BIG DOOMFIST NERF! Rocket Punch SHRUNK! (Overwatch News)

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gpdabeast on 25. Aug. 2017.
Thank god that shit is garbage
Joel Dez on 25. Aug. 2017.
I can't hit anyone anymore. Doomfist has no more mobility and since his windup is almost 3 sec I get headshotted and hooked left and right. Sometimes it feels likes I go through people, my punch always miss or does not kill
Lennys locker on 23. Aug. 2017.
Don't take this live please blizz
EightAfterA on 23. Aug. 2017.
Doomfist is still op this nerf wont make any change hes the reason i left the game im a gm player smurfing in diamond and even there i cant kill doomfist This game is developers are trying to kill the game.
Dominic Diglaw on 23. Aug. 2017.
Still waiting for them to do the same with rein's charge
YourNeighbour on 22. Aug. 2017.
I once got killed by doomfists rocket punch when I was behind him. Glad that they're fixing it.
TheSavagePotato on 22. Aug. 2017.
Now make the doomfist cooldown to 6 sec at least
Lalabai on 22. Aug. 2017.
Here we go again Step 1. Release cool hero. Step 2. Nerf it to the oblivion. Ty, blizzard. Good thing I've stopped playing soon after Genji nerf. Inb4 gitgud, blizz are right etc
KingDanius on 22. Aug. 2017.
What is he talking? They obviously reduced the hitbox of the training robots.
Maxime Roy on 21. Aug. 2017.
It should be able to move foward in the y axis
MF✯BOOM on 21. Aug. 2017.
video deleted?
kevinchuka88 on 21. Aug. 2017.
I can't see the video. It says "An error ocurred. Please try again later." It's been like this since you upload the video, Force.
kamigawa on 21. Aug. 2017.
I always aimed for the actual character anyway so this doesn't bother me really
UberMonsterDude on 21. Aug. 2017.
this video never loaded for me. on both of my computers too...
trin on 21. Aug. 2017.
nerfed? more like fixed.
Jarl_Jake on 21. Aug. 2017.
I've read the comments for about 5 minuets now and I've seen so many people cry that doomfist is dead now and its hilarious. If you actually watch the video it explains they are fixing him, not nerfing him. Yes technially it will result in less reliable kills but its for the best. Most arguments are that this is a service to gold level players, and that people don't know how to counter doomfist so they cry and blizzard's caving in to them. The truth is that all level of players complain about this issue and you people just don't know any of the facts before you spew molten garbage at everyone. His hitbox has more leeway than even standered projectiles, but its a 4 second cooldown instakill. So quit your bitching and if you really still have issue with it then post it to blizzards forums, not here.
Scrysis on 21. Aug. 2017.
I'm getting an error every time I try to load this video, but not any of the other ones on this channel. Anyone else having the same issue?
crud nom on 21. Aug. 2017.
is it just me or is this video not working
vKiiara on 21. Aug. 2017.
Honestly the people that say DF is high risk high reward are dumb as fuck, he's a low risk high reward hero just like Roadhog was. DF players literally get rewarded for their bad positioning as well as have two abilities that are primarily used for escaping after he throws himself into the middle of the team while getting up to around 290 health for every punch he lands? Think about this before you complain about his one shot capability, he doesn't have anything else in his kit that makes him viable, the only thing that makes him a viable character is his punch. I suggest the hitbox change like they gave him, but they should actually make him a high risk high reward character. He gets rewarded with shields already and his other two abilities are useles other than using them to escape after bad positioning so why not make his one shot capability on 150-175 health heroes and make him able to one shot 200 health characters after a fist+uppercut and 250 health or below only when he lands a
MrToastyMuffins on 21. Aug. 2017.
At least people will have to aim with his rocket punch now and you can't deny his fist hit box was the size of a aircraft carrier
coolman2199 on 20. Aug. 2017.
Can the crybabies who complain about this nerf please tell me how a highly mobile attack hero that gets a one hit to any hero with 200 or lower health that recharges every 4 seconds wasn't OP.
Keaton Baker on 20. Aug. 2017.
Am i the only one who can't watch this video?
Big Thick on 20. Aug. 2017.
