Blizz Shuts Down Aim Bot With One Neat Trick (Overwatch News)

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node357 on 29. Jun. 2017.
clever move from bliz
Kyle Netherwood on 27. Jun. 2017.
Everyone get red sprays
wantafanta01 on 25. Jun. 2017.
public hacks (the kind you talk of) are almost all detected anyways.... the only hacks that aren't going to get you banned eventually are ones that people either wrote themselves or purchased for many hundreds or thousands of dollars.. AHK itself is detected... also nobody I know intends to abuse her ult bug.. but that doesn't prevent them from playing her if we have a torb on our team because that's a good hero pick.
BLG on 24. Jun. 2017.
Wait they are banning people for a bug in their own game. screw you blizzard
NEONProductions on 24. Jun. 2017.
VeryMelonCB on 24. Jun. 2017.
If this is the level of anti-cheat experts at Blizzard I'm surprised they can get anything done.
Allylilith aegwynn on 24. Jun. 2017.
no, don't ban people for playing orisa. Ban them for playing Hanzo... Junkrat main here btw
nevirful on 24. Jun. 2017.
wow that title I'm so baited
David Hernandez on 24. Jun. 2017.
Haha roasting on overwatch central? Lol
Ben Rausch on 23. Jun. 2017.
The only thing I don't agree on is that he said Blizzard might take action against people who abuse the Orisa glitch. That's stupid because if you are playing Orisa then you are partaking in the glitch even if you aren't meaning too.
Reeeli G on 23. Jun. 2017.
Friken screw aimbotter XP Keep it up blizz
Craig Brown on 23. Jun. 2017.
Good thing i don't play comp (much)
Darryl Lopez on 23. Jun. 2017.
Dear Force: I have recently tried to move from console to PC but I can't understand how you can have such steady aim with keyboard & mouse
NoobMister on 23. Jun. 2017.
I'm surprised Blizzard didn't take one look at that bug and go "Working as intended" XD
Dennis Schneider on 23. Jun. 2017.
aimbots are used by a little amount of people out there... but other hard to recognize things like wallhacks are widely used and hard to ban because its hard to see if smones using those bots in a game with so much wallhack abilities
EXO HOMIES on 23. Jun. 2017.
I met someone that abused the invincible teleporter
Barbadensis salicylate on 23. Jun. 2017.
if she isn't disabled then the bug isn't a ban worry offense because you are literally just playing her as normal to "abuse" this bug. You really need to reread your script before making a video cause I literally do not see why you felt the need to pass off the fearmongering that blizzard will punish players over this
TheBlackDarknes on 23. Jun. 2017.
HellGod67 on 23. Jun. 2017.
Force, ummm, when is there going to be new force feed? There is so much games to cover now but you're stuck on overwatch which has a pretty limited news feed.
Sirax123 on 23. Jun. 2017.
for the hitbox aimbots, put out extra hitboxes that have infinite hp in random places outside the map but near by, so the aimbot randomly aims at the ground or the sky.
Drewblr on 23. Jun. 2017.
Couldnt the aimbot makers use a colorblind filter or will the hue of the colors change like normal
xdarkboyx on 23. Jun. 2017.
the only aimbot I use is... soldier:76's ultimate
Tyestor on 23. Jun. 2017.
band-aid fix, classic blizzard style
Stevey Hooves on 23. Jun. 2017.
damn that super charger bug sucks!
Elyna Lilyarel on 23. Jun. 2017.
Why cant people just, get this, play the fucking game fairly? Are peoples lives really that hollow that they NEED to win games to make them feel better? And dont give me that "they just dont care" Bullshit. If youre going out of your way to do something that basically guarantees you win, and makes it so the game constantly gives you positive feedback then that game clearly means a lot to those people. Otherwise they wouldve just quit playing if it didnt.
TheOblomoff on 23. Jun. 2017.
They should add that orisa ult charge as a modifier in custom matches - imagine chain dragon blades or high noons!
*_-Director Orson-_* *_-Krennic-_* on 23. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard knows how to mess with a script kiddies day of fun aimbotting in Overwatch.
Rasmus Juul Svendsen on 23. Jun. 2017.
