremi on 11. Feb. 2017.
WoW unbeliveable good work ! another well made Guide/Information vid Thanks Rhykker !_!
Lonnie Sargent on 10. Feb. 2017.
Groups??? There are never any people on line
rambo on 10. Feb. 2017.
iPlay the char+build that nobody wants to play with :'(
The Tinfoil Throne on 10. Feb. 2017.
Imagine...if you devoted 10% of the ENERGY, nerdiness and effort you put into playing a mediocre MMO into some hobby that actually BENEFITS YOU OR OTHERS.
TheDeathKillerx on 10. Feb. 2017.
TyroneCLove on 10. Feb. 2017.
+1 for the monk build vid
Luis Villagran on 10. Feb. 2017.
Hey Rhykker! How are you? Did you know that there are some Elite monsters that sometimes have your name (Rhykker)? I have found two since this week, and I would like to think is a tribute from Diablo to one of its best youtube broadcasterts. If you want I can send you the SS I have.
1337bubs on 10. Feb. 2017.
full vid on support monk would be legit
FixarJocke on 10. Feb. 2017.
*I only play DH with Multishot build (sometimes zDPS but rather play pure dps). I wish to see DH coming back to the META or being somewhat good in higher Greater Rifts :)*
jesus christ on 10. Feb. 2017.
rhykker my lod and savior can u talk about stuff with diablo 2 or 4 ? therioes and shit would luvvvv it <3
NoReXx on 10. Feb. 2017.
wait people still play diablo?
armoredp on 10. Feb. 2017.
4:36 Asians confirmed for racists lol
Dennizzen on 10. Feb. 2017.
No honorable mention of EU 3 man clear 105 with sup monk + fb wd + lightning wiz? I am that wiz :).
Der T3rmin4tor on 10. Feb. 2017.
do you guys think it is worth to play a sup wizard, i still have a Gesture of Orpheus with the old 80% cdr.
damaniac82 on 10. Feb. 2017.
Love those unexpected captions and stuff, like the "Little rare piece of ..." randomly popping up :D They are totally sudden, unexpected and make me burst out with laughter every time :D
THE HUNTER on 10. Feb. 2017.
top 69 groups ma man =)
Alex P on 10. Feb. 2017.
would be really interested in seeing a more in depth guide in support barb!
Sly Fox on 10. Feb. 2017.
hey cool brief look into the zdps side of Diablo. For the past few seasons I've mained a zdps... ranging from zdoc, zdh, zmonk and zbarb. I have yet to try zwiz but apparently they're making a come up. Overall I do really enjoy zdps but hate how finicky the stat rolls have to be sometimes.. oh well, good luck and happy hunting right? :)
sHo0bAy on 10. Feb. 2017.
Would love to see more support/zdps builds. I have a support crusader that's pretty outdated now but it's definitely one of my favorite builds so far
jigglefloyd on 10. Feb. 2017.
12:45 is so funny...great guide, things are so much clearer to me now!
Haku Dix Mois on 10. Feb. 2017.
2:07..the subtitle...second gpd instead of dps...haha!
gsw310 on 10. Feb. 2017.
great video, love the statistics based analysis .
Nemesis on 10. Feb. 2017.
holy shit that zmonk footage is so old. like tornado wizard meta old
Nemesis on 10. Feb. 2017.
dh still getting shafted NotLikeThis
Watermelon Chung on 10. Feb. 2017.
The meta for console appears to be a bit different. Amazingly they are all tied on GR150 with top performing builds coming from all classes with 42 gem slot builds. Could be an minor unintended exploit but waiting for a blue post to confirm.
Godyr BR on 10. Feb. 2017.
pls the supp monk build!! <3
The Lobstrosity on 10. Feb. 2017.
I'm trying to work on firebats solo but holy crap its a weird build. So much set up and micro managing is required for this one
Šiukšlių Karalius on 10. Feb. 2017.
It seems not many real players in diablo 3, I mean playing with crusader. Everyone is taking the easy route.
kane l on 10. Feb. 2017.
i feel like Rhykker is our diablo teacher been telling me in depth usefull shit on d3 since vanilla hah
Ecuavaro on 10. Feb. 2017.
Hey Rhykker! how can I play with you? havent played Diablo3 since season 1 and boy a lot of things have changed. Currently Im doing Hammerding thanks to U, pls need a great community to play with :D