Classic vs Current WoW: Why OLD BRILL will always be the best !!

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ToneyCrimson on 30. Dec. 2017.
I love the new brill, makes sense they would start rebuilding their shit and making statue for their leader.(Humans really likes statues for some reason in WOW. So guess human undeads do so too.)
texjlh on 30. Dec. 2017.
Where was/is the building with the blue light skull barrier pulsating over the doorway? I don't remember that from old Brill.
Ike the Gnome on 30. Dec. 2017.
I liked the ghost town feel of the old Brill.
Mavidyatunes on 30. Dec. 2017.
There are no orc undead forsaken my brother, those are ebon blade dk's Orcs wont let their fallen warriors be raised into undeath as it's dishonorable, they burn the bodies so they can't be re-animated.
Konuvis on 30. Dec. 2017.
I agree with the sentiment but it works in place that is after War3. I would imagine after several years the Forsaken would rebuild and upgrade the places they live in and so it makes sense.
Fart Vader on 30. Dec. 2017.
Tbh it make sense that at one point they were gonna start building their own shit rather than just occupying old buildings Az. You talk about it's all about story rather than aesthetics and the new structures are presicely about that, a story about a faction that started creating their own things and having their own signature in WoW.
Kill Religion on 30. Dec. 2017.
BertyBurt on 30. Dec. 2017.
Classic vs Current WoW: Why OLD Rocks will always be the best !!
Jared Abig on 30. Dec. 2017.
well consider that in bfa lorderan will be taken by the alliance, so brill will probably go bye bye and forsaken will have to find a new home.
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle on 30. Dec. 2017.
the old stuff is great, but the new look is bad ass, of all the Cata changes the undead stuff is the best
Rafael Cuevas on 30. Dec. 2017.
The forsaken turned from living dead that just wanted a place to exist to evil maniacs that love to experimient with living creatures.
CV88 on 30. Dec. 2017.
I still remember the first time I walked into Brill with my first char, an Undead Warlock, almost 13 years ago. Miss the old model.
Robert Stark on 30. Dec. 2017.
I just want to say I'm glad you came back to doing wow videos.
Van Cleef Terror of Ariandel on 30. Dec. 2017.
Vanilla is so much better the game now is nothing like what it used to be it's a total different game and people who play now will never understand why people say vanilla was better
taavidude on 30. Dec. 2017.
Old Brill was aids. Too many RNG drop quests.
Adrian Guldahl on 30. Dec. 2017.
agree, great points:)
JohnSullivanMusic on 30. Dec. 2017.
forsaken needed more floating necropolis cities.
myselfalan on 30. Dec. 2017.
I did prefer the old forsaken starting zone. You felt so isolated and alone compared to the other starting zones.
Bogdan 96 on 30. Dec. 2017.
The new Brill is the best!
Bexa on 30. Dec. 2017.
I miss the old hillsbrad so much. the human farm/town :( also Rip Brill and STV
FerretJohn on 30. Dec. 2017.
I prefer the new Brill, old Brill was a bunch of decaying houses and shacks, just because the Forsaken are a bunch of intelligent zombies doesn't mean they have to live in hovels
Brad Rose on 30. Dec. 2017.
Isn't the change more of a manifestation of the conversation you mention between garrosh and Sylvanus, they, despite their name, are no longer forgotten or abandoned. Cataclysm forward the undead race of the horde are no longer content to rot and stay hidden they are world power and at general concept is grow or die... and having died once and not caring for are left with one option. So i agree that in a world where the general populace of the forsaken have resigned themselves to decomposed old brill is the best brill, but they have moved on from then... they're... alive!
Matasanos on 30. Dec. 2017.
What a waste of time
Jagioh Blackflag on 30. Dec. 2017.
I definitely preferred the old aesthetic that the forsaken had. The rotting and decaying human buildings, as opposed to them having build new things, I prefer to see them inhabiting the places that have been abandoned.
Axillax on 30. Dec. 2017.
Got my first Epic mount in OG Brill!!!
Marcel Schulz on 30. Dec. 2017.
they WERE forsaken and now they are an essential ally of the horde so they fixed their shit
TheNacropolice on 30. Dec. 2017.