Well, except for the fact that if you are not a good orisa, you are either likely to play a worse orisa than the enemy, or put more influence on your allies than yourself. :)
YesImEvil on 23. Jun. 2017.
"Well they'll eventually get all the colors." No, they probably already have.
Zoltan Z on 23. Jun. 2017.
And here i was thinking overwatch cant be anymore pathetic and toxic. Srly overwatch is like the simpleest shooter ever with basicly no level design but you need a aimbot for it? Omg plz die.
Sonicgott on 23. Jun. 2017.
Whilst I'm not a fan of FPSes, I really despise cheaters to the nth degree. I'm happy to see Blizz shutting those people down.
Nuggsy on 23. Jun. 2017.
Why the actual fuck does Force start out talking about Orisa's ULT bug as if it was in intended change? "Orisa has seen a change to her Ult" Dude.. fuck you for that misleading statement. It's a bug, you know it's a bug. Talk like it's a bug from the start. Also, yes. It is wise to stay away from comp until this is fixed so lets not throw shade at the more reputable channels who suggest taking a break from comp until the bug is dealt with.
Ca C on 23. Jun. 2017.
I think the real question should be: Should unfair advantages be discouraged? One could argue if one truly desires to better oneself, getting to fight against aimbots would simply push one to improve. Also, it good for the average player as well since it's refreshing change to be constantly headshotted by a widow who's just flying in the air nonstop with her hook thing.
John Redman on 23. Jun. 2017.
Mouse and keyboard doesn't need aimbot. Get gud.
Matthew Judkins on 23. Jun. 2017.
If it is in the game, and both teams have equal access then it is fair game. Symmetra's Portal, Orisa's ultimate. As a gamer it is your job to take advantage of all things within the game to win. It is like back in the day when people got mad for looking at their screen on a split screen game. . ."sorry that you suck to much to monitor multiple parts of the screen, be a better gamer."
Aftertaste on 23. Jun. 2017.
I'll tell you what kills the game, a symmetra that melts your entire team without even having to aim.
Frittilulu on 23. Jun. 2017.
"even in the highest level of play you see this" well wouldnt it be a shame if someone who uses aimbot would be stuck in plat?
Afternoongaming on 23. Jun. 2017.
The problem with the current Orisa Bug is that the usual player can not NOT exploit it. Saying you shouldn't do damage while your Ult is on, doesn't make sense. Furthermore it's difficult to explain players to not use your ultimate while it is ready. I hope Blizzard is able to fix it soon ^^
Justin Zarate on 23. Jun. 2017.
can they just change the shade for every hero or player so the aimbot can only target one hero or person at a time
Diam0ndMiner64 on 23. Jun. 2017.
How do they make soldiers ult work?? They could abuse that
AProudMoose on 23. Jun. 2017.
So what are Orisa mains meant to do? Stop playing their main because if they do they'll get banned for using exploits? Seems a bit dumb.
Edniel Lee on 23. Jun. 2017.
can you do me a favor force can you talk shit about lunar colony map that fucking map is so shit it's so hard to defend it's so hard to attack there so many flank points everyone is all around and can't group up talk shit about it and please say that they should remove that map on comp it's stupid man I've gotten so many draws on that map
u235u235u235 on 23. Jun. 2017.
cheating in competitive games to win is very fun, sadly true. winning is a high.
Grave Gaming on 23. Jun. 2017.
How do you not abuse the orisa glitch do I just not shoot while my ultimate out
IDthief on 23. Jun. 2017.
blizz should sell bots.
VengfulDarkness on 23. Jun. 2017.
My 3rd game ever playing was vs a foreign account with an aim bot. You could tell it was an aim bot because the targeting would move in figure 8's until it hovered over a character and would follow that character until they went behind cover.
efdhg on 23. Jun. 2017.
Already heard this from ohnickel
Not-Steve on 23. Jun. 2017.
here's an idea. Put a dot of the same red outline color slightly to the right of the screen. then the aimbot will chase that and keep chasing like a dog chasing its own leg.
Alexander John on 23. Jun. 2017.
samsworld gaming on 23. Jun. 2017.
@Force Gaming what pc do u use?