BIG NEWS! Battle For Azeroth Release Date, 7th New Allied Race Confirmed & New Class Design Mantra

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Assassin Cactus on 18. Feb. 2018.
I will gladly wait till October or even November if it means bliss takes the time they need to get this expansion to launch smoothly
quizr on 16. Feb. 2018.
This is the allied race i wanted the most!!!!
Cody Craft on 13. Feb. 2018.
I want to know badly what the other allied races coming will be. I have wanted to have a Dark Ranger for so many years. If Blizzard would just say that Dark Ranger allied race were coming in BFA I would be quite a happy WoW player :)
AJACKSON888 on 12. Feb. 2018.
I know we can’t get enough Jaina!
Javi B on 10. Feb. 2018.
You mention a 7th new allied race in the title, but I didn't hear you talk about it at all during the video.
GiZmoAK907 on 9. Feb. 2018.
outside? we all know, only go out on tuesday mornings
TheGamingMax on 8. Feb. 2018.
you dont need to speculate about the release date, it says on the shop "is expected to release on or before september 21st".
Jake Rinker on 8. Feb. 2018.
Ogres, we need Ogres. Ogres are love, Ogres are life.
Bradley Coy on 8. Feb. 2018.
What camera add-on (if it was an add-on at all) was that being used when he showed the gameplay of the dwarf hunter? I want it.
CreativeGaming on 7. Feb. 2018.
*28th August 2018 Is the welcoming test to the private school im going next year!*
AttackGypsy on 7. Feb. 2018.
This morning, 2/7/2018, there was an ad on Facebook for BforA that said Summer 2018 release. So your date is pretty well spot on.
joseph colon on 7. Feb. 2018.
Once upon a time I used to love playing wow.. Now its become this shit. Currently looking for a new MMO. Not doing so well though, but I shall not give up hope.
Alexander Rudasi on 7. Feb. 2018.
That frost mage play was sooooooooooo bad.
Kalponic Games on 6. Feb. 2018.
@BellularGaming FYI in Asian countries (statistically have the most number of the player base in wow) does not have winter like North America does. It's mostly summer. As developer myself, I know this fact that developers income does not only depend on North America. Wrong info. So your game release date only matters if you are targetting all the winter countries mostly.
Asmodeus04 on 6. Feb. 2018.
I think your analysis on the AU Draenor orcs is spot-on. Bringing over the AU Draenor Draenei is a lore issue, not a character / skin one. They are identical to the existing Draenei, so you only need writing to bring them into the fold, not new skins like the brown orcs. I think that also means the Alliance will be getting a 4th race...and that I'm excited to find out!
ReconCrusader on 6. Feb. 2018.
Everyone who plays WoW plays during the summer as well.
Leandro Lopez on 6. Feb. 2018.
during BFA horde will get draenor orcs and alliance will get kul´tiran humans. We will have a variant for every existing race in wow.
Cheap Coffee on 6. Feb. 2018.
Upright Draenor orcs led by Grommash Hellscream, yes please!
bjorn joseph on 6. Feb. 2018.
But what about the people who don't believe in sun light and going outside?
Black Ice on 5. Feb. 2018.
Dark Iron/Draenor Orcs, available on launch. Kul Trians/Zandarlian Trolls, available via rep or quest chain.
krapka on 5. Feb. 2018.
What's the interface build name the mage has on Arguss fight?
Per Haggstrom on 5. Feb. 2018.
I'm honestly torn on the whole titanforging being "rarer" won't that just mean that people are going to be even madder when someone gets a really good titanforging?
WhitehPhoenix on 4. Feb. 2018.
"Christie Golden" "Good writer" choose one
Xaeo777 on 4. Feb. 2018.
Dislike beacuse: this is not confirmed info and news at all. No realse date, no new allied race confirmed, what makes this whole video a total lie, based on speculations,, but still I can handle this BUT that horrible preformance on Argus is unacceptable.
Ramon Gonzalez on 4. Feb. 2018.
Hmm. I wonder if he knows that the expansion date is already confirmed to be the 21st of September?
Ryan Ratliff on 4. Feb. 2018.
