BIG Penalties For Boosters & Throwers Coming! (Overwatch News)

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Tim Justus on 15. Jun. 2017.
mess with jeff, prepare for deff
Javier Mayorga on 15. Jun. 2017.
Is this only for comp? Cuz sometimes I like to befriend the enemy team and I kinda sorta throw by not playing
Zombie Party on 15. Jun. 2017.
But what happens if people want to troll so they can get the person ban by reporting them alot ?
TheOrangeDome on 15. Jun. 2017.
#Throw for Dafran
Patrick Djugo-Eagleway on 15. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard knows how to force the 50% win rate by mixing good players with bad ones, experimented ones with newbies, players on win streaks with the ones on lose streaks. If boosting is such an issue, they can simply code the crappy Matchmaker to group Boosted players vs other boosted players! Problem solved. Assuming they CAN detect boosting and boosted players
Patrick Djugo-Eagleway on 15. Jun. 2017.
Lol, How can they detect boosters, what if I have a 2nd account and let a pro friend play on it while still dual stack Qeuing with him from my main account? What if I play with that friend regularly so both of MY accounts MMR never change? it's easy to detect Throwers, you just need to do nothing in the match. But it is way harder to detect boosters. A gold player can get boosted to Diamond and remain in that tier by himself because he was just stuck in Gold with bad team comps.
Taitus on 15. Jun. 2017.
Is it bannable if i bought my friends account what was silver and now ive played with it and its soon in masters? becouse im not really boostin cause its my account
LouB3rt on 15. Jun. 2017.
SoCrates on 15. Jun. 2017.
So what if you just want to play with a friend that is higher rank than you? Your friend will just get banned for playing with you?
UIVREAL Ghost on 15. Jun. 2017.
I had a GM cry like a baby bitch and throw just because someone took Orisa from him. After the match he came on the mic and said, "Wow you guys are good."
zeshan arshad on 15. Jun. 2017.
4:29 i thought that was dashie XD
Cryotron93 on 15. Jun. 2017.
I wonder if I could get banned for "trying to throw" as Sombra.
عبد الله الفواز on 15. Jun. 2017.
we need in consoles" report option " more than any thing now. . the players in quick play batter than in compatitve play.that because the toxic and afk players. . we neeeeeeeed report option plaese.
Angela Gonzalez on 15. Jun. 2017.
people might get reported for throwing when they arent. for example someone might want to use hanzo and others will think he is throwing. or someone could just be having a bad day and be reported for throwing or other people on your team who dont know you will blam you for losign and report you for throwing
TF2CrunchyFrog on 15. Jun. 2017.
I assume/hope those penalties applies only to Ranked play and comp leagues, yes? It would be silly to punish someone in QP who got disconnected or went afk because they had to take a phone call or had to take an urgent toilet break or something. It's just QP, you don't lose SR in QP.
TF2CrunchyFrog on 15. Jun. 2017.
The problem with harshly punishing disconnectors is... what if someone disconnects without fault of their own due to their router losing connection, du to the game crashing, due to a DDoS attack (as hackers were able to DDoS other players on consoles where they could find out those players' IPs) or just a power-out, and then not being able to reconnect into that match?
TF2CrunchyFrog on 15. Jun. 2017.
Part of the blame for smurfs lies with Blizzard, because Blizzard makes it super easy for people to buy secondary accounts, because they keep selling Overwatch main game for half price. Anniversary was the 2nd or 3rd occasion they did so. They also sold the Anniversary edition, which will cost $/€ 60 after the event, for $/€ 40 (the normal price of the standard edition) during the event, despite the fact the Anniversary edition contains everything the Origin edition (which also costs $/€ 60) used to contain PLUS 10 loot boxes on top of it (which in the in-game shop would cost $/€ 9.99). So they basically sold something that should be priced $/€ 70 for 40. As someone who bought Overwatch during the Beta and then upgraded it to Origin edition, for full price, I feel kind of meh about that. You couldn't even upgrade an existing Origin edition or standard edition to the Anniversary edition during the reduced price phase because then you would have paid zero for the upgrade.
