Best Villain EVER! (Knights of the Frozen Throne Adventure w/ Trump!)

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Uploaded: 11 Aug 2017 Likes: 1665
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TBM on 11. Aug. 2017.
The Warcraft 3 music FeelsGoodMan
GronowLP on 11. Aug. 2017.
can u pot u deck codes here what u used
Milkman69ner on 11. Aug. 2017.
Blizzard really are shit. Hearthstone is fucked
GuitarJK1988 on 11. Aug. 2017.
All these pro's losing their first game , n00bs
Julian Lopez Zalazar on 11. Aug. 2017.
.¿What are you doing here? .Don't worry, i can't attack you LOL¡
Who Cares on 11. Aug. 2017.
The memories man. From WC3 Music to ICC RBs.
MrRinot on 11. Aug. 2017.
What's the outro song ?
imaloony8 on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat all the bosses on my first go, but when I fought Lady Deathwhisper with Control Pally, I realized partway in that I could just cast Equality to make the dragon's base health 1 to allow it to always attack. Took me a while to draw Equality, but when I played it she said something like "That isn't as good of an idea as you think it is" to which I smashed her in the face for 30+ damage three times turns in a row until she was dead. Seemed like a pretty good idea to me.
Paul Ofiesh on 11. Aug. 2017.
Dragon priest is so easy to win with for the first one and running every card with weapon or pirate on it for the second one is easy.
John on 11. Aug. 2017.
what's trump eating
Kid Nappa on 11. Aug. 2017.
why are the bosses in the wrong order
Alexander Willemsen on 11. Aug. 2017.
This is impossible for players who just started :(
bithomes on 11. Aug. 2017.
Jesus jens, remove trump eating pls!
TheNewNinja159 on 11. Aug. 2017.
Is net decking when you go online for decks
Igor on 11. Aug. 2017.
14:37 it took me like 10 secs to realize it was a joke fml
Chris Lewis on 11. Aug. 2017.
Oh wow, the music brings back some serious memories from Warcraft 3. That's some serious nostalgia.
Reza Ardani on 11. Aug. 2017.
the Warcraft 3 human campaign soundtrack! great choice, Jens!
RedLegend on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat the third one with my deathrattle rogue on the first try. I didnt realize I needed healing lol. Didnt attack with the dragon once.
DerZeppterdesAldi on 11. Aug. 2017.
You went the hard way on all of this bosses you could have beaten them much much esier. The first boss with silence priest just buffing your turn 3 4/8 up to 32/32 and oneshot to tha face, the second boss with warrior and a lot of weapons and good taunts and the last boss with Heal Priest by healing the dragon up to 5 health every turn and 30 dmg to tha face and some removal tech like shaddow word Horror and shaddow word pain.
Daku Enjeru on 11. Aug. 2017.
Lol, my marrowgar encounter killed himself because I was priest and he got soul priest from his hukster and killed himself XD
makemorelove on 11. Aug. 2017.
I did all the quests from my first attempt. Thank god I'm not a pro like Trump
EviilKneviil on 11. Aug. 2017.
Why he never attacked with his weapons. T.T I got through those bosses pretty easily, with the right deck ofc.
Punkero245 on 11. Aug. 2017.
So, I'm like, the only one who used rogue to beat the second boss?
KinSlayer on 11. Aug. 2017.
Whats the name of the music at end of video? pls anyone?
Perfectdoll on 11. Aug. 2017.
i opened 66 ish koft packs got 7 legendaries :P yay
kyle ober on 11. Aug. 2017.
its stupid they give you one random legendary at prologue, i was expecting to get ALL of them. We got a crap ton of legendary in naxx.
Let's Not on 11. Aug. 2017.
Final boss is Arthas playing the net decked pirate death Knight
josh howard on 11. Aug. 2017.
played shaman gave dragon windfury then full healed it twice
L0LWTF1337 on 11. Aug. 2017.
It really annoys me that Arthas calls Jaina just "mage" or champion.
anu606 on 11. Aug. 2017.
I see blizzard are upping the memes on this one
ThrdCardofDeath on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat the first guy with Paladin 4 horsemen :).
Gaston Consorti on 11. Aug. 2017.
so cool that they put warcraft 3 music in this adventures
WERKKUU ! on 11. Aug. 2017.
u Are bad at eating
Andrew Taylor on 11. Aug. 2017.
I used my Mid-RAGE Holy Fire Paladin deck for all 3 and beat them all first try.
Semyon Galtsev on 11. Aug. 2017.
"I know there are better ways to beat the bosses." "I know testing out the new decks in these fights is pointless." Continues to bash his head against a wall. Oh Trump.
Joe Reyes on 11. Aug. 2017.
For marrowgar use Alexstraza
dudle core on 11. Aug. 2017.
in my first arena deck I got prinz malchesar deathstalker rexxar & the lich kind ... and indeed I picked hunter.
Robert Doe on 11. Aug. 2017.
What's trumps outro music?
Joe Reyes on 11. Aug. 2017.
Use pirate waqrrior heavy weapon deck to beat Saurfang Use priest with many heal spells to beat Lady Deathwhisper
tuskinekinase on 11. Aug. 2017.
Just priest it...Mulligan for Cabal shadow priest and steal that bone spike thingy, keep it alive and buff it with divine spirit/inner fire I got it done the first time by stealing both bone spikes
Alan Tremonti on 11. Aug. 2017.
Warcraft 3 was so good!
Friendly Fire Gaming on 11. Aug. 2017.
I'd love a tavern brawl where Trump and the FrozenPwn gang made a deck for the Lich King and the Lich King constantly pointed out which cards they should have put in instead, like how he comments that Lady Deathwhisper doesn't have an Arcane Explosion.
Patrik Kováčik on 11. Aug. 2017.
I killed Lady Deathwhisper in 3 turns I got 2 ancestral healings and windfury, easy
Raddish on 11. Aug. 2017.
If you play a grim patron against deathwhisper she literally won't remove it so you just get infinite 3/1's as long as you keep a 3/3 patron on the board each turn.
DarthKickapoo on 11. Aug. 2017.
Made a priest deck and beat the second boss by stealing his weapons. Feels good!
Moekofi on 11. Aug. 2017.
I beat 2 bosses with pirate warrior and the other with a too many heals priest deck... "The hardest bosses you have seen yet"
zyxtaine on 11. Aug. 2017.
what did i do to deserve lana'thel as my legendary...
Günther, ein Ritter des heiligen römischen Reiches on 11. Aug. 2017.
the best saurfang tactic is to fill a warrior deck with weapons and to go face
Wotplaya4 on 11. Aug. 2017.
Holy sht Blizzard did a good Job on those interactions.... that lich King one the xD
Itachi056 on 11. Aug. 2017.
The fucking music is so nostalgic.