Competitive Will Always Be TOXIC (Overwatch)

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Force Gaming on 23. Mar. 2017.
Hey all! So, I'm considering adding some edited gameplay with commentary to the channel. Stuff for fun, as opposed to the typical video where I talk about topics. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in! Thanks for watching!
Adam Driver on 27. Mar. 2017.
How does he have 25 shield on top of his health
inaliz on 27. Mar. 2017.
Through years of competing in many various things. I've come to the conclusion competition in itself always results in toxic behavior. When you think about it, it all comes down to trying to be superior to someone else in some manner. Which in itself is a pretty toxic paradigm.
NocturnalGTX on 27. Mar. 2017.
Played 2 games a few days ago. The first game some dude told someone and I quote "I'm gonna kill you're a Russian mother" and in the second game there was some serious smashing coming from someones microphone. PS: we won bought games :/
That One Geek on 27. Mar. 2017.
I'd love a mode where there are the same gameplay rules of comp, but you don't have to worry about SR or comp points.
sirskorge on 27. Mar. 2017.
This game is designed for kids 10-16y old weak millennials that will forever be failures. :-) Don't communicate with them if you want to avoid their nerdrage. ;)
Shipomaster on 27. Mar. 2017.
if you're making the game worse for most people you come in contact with, you should be at the very least suspended. When you get called faggot, tranny, gay and dyke as much as I do, you start to lose a lot of your sympathy
beerus bills on 27. Mar. 2017.
I remember when I was playing comp or quick play around the time my uncle died and when the hook was still broken I hooked someone then they said how did that hook them the I just said its broken next thing you know he says like the condoms your dad used after that I stopped talking and my friend said did I know what he said I said yes and after that I did not say anything else
kelpo on 27. Mar. 2017.
the real fucking culprit is when you work hard to win a game then in the next game 1 of your team leaves randomly and you fucking leave just like that. all your hard work gone
Kayli Rose on 25. Mar. 2017.
It's toxicity that detours me from any kind of competitive games, including Overwatch to be honest =\. I stopped playing Overwatch a couple weeks after Competitive Mode came out because it drew out the extreme toxicity from people. I love the game, and the characters - just not the community. It's also why I don't play MOBAs like League of Legends, DOTA2, or Smite anymore either. Yea I could just mute them or turn voice chat off, but it happens in almost every game for me, even in quick play, to the point I just decided to stop. I've been playing a bit of Paladins here and there (the free version of Overwatch basically), and I've had a few toxic apples now and then, but since there's no voice chat, there's less of it to deal with. Still, it doesn't change that it's there, and at one point I did stop playing Paladins too, and only recently went back to it to try again because of some new heroes that appealed to me.
FTKComputer Stream on 25. Mar. 2017.
This is 100% true lol
Obsidian Guile on 25. Mar. 2017.
In the light of the recent London and Brussels attack, Force needs to understand American immigration is tiny compared to the population, and its fairly diverse compared the European immigration which is mainly middle easterners, africans, and some slavic people. The amounts that come to europe far exceeds in percentage what americans get, and we receive far more terrorists since most if not all terrorists are from muslim countries.
HS10ELITE on 25. Mar. 2017.
I dont know if its just me but Comp isnt that Toxic on console, We have bad players , but people dont really be that raging and all worst thing is if someone dosent join team chat people in the lobby will get angry
blairsy77 on 25. Mar. 2017.
Just a big millennial baby arent ya?
Neo Novak on 25. Mar. 2017.
