Current WoW vs Classic WoW: Tarren Mill vs Southshore !!

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Rhapbus1 on 15. Dec. 2017.
Also the most annoying fucking thing in the world when you don't really like PVP and you're trying to quest, and some fucking toolbag undead rogue kid keeps killing the NPC you need to turn in your quest to. You're also, really, REALLY overblowing how long this lasted. I started playing like, around release of Naxx (vanilla, end of) and i can't tell you i've ever been involved in the MASSIVE battles you describe, with SOOOO many people around.
The Speaker of Truth on 15. Dec. 2017.
The revamps killed the game.
Raimare Dri'Cole on 15. Dec. 2017.
ima camp in Southshore, and then start up a raid just to conquer Taren Mill.
OtakuTom on 15. Dec. 2017.
I'm not a fan of the current pvp, but I loved going in to fight for Tarren Mill. There was always someone of my level who I could fight, and others to protect me from the level 60s. It's really sad to not have that sort of pvp anymore, and I hope it feels the way it did when classic comes out.
AbyssFiend on 14. Dec. 2017.
The players are the problem, not the fucking game. When will you understand that literally NOTHING is stopping players to do the same shit anywhere in game's world.
marc carter on 14. Dec. 2017.
Smile on my face, getting Ganked over and over and over by higher level players! I fear not! I did return thou, maxed out, punishing Ali players :-)
Bee Zee on 14. Dec. 2017.
Glad to see you posting more great videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bandit on 14. Dec. 2017.
Are you serious. It became less populated once Battlegrounds were released, and once BC was released it died. Had nothing to do with Cata, it got basically mortally wounded in Vanilla. They changed a zone no one went to anymore, damn nostalgia is a bitch of delusion.
Jakub Hvězda on 14. Dec. 2017.
Vanilla was great, but honestly I can't wait for the moment your rose tinted glasses fall off :D
Edwin Medina on 14. Dec. 2017.
You hit the nail on the head with this one. And this is how i felt about it in Wrath. I can only imagine what it was like in the previous expansions. RIP South Shore
Super J - Man on 14. Dec. 2017.
I remember the battles, but honestly there was too much "ganking" taking place to make it fun... I was on a pvp server too so it made sense for the battles as everyone was auto-flagged. On regular servers it was all about "tricking people into flagging," group-ganking, and if you were alliance there was no help for awhile as the flight from IF or SW was many minutes away. Not to bash classic, but I don't remember it being as great, at least not until the end of classic. (No Hot bars, no auto loot, broken portals (MC, dire maul, boats disappearing in mid ocean dropping you in fatigue death) and three hour queues for AV). I would be happy with a remade classic world, old quests, old leveling, with elites meaning something, but if it has to be warts and all... Then I'll stick with current, my friend.
Blasphy B on 14. Dec. 2017.
Håvard Bjøring Herigstad on 14. Dec. 2017.
az.. i want to play vanilla more now because of you <3
Heart1783 on 14. Dec. 2017.
Tbh...That's why i dis-like the "toggle PvP" Option there going to be adding in BFA, i mean i might be alone i nthis thought or i might have a ton who think the exact same way , none the less" i think that (Not giving the player,for say battleground's)...well people want to support there faction...people want to kill alliance dogs or horde scum...but if it's instanced it feel's like your queuing for a raid,ya know what i mean" and if ya dont i mean queuing up for a raid goes as follow's you go to group finder queue up for your multiple LFR"s and then you wait for a queue...And i dont relly care for that i enjoyed making my own groups through a chat based system,hence the "Tradechat"...i mean sure every server would have it's troll or ya know run of the mill annoying person,but if you dident enjoy them you could easily put them on ignore.but what im getting at before i get to off topic is,when thing;'s happen fluidly like,you and your friend are leveling,and some higher level hordies co
Rowrin on 14. Dec. 2017.
Back on Moon Guard, early TBC (the server launched with TBC to because Argent Dawn was getting overpopulated) southshore was also a small RP hub which added to people's willingness to come to it's aid. I remember at the time horde had the server first 70 (Blood elf pally). One of the first things they did after cap was start a small battle for southshore. The alliance's highest level player at the time was 68 (I believe he was also a pally). It was too much fun. Each side treated them like their respective champions like something out of Troy or another medieval conflict. And this happened all the time all over the world when the server was fresh (Astranaar vs Splintertree; arathi highlands; raids on sentinel hill; raids on the crossroads; every once in a while there were even attacks on Darkshire; alliance would harass Brill and then run/hide in the scarlet monastery etc etc). Because everyone on the server had to roll new toons, there was this constant arms race regarding which sid
Aaron Wilkinson on 14. Dec. 2017.