Tatu S on 15. Jun. 2017.
One way of "boosting" is to simply play on your friends computer and gain SR for him. How is blizzard gonna detect this?
Audi Thief on 15. Jun. 2017.
As a Hanzo main, shite now I'm going to be banned for playing a specific hero
H o n o r a r y *N a s t y* on 15. Jun. 2017.
*ReAlLy? I dIdNt KnOw I wAsNt SuPpOsEd To ThRoW.*
Roberts on 15. Jun. 2017.
people still play this? got bored after a week.
E-Wolf on 15. Jun. 2017.
i'm wondering how blizzard will react to people, who are friends, yet one is significantly better then the other, making it appear that their being boosted, but in reality, it's just that they enjoy playing together.
DrforkintheLung300 on 15. Jun. 2017.
I`m glad they are going to ban throwers. it's been pretty frustrating playing ranked when everyone other game someone decides to troll. pretty hard to climb back up.
Iatnag Nesot on 15. Jun. 2017.
What if a person is bad, actually bad, got banned because the team thinks he/she is throwing?
SirEvilestDeath on 15. Jun. 2017.
At the end of this video the first linked video Force added through annotation is this very same video...why?
Bazzralic on 15. Jun. 2017.
You would make a fine communist propagandist, Force. You talk like one!
Sakata Gintoki on 15. Jun. 2017.
how do you know someone boosts?
Quantum Prime on 15. Jun. 2017.
At his point, they might as well add search and destroy to the arcade for testing it as an option in custom games. Makes sense.
AceLamer on 15. Jun. 2017.
Do blizzard know what parents are?
Voltaire on 15. Jun. 2017.
Lockout was a mistake. 6v6 of it is absolute arse cancer.
Aragog Fenix on 15. Jun. 2017.
Boosting is not a problem since blizzard can, and already has, set the ranges for who u can play with. If they dont want boosters they can reduce the point range simple as that.
Slayzes 34737 on 15. Jun. 2017.
How is boosting an issue? Everyone wants a higher rank :/
connor remington on 15. Jun. 2017.
what is boosting?
André Kristensen on 15. Jun. 2017.
Nytro on 15. Jun. 2017.
but how do they want to ban something boosted?
Blair Richards on 15. Jun. 2017.
new competitive game mode and everyone still picks all DPS
Widowmaker on 15. Jun. 2017.
what my question is, how many falsely banned hanzo mains will there be?
Angela Ziegler on 15. Jun. 2017.
what about smurfs?
phenor on 15. Jun. 2017.
How is he always under lvl 211? Edit : 211
Ironboy 56 on 15. Jun. 2017.
boosting in my opinion isn't bad. Say you are silver and you group with a plat to boost you are likely to come across another silver and plat group or come across all gold team when u are all silver and one plat
Gun Sentry on 15. Jun. 2017.
The competitive system needs to change, players get frustrated with the scoring system. It IS the cause of the issues we see. Blizzard needs to change the system how points are awarded and the throwers, boosters and to a degree toxicity will slowly disappear.
Insanity Wolf on 15. Jun. 2017.
Do not leave Do not throw Do not boost Wtf are thede?Jeff's ten commandments?I mean fuck it,might as well not play competitive at all.
EpicSheepGamer on 15. Jun. 2017.
I still don't understand. What exactly is "boosting"? Can someone please give me an example?
FeierLK on 15. Jun. 2017.
I get reported all the time on my 2nd account bcause I play heroes like Hanzo or Genji. The 1st matches were unlucky so I got placed at 1800 as a Grandmaster player, am I smurfing right now? Bcause I didnt want ti do that.
C Tyner on 15. Jun. 2017.
I got banned from season 5 cuz of disconnects
Alan Rustam on 15. Jun. 2017.
Rip MaxiMilianMus
Rainbowsquidacorn on 15. Jun. 2017.
This thumbnail is so stereotypical...
Sam64 on 15. Jun. 2017.
Are we allowed to throw in quick play?
shady box on 15. Jun. 2017.
Really wanted to see the Death Blossom at the end :-(