Most of the toxic players I've run into are the types of players who feel that simply because they're them they are entitled to good plays. Be it high-ranked players who refuse to play with anyone below a certain rank regardless of ability or a low-tier thinking they have the right to be on the winning team. I have a friend on Steam that switches teams in TF2 within like the last minute of the game if his team is losing because his internet and computer are bad with it so he can't manage anything himself unless his team is steam-rolling. His response is "why should I stay on a losing team?" I think it's that sense of entitlement to victory that causes a lot of the toxicity.
beanodonnell on 25. Mar. 2017.
i feel like playing without voicechat is easy i think predicting your team mates is just as important as predicting your enemys i,ve played FPS games for years and i always listen to music the fact that theres no in game options for people playing without sound to let you know when alot of things in this game happen like someones behind you or your taking damage this game wont ever be taken seriously by real competitive standards i shouldnt have to hear my game to know whats happening what about deaf people, not being able to hear shouldnt stop people from being able to play
Fan here on 25. Mar. 2017.
this is the reason why i dont talk to people when im playing rank cause i dont want to risk having people saying those kind of things.
creepy99 on 25. Mar. 2017.
Report them. Everyone needs to report toxic players. When they get reported enough, they will receive a ban. Hopefully during their ban and when they return they will learn how to control themselves. I saw some stats for LoL a while back and I don't remember the details but basically it said most people learned their lesson after one ban and didn't get banned again. I think that people act toxic because they think there are no consequences. I'm anonymous on the internet... what are they going to do to me? Then they get reported and banned and learn that the internet can reach out and affect them and after that they (generally) learn their lesson.
Kenny Wallace on 25. Mar. 2017.
I don't think there is a good solution to toxicity yet, but we shouldn't give up trying to fix it. It's a real problem. No one likes toxic players, and their hate is forcing other players to not want to play anymore. If banning them fixed the problem, I'd be all for it. It needs to be fixed - we just have to keep trying to find a solution.
Patrick Djugo-Eagleway on 24. Mar. 2017.
Toxicity and a broken matchmaker are what will kill this game. It will not give the incentive to new players to join this immature community. I happened to main 14 heroes in the game across all classes and I regularly switch to benefit my team. But every time my winrate is above 50-55% the matchmaker group me with bad players who went on lose streaks to force me to lose and stay around 50% winrate, playing with people whom I have to teach the game all the time. This matchmaker gives me no chance at all as a solo player. If I dont reach my goal by the end of this season I will permanently quit this game. I have many other games to play. Titanfall 2, Rocket League, Horizon Zero Dawn and many others are waiting for me. And as the video host said it, despite new stuff added to the game Overwatch is very easy to forget.
Brian Laquerre on 24. Mar. 2017.
he must not realize that were all immigrants ? gg
Mad Wick on 24. Mar. 2017.
So understand what you say Force, after a small break of 1 week, I return to Competitive and even if I was the game changer and make the team win 2 of 3 games, the team start bullying me for the rest of the 3 others we lost, because of the character I play and watching them going alone each makes me angry didn't say anything and start playing at there level... Quickplay is much better during season people are fun to play with, try compo, change heroes and when you go season people are like ''Fucking silver trash, you retarder picking that hero, PLAY ZARYA !'' and at the end they see you with like 4 gold or mvp card and they can't believe that, but still say you're trash...... It's hard to enjoy the game sometimes because of that. Sorry for the long post ! Keep the good work Force !
Kokokian Cool on 24. Mar. 2017.
The persons who use these kind of Words have to be banned because it's only racist. :/
Logan Burnette on 24. Mar. 2017.
"Try out some strays." Yeah I don't think solo queue is the way to go for that either buddy
Jbob9954 on 24. Mar. 2017.
I just tell jokes and try to loosen the mood. Most people seem to have fun after that. The main issue is dumb racists who just won't stop talking.
Hectorzeroni on 24. Mar. 2017.
The only reason you don't hear toxic people in QP is because 90% of people don't join voice chat in QP
Nicolas M on 24. Mar. 2017.
Dude, that comment about immigration was pretty simple, it was a case of : "Yeah that's your opinion and it won't change anything". Instead of taking it as "OMG RACISM" just try to THINK for a second about what the guy was saying. And TBH, it was pretty funny.
Doctor Syed on 24. Mar. 2017.
Too many keyboard warriors, lol.