Why don’t they just rebuild southshore?
Konuvis on 14. Dec. 2017.
What made it so organic was that it was the first time Horde and Alliance were questing in the same zone in EK and pvp really kicks in. then the towns are so close and boom!
Jack Briggs on 14. Dec. 2017.
Cata as pretty awesome new quest's. to bad you out lvl the zones before you can even do them XD
Tyler Durden on 14. Dec. 2017.
Cata is where it all started to go wrong.
Sir Shady on 14. Dec. 2017.
Let’s hope that Southshore will be restored in Battle For Azeroth, when the alliance take EK. ...and that Tarren Mill is an outpost as a last bastion deep within Alliance territory... *_(wink, wink)_*
Flutesrock8900 on 14. Dec. 2017.
Coming from someone who played vanilla WoW on a PvE server, I never noticed or took part in any Southshore vs Tarren Mill PvPing. And honestly I would have found it annoying if it did happen. I do understand that the memories of this experience are important to other people (perhaps especially on PvP servers), and I am happy that they will be able to experience it again. But for me, that is not an interesting part of WoW. I played for a short time on Nostalrius. I started on a PvP server, but the griefing (lvl ??s killing quest givers in cities, ganking players who were leveling etc.) just made it unbearable. I switched to the PvE server as soon as it was released (or as soon as I gave up, I may be remembering this incorrectly) and was very happy to not have to deal with that on top of the already - let's be honest - annoying aspects of vanilla leveling as a healer.
Majin Cody on 14. Dec. 2017.
Why is it that everyone thinks Draenor was lazy? I'm honestly curious. Every area was meticulously detailed, the dungeons and raids were fun, a lot of them went back to the vanilla way of being less straightforward, Ashran PvP was cool, most of the gear looked great, the garrisons were their way of testing playing housing, which everyone capped on. The story and outcome were cool and actually gave reason and purpose for time travel, Garrosh actually became the VILLAIN everyone always wanted him to be. The yin to thrall's yang. They even slowed down leveling and took flying away like everyone asked them to. But it is still considered lazy and complacent. I enjoyed Mists of Pandaria as well, even more actually, so I understand that my opinions are far from popular, but what is it about Draenor that makes it lazy?
Sepilio Thane on 14. Dec. 2017.
alliance camp in every zone
LaniusFerox on 13. Dec. 2017.
Love the vanilla vids man, keep them coming!
Mr. Bigglesworth on 13. Dec. 2017.
The title should really be "2017 Playerbase vs 2004 Playerbase"
freakjob0 on 13. Dec. 2017.
Don't forget the (horde) Helcular's Revenge quest, that let you unleash a power NPC on the unsuspecting lowbies in the town of South Shore...MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Disc One Final Boss on 13. Dec. 2017.
I never got to properly experience this since I started in prepatch WotLK but the little I experienced was a blast...even if I was a lowbie getting one shot by max level rets.
ReconCrusader on 13. Dec. 2017.
Oh man, I miss the massive army of lowbies all spamming their skills to try and kill gankers in different zones, I remember this in westfall as well lol It really does give you a shit eating grin when the retard squad of you and your buddies take down a skull horde, even with the piles of skeletons on the ground haha
CasualWoWfarmer on 13. Dec. 2017.
only thing i remember about ss vs tm was getting ganked by 60 mages while lvling specially at the yeti cave where thay were lvl boosting their low lvl friends with aoe farming
Dylan Kuehl on 13. Dec. 2017.
You do know there's a Southshore vs Tarren Mill PvP Brawl, Az? It has only been around once though, I think. But I can't really judge how good it is in comparison to the original, as I haven't played pre Cataclysm WoW :( (I started in WoD :O)
Epic Ninja Shiro on 13. Dec. 2017.
I hated the pvp, because I was trying to quest there lol.
IngEyn on 13. Dec. 2017.
Cata was a good expansion :(
Samuel Speller on 13. Dec. 2017.
i miss tarren mill and southshore a lot but for me i had more memory's doing crossroads pvp
six2make4 on 13. Dec. 2017.
