BFA ENDGAME!? Island Expeditions Gameplay & First Look

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Uploaded: 16 Mar 2018 Likes: 248
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gwak on 3. Apr. 2018.
All these Diablo fags so pissed
Mike Bulischeck on 27. Mar. 2018.
I think when it goes live it will be super fun. Imagine if they added a War Games style option where they can have contests...alot of potential and i think the harder modes will be awesome
Murriz Gf on 25. Mar. 2018.
so good
Fart Smucker on 21. Mar. 2018.
The hell happened to you?....
Zero Sense on 20. Mar. 2018.
Glad to see you back on youtube :) . My thoughts and feelings about island expedition were the same as yours.If the scaling difficulty is done right and the rewards are worth the time it will be awesome addition to M+ and raiding endgame.
Philipp Hoedt on 18. Mar. 2018.
Woohoo Youtube Quin!
Cayruz on 17. Mar. 2018.
Good stuff quin, make more vids. Or do stream highlights if you are bored n stuff ^.-
Jaccon on 17. Mar. 2018.
All these people mad that wow is a dead game but is still more relevant than diablo LUL
Meowian Overlord on 17. Mar. 2018.
People are still playing MMO?
J 先輩 on 17. Mar. 2018.
Wow. This looks fun...... Zzzzzzz
Serious .Potato on 17. Mar. 2018.
this isn't fucking twitch, what the fuck
One Man on 17. Mar. 2018.
Why are people hating on this mode? It seems fun
Supmotto on 17. Mar. 2018.
shadow pirest, you mean like a VOID ELF MAGE?
James Jo on 17. Mar. 2018.
sigh dead bro...move on...
Taye on 17. Mar. 2018.
What's up with the Hitler youth haircut on 17. Mar. 2018.
Cancerous comment section lmao. Bunch of bottom feeding shitters.
Zobrist on 16. Mar. 2018.
Watch out Quin , angry ds3 nerds are coming for you!
Iankoplay on 16. Mar. 2018.
Do we know anything about rewards for doing this expeditions?
Shadeful on 16. Mar. 2018.
Try Path of Exile. We want some top-notch ladder performance not the World of Whatever. :(
Liam Davidson on 16. Mar. 2018.
dad got haircut PepeHands
fred asd on 16. Mar. 2018.
i think your just bad at "PVP" quin thats why they seem hard to you.
Joel Taggart on 16. Mar. 2018.
World of Who-cares!
Livingvapour on 16. Mar. 2018.
They are probably using Machine learning Quin, as they have DeepMind playing Starcraft 2, and also the OpenAI is playing Dota, I wouldnt doubt they have Machine learning being tested for WoW its a win win for both companies as Blizz gets super AI for their bots for content and DeepMind gets free learning for its AI
Lord Fluffy on 16. Mar. 2018.
What kind of rats are disliking already? Get'em outta here!
AMG Sanchingon on 16. Mar. 2018.
Why not apply the M+ modifiers to this?
Raymond Ron on 16. Mar. 2018.
Nice to see you making videos again Alkaizerx keep up the good work
Denstoremonkey on 16. Mar. 2018.
yolo on 16. Mar. 2018.
the sound makes my ear fucked
Zombie George on 16. Mar. 2018.