I love videos that make a statement of only to basically be a guess....
wraithryder on 4. Feb. 2018.
The Bitter Pill here is that the vocal minority Raid - this is has always been the case, funny how the group game has a community that has more solo players than competitive group players - i think ppl find the game (gfx, play mechanics, lore, execution) superior to other games that may do 1 thing better but fail at the others - wow is the whole package at a above standard level whereas other games only excel in a single department or 2 and are sub standard in others - and as far as players are concerned any areas sub standard that are meaningful to them is a good enough reason to not play
wraithryder on 4. Feb. 2018.
why the fuck would a Hunter (not a Ranger which is synonomous with Bow) use a Bow if he hails from a the Thick Jungels with foliage that obstruct the use of a bow - you'd use a fuckin Spear. Hunters use Spears, Rangers use Bows - i don think anyone complained about Melee Hunters, they just complained about the rotation & and pace of melee hunters. Ppl were excited for Spear Hunters - its a GREAT fantasy!
wraithryder on 4. Feb. 2018.
i dont think i ever heard anyone complain in Legion about "too much spec identity" - why are they trying to fix what aint broke...?
Nick Barker on 4. Feb. 2018.
Im almost postive they chose a release date of "on or before September 21st" because that is the last day of summer and their commercials coming out will say "Battle for Azeroth! This Summer!" So they legally have to release before the 21st of September if theyre going to say "This Summer."
Masqueraid Zadallion on 4. Feb. 2018.
Thanks for the vid. My pre-order purchase is still being processed (3 days plus now). Looking forward foe the next expansion this fall.
MonsterKat on 3. Feb. 2018.
People have to wait basically another year for this expansion? I don’t play anymore but damn legion has already been out for ages..
Bem DOTAdo Dota 3 on 3. Feb. 2018.
Do you think wow will become a free to play game? I really want to play it
Mathieu on 3. Feb. 2018.
Hi nice vidéo
kris kwick on 3. Feb. 2018.
If I wanted to hear laura bailey's voice I would watched dragon balls lol
kris kwick on 3. Feb. 2018.
50 bucks they give you release date when you pay 50 bucks
45cmtruedmg ._. on 3. Feb. 2018.
No draenei pls not agian....
RosencrantzLives on 3. Feb. 2018.
You know, thank you for being factual and not overly hyped or negative. So few channels (and even less "mainstream" gaming media) manage to do this.
Thomas Coole on 3. Feb. 2018.
According to the pre-purchase screen in the launcher shop, the new expansion will launch at or before September 21, 2018
SSJ4Nappa on 3. Feb. 2018.
That fucking bee mount I NEED IT
Leedle Lee on 3. Feb. 2018.
I would really love to see Bolvar return after BFA. Something along the lines of him using the Scourge to prevent The Alliance and The Horde from destroying each other and Azeroth in the process. I think it would definitely be fitting considering the DK artifact weapon quest line in Legion, and it would put a nice buffer between now and the confrontation with the Old Gods.
SnipenMeach on 3. Feb. 2018.
your positioning on the Argus fight hurt my head.
Stellar Rising on 3. Feb. 2018.
All of you are stupid for playing such a worn out mmo like WoW.
Rafael Arandas on 2. Feb. 2018.
I just kind of hope that the Alliance doesn't get a third draenei race in return...and a third dwarf race also seems a bit worn out now. Maybe they could add the furbolg or something?
Aaron MacDonald on 2. Feb. 2018.
I think it would be feasible if they are bringing out an orc sub race, they would be bringing out a human one, especially seen as we would already have two different draenei races now.
Matthew Mitchell on 2. Feb. 2018.
I think they need to dial down te amount of stuns, cc and slows on the classes. Bring back the battleground team work that is needed.
Dean Spence on 2. Feb. 2018.
There's been a content drought for a long time
whiskey jack on 2. Feb. 2018.
Bellular is the Pinnacle of wow content on YouTube.
Honorary121 on 2. Feb. 2018.
They already gave you the release date it’s 9/21
Nerosekrieg on 2. Feb. 2018.
Kinda sad we get more orcs. What about the remains of the Gorian Empire from WOD?