Sam Vegas on 24. Mar. 2017.
i lol
blaz1ng on 24. Mar. 2017.
To be honest as a console player, there isn't as much toxicity as there is on pc. Maybe every 1 in 8 matches will you find someone who is toxic
iOF Apollo on 24. Mar. 2017.
Video should be called, "Trump plays Overwatch" (RAGES)
Jackob GG on 24. Mar. 2017.
Video ends at 48:479
merk hewrt on 24. Mar. 2017.
Actually at my rank and in the AUS servers, things are pretty good for me right now. Only had one flamer in the whole season so far and thats like 100 games. So move to Australia
Aaron x on 24. Mar. 2017.
Don't know why all you overwatch YouTubers constantly bitch and moan about people bitching and moaning in comp, now you have me bitching and moaning about your bitching and moaning. Props for the not so subtle passive aggressive crybaby approach.
MisterManHack on 24. Mar. 2017.
there's hardly toxicity at my level, and if there ever is anyone who bitches a lot, two or more people just tell them to calm down and that is that. there's only been twice that people have tried arguing with one another, and both times i've chimed in to make them stop before they all tilt each other.
Abel LLL on 24. Mar. 2017.
my russian team mates are the problem
Abel LLL on 24. Mar. 2017.
my russian team mates are the problem
Alejandro Jimenez on 24. Mar. 2017.
If I have a toxic player I just remind myself im good and solo carry as Winston.
Angela Gonzalez on 24. Mar. 2017.
my former friend was throwing the fact that i was transgender in my face when we were losing
Jesus Christ on 24. Mar. 2017.
Anonymity makes people pieces of shit in most cases. They release their frustrations online because they can't do it in real life.
The last pepsi on 24. Mar. 2017.
every time I think about the comp community I think about the song Toxicity by System of a Down
Ashton Callender on 24. Mar. 2017.
Sad to say, I stopped playing in season 2 because of the amount of toxic players I would run into every other match. I honestly do love this amazing game and I'm always up on the current news about it, but at a certain point it ruins my fun. I'm just hoping for a single player mode.... eventually >_>
Grugg on 24. Mar. 2017.
When I experience toxicity in games, my response is also to immediately block and mute the offending players, I don't need to add my my own stress by arguing with these people myself. Depending on what they're doing, i will often report them too, specifically if they're being racist, quite frankly, i'm okay with getting people suspended or banned for such things, the more people banned for this, the less likely I am to come across them again.
Bill Sawyer on 24. Mar. 2017.
I quit playing Comp in S1 for just this reason. the easiest fix is to get clans and for Blizzard to focus on 6v6 in comp. Toxicity brews from the solo / dou queue nature of competitive play.
Cookie on 24. Mar. 2017.
toxic players are in high levels! the game and their rank gets in their head and they can't deal with losing or anyone not doing what they want. when you're a low level people are chill because no one thinks they are the best GM. it's your rank of people buddy i always have fun in comp and i never met any toxic players in low gold it's awesome ^O^/
Ranger Croe on 24. Mar. 2017.
I'm doing my part!
Zach Longo on 24. Mar. 2017.
Hey force, everything you said was correct but for example, no one is toxic in rainbow six comp. comp for overwatch is so hard to have fun in because of these toxic people as you said
Yuusha Gamer on 24. Mar. 2017.
i just choose not to use in game voice chat in general and use a proper voice chat software
Pandie Goodies on 24. Mar. 2017.
I don't think I ever want to play comp until they add more rewards to it. Gold weapons are just not enough for me.
Angelxheal on 24. Mar. 2017.
This season i feel like it has been more toxic than before. Last season i ended up in mid diamond. Now i placed in high plat so i figured this should be easy. Every game i've played since have had 1-3 toxic people. Whether we win or not. If we are winning i will still have a toxic player in our group complaining about how shit heals are and how he is doing top dmg or how everyone sucks but him. I didn't mind toxic players when i'm losing but to get constant toxic players even when your winning kind of ruins the experience for me.