Coven of Shivarra Normal + Heroic Guide - FATBOSS

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Fingolfin3423 on 5. Dec. 2017.
We cleared normal on our first night and then blazed the first eight on heroic, and then wiped 18 times or so on Coven. It's not talked about in this video, but there is some horrible RNG in this fight on heroic. It revolves around Storm and where the safe zones happen to spawn. One key thing for new people on heroic: (1) Storm damage starts hitting you the moment the safe zones spawn, and you are almost guaranteed to take 1-2 ticks of the Storm unless a safe zone happens to spawn right underneath you - there is no small grace period for you to find a Storm and run to it before the Storm damage begins. The ticks hit fast and hard, too. This is important. We noticed that Storm in combination with The Norgannon "puzzle" and/or Fulminating Pulse WILL kill you if you get bad luck. On all of our pulls we lost people during the Norgannon puzzle when Storm came out since it was impossible for everyone to reach a safe zone (due to the zones spawning in bad spots and puzzle adds blocking a pat
Thomas Madsen on 5. Dec. 2017.
Quick tip for Coven hc: The Torment of Aman'thul adds' health is the same regardless of raid size. If you have a small raid size, save hero and healing cds for this, and if you have a big one, feel lucky, because the fight is way easier for you.
Frederik Steffensen on 5. Dec. 2017.
This fight is fucking trash, honestly. Yesterday, we finally progressed to this fight, and 28 wipes later, we decided to call it a night. Fuck. This. Fucking. Fight.
hooper jona on 5. Dec. 2017.
this boss is fucking aids
Andrew McTeir on 5. Dec. 2017.
Are you guys able to link the UI for the rogue in your video at @7:00
MisterTbone on 4. Dec. 2017.
You see this fight right here? Fuck this fight right here...
Tammy on 4. Dec. 2017.
Question: I don't really remember how the 'Locks Gate works, but can you use it to get the raid out of the Surrounding add-spawn attack?
Wormy on 4. Dec. 2017.
I honestly dislike this boss. Too much RNG. You don't want Aman'thul to be tortured first, because then you'll have the annoying selfheal add phase twice, just like you don't want Norgannon to go second, because then you'd get a storm in the middle of the CC adds...
Zyfus on 4. Dec. 2017.
Also, got a bug where the norgannon adds damage you even if you are 5 yards away from the purple circle
Zyfus on 4. Dec. 2017.
Okay so we have done some pulls on this one, the problem we face is that either: 1. the storms are too rng, or 2. the storms do too much damage, you can't run to a safe zone if its badly spawned. Sometimes the rng is good, and its no big deal. So either blizzard should make predetermined safe zones, or nerf the storms damage slightly. and as someone else said, the blades should do 500k per hit, but it two shots a dps right now
iCresp on 4. Dec. 2017.
This boss is so RNG. Every time old men spawn, all safe zones on the outside, every time fire torment, circles in the middle. People getting debuffs right as storm hits and being killed with almost no way to predict it. I really love the fight and the idea, but its so rng, 80% of our wipes are just shit spawns and we call a wipe.
Steeb on 4. Dec. 2017.
Diima's slow debuff can be removed by any effect that removes slows, meaning you don't need to waste time tank swapping when it's just diima/asara up. As a brewmaster I just tiger's lust myself when I need to move, but you could just as easily have a paladin Freedom or other monk Tiger's Lust the tank on CD to keep it below 4-5 stacks, or any other slow removal solution. The real danger of this fight is the obnoxious lineups. Getting Norgannon second means that you will deal with a storm that comes in ~10 seconds after the walking adds, meaning there will be a mess of old dudes scattered around the room when the safe zones come in. We lost a couple of pulls to there just being 0 accessable safe zones because they all spawned under / blocked off by adds, and half the raid is dead before you can clear your way over to them. You're left just crossing your fingers that the safe areas you created have storm safe zones. Certain Khaz'goroth lineups can also cause problems if your safe slice
jaizizkool on 4. Dec. 2017.