I wish they stayed closer to the old style, I like the new aesthetic, but it feels too disjointed
Ehrathorn on 30. Dec. 2017.
I agree, old Brill was so much better. It truly felt like a run down human town for the undead that was truly forgotten after those lands fell.
Ellessandra Ramsay on 30. Dec. 2017.
Can't stand the new undead architecture. Looks too much like something from a Tim Burton movie.
Loquendero Amv on 30. Dec. 2017.
so u pretty much are ignoring the development that forsaken have had as characters during 12 years and sylvanas efforts to make them have a place in the world, didn't think nostalgia for vanilla would make u do this azz
Lmao Lyl on 30. Dec. 2017.
You prove a fair point. Although, the graphics needed an update and now with Sylvanas as the leader of the Horde, they had to make it more visiually pleasing.
Harry Bartko on 30. Dec. 2017.
This video was .... brill
Jelly123321 [ihatesockz] on 30. Dec. 2017.
your voice sounds a bit different to me idk, is there something wrong with it?
Pangaron on 30. Dec. 2017.
I would like to thank you for making this video and although I think I get what you mean, and I respect your opinion, I partially disagree. My current main is a Blood elf priestess, but my very first character, Forsaken warlock Saros, was always closest to my heart. During all the years since he was risen up, he has seen many of his fellow Forsaken to die in battles, lose their minds or simply rot away. Yet he invested some time into alchemy and then engineering to know and understand more about his current state. He even made some tweaks to his body remains ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), to last longer... on this world I mean. Although we may all seem to be like nihilist, we usually "Do not seek death" as it will come one day anyway and not seeking it is what makes us the folk - the nation we are. We may be forsaken by others, but we do not forsake each other. I really liked the Old Brill for its atmosphere (and nostalgia even make that feeling stronger), but I see and understand, how the new Brill br
ME262MKI on 30. Dec. 2017.
You dont like Brill now?, dont worry soon the Alliance will rekt that place with Undercity too
Efan Headford on 30. Dec. 2017.
Brill is BRILLiant. ... ... ...I'll show myself out.
jessica vesper on 30. Dec. 2017.
frog in your throat...Do you have the flu.
Owen Ishii on 30. Dec. 2017.
the forsaken are not a faction. they are a race.
Fenris Wolf on 30. Dec. 2017.
why do they actually have an animation for breathing?
Taldren on 30. Dec. 2017.
I miss old Brill too
Greymerk on 30. Dec. 2017.
I think what happened is that Blizzard made those structures for the forsaken in Northrend and then someone thought it'd be cool to reuse them in the Cataclysm revamp in Tirisfal. There's very little I feel was worth the Cataclysm revamp for how much we lost.
Ripfangs of Argent Dawn EU on 30. Dec. 2017.
Az, I respectfully disagree with you. At the end of Wrath of the Light King, the forsaken had gotten their revenge, so come Cataclysm it was time to let go of the past and forge a new future for themselves, and this is represented by the fact they're no longer living in the old abandoned buildings of their past, but are in new buildings, that they built for their future
Keork Kek on 30. Dec. 2017.
Sorry didn't watch the video and this isn't about the video, but anyone know if blizzard has put hayven in wow? Seems it all faded away
EmOhGee on 30. Dec. 2017.
sorry Az you got this whole thing wrong, the forsaken WERE forgetten people but now are a huge part of the horde the started gaining ground in wraith and they expanded the change of brill was needed. the old brill wouldnt make sense to the new forsaken with their plague and machines
Adam Vester on 30. Dec. 2017.
Fully with you on this one, i loved the old brill it was my first experience of wow back in the day. Always hand fond memories of the place.
Arnav Behari on 30. Dec. 2017.
What do you think just because they are undead they have to live in broken mud houses and buildings. Undead
Quantum Charlie on 30. Dec. 2017.
Welcome back, mate.
Zoharargov on 30. Dec. 2017.
I love it when Az goes "Too Deep". #GoingDeepwithAz
Xsion IvyRen on 30. Dec. 2017.
if they just use the new art style on the old layout, It would be 10 times better. they put pointless walls around like 30% of the town. Walls need to cover the whole town or its just a waste of walls
Psychobunny on 30. Dec. 2017.
The undead look more like the scourge now.. And they would hate me for saying so :c