Blizz Considering Soldier Damage NERF (Overwatch)

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Panic & Shadows on 10. Apr. 2017.
I think slowing his fire rate would be better than nerfing his damage, maybe drop it down to 19 dmg.
Scuro on 10. Apr. 2017.
Reduce Soldier's over all damage calculation regardless of range. Reduce Pharah's Splash damage so you ACTUALLY have to body shot (Aim). Reduce Mercy's self regen while in flight (Should help with Pharmercy combos).
Cludo on 10. Apr. 2017.
I think Symetra and her "Short range beam" need to be looked at before 76 to be honest.. A support who can chase down almost all DPS and M1 them to death before they can hit a few shots is more worthy of a nerf than 76 imo..
Saigo_no_ AK on 10. Apr. 2017.
Blizzard: "We don't want to knock him too far back." *Ana sneezes* Blizzard: "CUT THAT BITCH IN HALF!!"
Ecouter on 10. Apr. 2017.
i want that nerf to his damage bring back the first version i loved to play him then because it was more skill requiring
Khodexus on 10. Apr. 2017.
Personally, the question of Soldier vs. McCree should be a question of accuracy. I don't think 76's damage necessarily needs to be nerfed, but maybe just his consistency of damage. Whether that means increasing his spread, slowing how quickly it tightens back up, or what, I'm not sure. But it just doesn't feel right that someone with full a full-auto machine gun can consistently get headshots over someone with a single shot six shooter. Nevermind the fact that a revolver really isn't actually that accurate of a weapon in reality, the fantasy of the dead-eye gunslinger is what we're going for, with McCree, and he should be the KING of that fantasy in Overwatch.
Sentinel on 9. Apr. 2017.
they need to nerf pharahs damage if anything
Disbel Waetl on 9. Apr. 2017.
Just give his dash a meter like Dva's defence matrix. That thing's acceleration is stupid for someone who plays tracking shot champs.
KAGEHOSHI on 9. Apr. 2017.
The prophecy foretold in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs shall be fulfilled! The time of justice will soon be upon us, and it shall rain from above! My fellow Pharah mains, rejoice!
H Orsidus on 9. Apr. 2017.
The problem with 76 is he needs the extra damage to deal with Pharah, however, the damage is also making him also better at dealing with any other kind of hero. He can kill flankers if he is a good shot, can kill every tank in the game easy as he can hit them out of their effective range and do tonne of damage, or he can plop a healing station and out damage dva and winston. On top of that his aim is only 1/8th of the difficulty of someone like McCree so he can usually kill most people who aren't heavily experienced with McCree. Compound that with his sprint which lets him out run most flankers, and get into good flanking positions on enemy healers easily. The issue isn't his primary damage, it's the lack of counters due to his fucking rockets and self heal. Nerf the damage of his helix rockets or increase their cool down more and similarly with the healing station. For anyone saying they should buff other heroes instead of nerf McCree, for some this MIGHT work with the above added
Bear_says_Hello on 9. Apr. 2017.
Zernolph El Gath on 9. Apr. 2017.
They would rather nerf Soldier 76 than giving McCree a slight buff or tweak? The reason Soldier 76 is being picked a lot is because he is easy to use, not because he's OP! Sure he has more utility with his healing, sprint, and a better ultimate, but in the hands of a good player, McCree still kills faster. Back then, Soldier 76 practically had a tickle gun where a baby D.Va is much more scarrier to duel than him. Sure he is strong, but he is not the "50% damage reduction Bastion" STRONG!!! If they are doing this because of the constant whining for Soldier nerfs, that's a very bad idea! There are already casuals whining about Pharah and the Pharmercy combo being OP, if they nerf the easiest character to use against that, then these scrubs will get even more annoying in the forums and might even get a legitimate reason to rant anout.
Artax2040 on 9. Apr. 2017.
Nerf soldier so phara and widow will be free to kill all. Maybe Genji too. Or Nerf the dmg and reduce recoil (as the soldier was at the beginning like 1 year before... Blizzard is stupid) Or Nerf the dmg and increase the range of dmg
Levi Hackerman on 9. Apr. 2017.
Mcree main here. Nerf this sonuvabitch.
MrGenenmi on 9. Apr. 2017.
keep the damage. Adjust the velocity
Panda+Rhyssion on 9. Apr. 2017.
Soldier has to be good to keep pharmercy in check, if he's nerfed Pharah has to be as well, especially on console
Deeton on 9. Apr. 2017.
i think that they should give him 10/ 15 damage per shot (random), 30% or so more fire rate and 40 in the mag.
End Me Please on 9. Apr. 2017.
I think Symmetra needs a buff(Speed of Orbs) and pharah needs a nerf on her damage (just a little, not too much though). Also c'mon blizzard just give Zenyatta a buff that does something to the meta, you nerfed discord orb and now he is trash.