Felt like the hardest heroic boss in the instance after clearing, especially with the sheer amount of bullshit overlaps where you cant live unless you have a significant cooldown. pulse right before a storm? well sorry you're fucked as you're like at half health at best from the pulse and then immediately die from the storm.
Mitchel Regnier on 4. Dec. 2017.
Im using bigwigs and cannot see which titan is being tormented unlike some uis I see here. Is dbm listing this properly?
Peter Lee on 4. Dec. 2017.
Killed it in heroic.. I'd say this is the most cancerous fight in Antorus. The pulse is too deadly when paired with storm or other mechanics
Vodmorqele on 4. Dec. 2017.
For Torment of Norgannon, Blood DK's can AMS and mass grip the adds, providing an easy route for your raid on one side.
MrBloodsplatt on 4. Dec. 2017.
I have watched your guides for I dont even know how many years but just now realized there are two people talking not just one...
AnsaMafan on 4. Dec. 2017.
DK tanks: AMS lets you delay the fire-attack by one stack, while the frost-attack can be reset entirely. This allows you to never have to tank-swap while frost/shadow is up.
Nathan Purss on 3. Dec. 2017.
I think this fight bugs sometimes. We had a pull where even on the opposite sides of the room, one of the bosses permanently had 99% damage reduction ._.
Rehc on 3. Dec. 2017.
Can u use details so we can see the specs cheers
Volibear HS on 3. Dec. 2017.
And here ladies and gentlemen is where the Guilds will stack on Mythic Difficulty. Its a pain in the ass fight already
Scott Mansfield on 3. Dec. 2017.
hey what u/i are you using?
TheOnlyRealCO on 3. Dec. 2017.
fyi song of chi-ji doesn't work in this fight
Captain Ubershmitz on 3. Dec. 2017.
That thumbnail though: when you nut but she keep sucking
Terrados1337 on 3. Dec. 2017.
Will the oneshot of storm/impulse be fixed? cause this is fucking stupid
Adam Albee on 3. Dec. 2017.
This is definitely a fight to bring three tanks, one of them a prot pally! We don't know if it's a bug yet, but Hand of Freedom will *remove* Diima's Flashfreeze stacks! Have two tanks start tanking Noura, with the Protadin on Asara. They can *easily* swap at 2 stacks, negating and chance of three stacks happening while also remove any downtime due to the bosses moving. Four storms later (two titans later), those two taunt Asara, Protadin takes Diima, and the fight gets exponentially easier as no swaps happen at all. Four *more* storms laters, Asara leaves, Noura comes back, and from there it's literally just Normal! This strat does require fewer healers, but you also need fewer healers since DPS never have to worry about the damage reduction happening at bad times - since it won't happen at all.
Daniel Rim on 3. Dec. 2017.
Wonder why the flex scaling is not working in heroic. The amanthul titans all have the same hp regardless of the raid size, and 3 players always get the fire circle debuff, also regardless of the raid size. This made it impossible to kill with a small group. Hope this isn’t intended...
Theprinciple96 on 3. Dec. 2017.
For those tank Druids, you can rage of the sleeper a frost stack, potentially allowing you to take the boss for what would be 2 stacks. If you do it after you get 2 stacks, you can delay taunt swap by a large margin
Chewsdaydk on 3. Dec. 2017.
fire debuff exploding second storm starts killed me through AMS on heroic, its insanely stupid.
Roohnimee MK.1 on 3. Dec. 2017.
Dat thumbnail tho
Dragon211 on 3. Dec. 2017.
this boss looks so much fun holy shit!
Blankace on 3. Dec. 2017.
Ring of peace seems good on this boss on heroic.
Sean Moniz-McMahon on 3. Dec. 2017.
Out of curiosity, do these guides not normally mention bugs that are currently affecting progress? I can definitely understand not wanting to bring it in the video itself but at least an annotation letting people know that the Whirling Saber is hitting for about 4 million damage right now on heroic which is about 8x the advertised value in the tooltip.
Magicmano on 3. Dec. 2017.
Butts. That is all.
A Very Bad Man That is Bad on 3. Dec. 2017.