If anyone complains about this you are just garbage at doomfist and people who actually can line up their punches will be unaffected. This type of nerf that rewards precision and skill more needs to be applied to the game more. They should not balance for the casual scene if they want their game to survive as a competitive game where it will make the most money for them and the best overall experience and most levels of play.
nethstar on 20. Aug. 2017.
RIP Video. Not loading.
TheCanadianProject gaming on 20. Aug. 2017.
People are fucking anoying he was not op
ratherbill on 20. Aug. 2017.
The animation needed to accurately represent the hitbox. Simple as that.
Observer31 on 20. Aug. 2017.
this video won't load for me... odd
hinahina on 20. Aug. 2017.
I've mentioned it before that they will nerf him, they do this with every hero, they give time then start with the nerf shit
george obryan on 20. Aug. 2017.
Wow great to hear that they nerfed doomfists only good fucking ability like how many people have ever gotten a kill with sky uppercut and seismic slam and have it be on purpose this nerf was in no way needed and was only brought to the attention of the community by this YouTuber and he finally gave the crying kids that got one hit by doomfist too many times in one game the ticket to nerf him into nothingness
Boba Fett2456 on 20. Aug. 2017.
As a doomfist main I do not hate this nerf, I actually am fine with it. Mostly because my punches do hit targets that I'm not aiming for. For instance if there is soldier right in front of me and a lucio right next to him, guess which one the punch will hit. The lucio, not the soldier right in front of me but the lucio right by his side. I'm glad they fixed it.
Galistia on 20. Aug. 2017.
Thank God. I've been raging over Doomfist constantly killing me when I know I shouldn't have gotten hit.
Proto on 20. Aug. 2017.
BIG NERF!!!!! but it's a literal bug fix, not a nerf...
mageofjapanbackup on 20. Aug. 2017.
video won't play just keeps repeating ads?
dimondblade on 20. Aug. 2017.
Any one else having issues loading the video? just reloads the ad over and over
MasterKeg on 20. Aug. 2017.
Am I the only not able to watch this video? It keeps telling me an error has occurred.
LuanaKristall on 20. Aug. 2017.
Overwatch in 2017 LUL
Flavius Jardinis on 20. Aug. 2017.
This just don't start for me....always an error message! :( Any problem for out US?
Merron Mist on 20. Aug. 2017.
seems as if there is an error with the video; can't watch it
geektopia86 on 20. Aug. 2017.
I don't know if anyone else is getting the error, but your video is not playing anymore sir. (Playback ID: kQOaTKBGfUhatGn) If that means anything..
danny fox on 20. Aug. 2017.
As a junkrat main he isn't really a probleme but there are times when he charges up. And hits me without even knowing im there
The Odd Oreo on 20. Aug. 2017.
Cant see video. It's not working @.@
Jakob Munk on 20. Aug. 2017.
if everything you are talking about is in the title then whatever, but I can't watch the video for some reason
1un4cy on 20. Aug. 2017.
The video is still broken
Preston Babbitt on 20. Aug. 2017.
Sweet, make Doomfist even less viable. Lol
Watch Doge on 20. Aug. 2017.
Good luck hitting anyone now. Good work blizzard, making another new character not be able to do anything
well hi ther on 20. Aug. 2017.
The stage has started. It's roadhog all over again. Let me show you. Stage 1: new players say he is op so blizzard nerfs him. Stage 2: new Players still say he is broken nerf again. Stage 3: basicly making him point less. (Road hog is useless and doomdick will be soon) just you wait.
Oscar Guzman on 20. Aug. 2017.
I think I might play overwatch again
TheAlphaWolf on 20. Aug. 2017.
As a doomfist main lvl269 I can agree that his hit box what a little over the top, but they then need to acknowledge genjis deflect hitbox and fix that, this isn't a nerf this is a fix. Anyone that can aim and position well won't have a problem
thelonewolfthing on 20. Aug. 2017.
RIP being able to watch this vid :/ been broken for a day now
The Bardock on 20. Aug. 2017.
Guess its gonna be even harder to hit that genji and tracer....imo it was what df was made for to stop dives. I bet. Also anybody who's actually put time in df knows that there areb times it misses when it should of hit....Ive punched right through rien only to end up going through him rather than hitting.