Sergio Bocanegra on 9. Apr. 2017.
reduce his self sastain by 15% to balance him out perfectly
This Name on 9. Apr. 2017.
Nerf the damage and decrease the spread = pharah dead
Alex Pacheco on 9. Apr. 2017.
never had trouble taking out a 76 mcree i always use caution
Zero Dragoon on 9. Apr. 2017.
I mean..they could just adjust McCree's ult..that'll get him somewhere before they just nerf 76 to the ground.
Ahmed Al shouwaikh on 9. Apr. 2017.
they dont need to nerf soldier 76 they need to buff other heroes like mccree to 76 teir
Diego Rico on 9. Apr. 2017.
why they don't simply increase his gun spread significantly so he can't no longer snipe everyone and leave his damage as it is?
SirEvilestDeath on 9. Apr. 2017.
Instead of making characters more and more shit how about Blizzard takes a moment and makes the other characters better that have a problem with Soldiers damage. May as well make the game better not worse right?
BOOMbarash5000 on 9. Apr. 2017.
Soldier is countered to shit by dva, reinhardt, winston, hog, tracer, gengo, ana, zen, mccree, phara (not a retarded one). Basically by 50% of overwatch cast. Yes, soldier is definitely a problem and needs a nerf. L stands for Logic.
jnw85 on 9. Apr. 2017.
gonna learn pharah then...
Pablo Cruz on 9. Apr. 2017.
BUFF MCCREE'S HEADSHOT MULTIPLIER!!! I've commented this 100 times, buffing McCrees headshot damage we can give the high skill players another option other than soldier, STY PLEASE COMMENT! Yes I'm desperate
Venom Wither on 9. Apr. 2017.
Wow unlike stylosa you don't push a video to ten minutes:-)
mAKA sENPAI on 9. Apr. 2017.
A PSA to all of you saying pharah being pocketed by a mercy will be impossible to kill after he nerf, have you ever considered killing the mercy before the pharah?
Nokzen on 9. Apr. 2017.
This was once an awesome gaming channel, then force figured "screw it, i get enough views with overwatch only"
Melodic Myles J on 9. Apr. 2017.
Don't hurt dad :(
Red Panda Rampage on 9. Apr. 2017.
Thank God. Getting so sick and tired of 76 on every enemy team.
297fihsy on 8. Apr. 2017.
Nerf damage to 19 per shot, but buff McCree's range so Pharah is not too powerful
Timmy Holt on 8. Apr. 2017.
If you nerf soldier pharah will rule
ZapZesty YT on 8. Apr. 2017.
sombra needs a buff she has a lot of potential no one uses she's not an ult generator she is a flank hero and a team play version on reaper
Lucas on 8. Apr. 2017.
As a pharah main im so happy but scared of the incoming pharah nerf
Roc Swift on 8. Apr. 2017.
We need soldier for pharah/pharmercy. And he alone is not enough against a good pharah that knows how to lead and take cover. Pharah needs a nerf first if soldier is getting one. And if they do get nerfs, only the most minimum needed to make them less effective vs 200hp targets.
MeadX26 on 8. Apr. 2017.
People don't pick him cuz he's strong, they pick him cuz you don't need a medic up your ass to live and his ult is one of the easiest to use.
Exceed YourLimit on 8. Apr. 2017.
Why not just keep his damage and add back mccree's sniping skills? Lol
Volt65 on 8. Apr. 2017.
This explains why S:76's recently have been shutting me down so quickly as Reinhardt. I mean how quickly it happened was crazy and I thought maybe it just me being salty about it makes sense now.
CerealBait on 8. Apr. 2017.
Reaper got the real short end of the stick. Soldier can do the same damage as him, but from the safety of his team, and Bastion is the better tank buster by far now.
Carlos Alviz Luquiño on 8. Apr. 2017.
To all the noobs crying: GIT GUD.......Learn a real hero that requires skill not the Op 76,thanks god Blizzard is nerfing him
Loic Venon on 8. Apr. 2017.
I don't think that they should decrease the damage of soldier. We should just decrease the magazine size of his clip, so he has to reload more often, instead of decreasing the damage. If you changed the size of the clip to 20, he would have a possible damage including body shots of 400, instead of the 500 he currently has. This would pull him back a little bit from the overwhelming position that soldier is in at the moment.
PepDrumLow on 8. Apr. 2017.
Pharah is overpowered already. This is only going to push her further.
Luca Wi on 8. Apr. 2017.
why dont we take damage from soldier and put it into sombra
Viertwintig Swagtop on 8. Apr. 2017.
so basically they need to swap the soldiers sprint with the mccree roll so mccree is fast and soldier slow lol
justin colon on 8. Apr. 2017.
put it back to 20 instead of 23 damage per bullet. That's cool.
A Bad Widowmaker on 8. Apr. 2017.
These people saying Pharah is easier than Soldier SMH. Couldnt reach Diamond with Pharah. But I did with Soldier.
WarWolf on 8. Apr. 2017.