I remember I used to roleplay in WoW and I made a char that was from Southshore, his entire family was just mercenaries who had been in constant battles due to the location. Anyhow, then the revamp happened and that a long with me having to move to another city not knowing when to come back made it hard to get back to the character so I wrote up some quick crap that he had finally taken it too far with a guard one night when he was drinking, basically blaming the stormwind pansies that his home had now been blown up and was now facing a death sentence (was going for more of a historical kinda mercenary than your brave fantasy kind so run ins with the law weren't uncommon). Kinda a shame really, had some good times and could probably have pulled a lame less final excuse out my ass had I given myself more time... Oh... Well... If you made it this far, you may have had a passing interest in this stuff at least at some point... How is Argent Dawn faring these days or even better. Steamwhee
Kevin Rex on 13. Dec. 2017.
Love that you’re returning to your roots with wow vids. I resubbed. Totally understood the legion beta burnout. Legion is way more gindy than WoD. Real happy to see you returning to form just in time for BFA and Classic.
Devil on 13. Dec. 2017.
TMvsSS is the oldest PVP community driven event in WoW. It all started in Closed-beta! And from that days it was WAR!!! :D It's insane how ONE mob steal/player kill or attempt could almost bring a whole server to emerge and just go full on ham!! TMvsSS will never leave my heart!
Hawkx10 on 13. Dec. 2017.
Now you only get TM vs SS for one week once the PvP brawl says you can
Keiny Lai on 13. Dec. 2017.
Not good when you start off the video by saying my favorite expansion was bad ;) Guess that's an instant dislike and close that just for good measure
Robin Kuijt on 13. Dec. 2017.
I remember standing behind a corner and shooting frostbolts to try and slow people down as a level 22 mage.. good times .. good times..
Kingtot on 13. Dec. 2017.
I remember back in the day when I was sitting around in Ironforge (I had walked from Stormwind to Ironforge which was a massive journey for me back in classic) and we had "survivors" coming in from South Shore saying that South Shore had fallen to the Horde. Then, a MASSIVE amount of people began flying from Ironforge to South Shore to aid the Alliance in Hillsbrad. Ahhh, good times.
Bipedal Kitten on 13. Dec. 2017.
Jesus Christ, man. I know, I get it, you liked Vanilla, but God it wasn't half as great as you think it was. Hillbrad was a horrible, annoying shitfest, especailly for low-levels, and it died quickly and gladly once battlegrounds rolled around for a reason. No one likes ruining the fun of people just trying to level up through Vanilla's *AWFUL* grindy leveling. There were no "beaming smiles" or "no animosity". People fucking _hate it_ when their zone is a constant cluster-fuck of doucey overpowered gankers.
David Mitchell on 13. Dec. 2017.
Some of my best PvP memories where from this classic player driven event; it is a shame Blizzard gave it up so easily. Blizzard seems to be trying to push people to do PvP (crafting recipes rewarded for PvP as 1 example); yet Blizzard themselves removed the best PvP experience WoW every had. What a shame!! I also miss Alterac Valley Ver 2 (the 1 - 3 hour version, not the never ending one it was originally) that forced you to use the zone summoned mobs to help win. Again Blizzard put a nail into my WoW PvP coffin and made AV a farce.
W VE on 13. Dec. 2017.
These battles were epic fun. Never really enjoyed PvP but this was just ... well ... epic! Could last for a day and more.
Shiirow on 13. Dec. 2017.
I love to watch Az's fellatio of Classic and rose tinted glasses about things that werent a thing like they thought it was. Its funny and sad to see people mis-remember things from classic, there was this and the constant struggle I saw over Westfall and by struggle I mean 60s killing quest npcs and trying to get people to flag to gank them. This video = Fantasy A bunch of bored 60s with little to nothing to do killing other 60s and ganking lowbies while destroying the frame rate that soon died or was on life support once there was more interesting things to do (ie Battlegrounds/BC) = Reality
AndrewTGreen on 13. Dec. 2017.
Right on man!
trolls gonna hate on 13. Dec. 2017.
Haha your so hyped for classic Heel! i feel ya man i am too.. :) Keep these vids coming!
Dean on 13. Dec. 2017.
Hey AZ where was your invite to preach's Christmas dinner? would of loved to see you choke on a pig in blanket :P
Mike D on 13. Dec. 2017.
When you heard the cry of battle, you just went there and helped out". yeah, and you got totally obliterated for being of lower level. I distinctly remember my Vanilla PVP days, of going to these two areas and getting ganked by rogues and Warriors while playing my Warlock. To this day, I still get ganked by those highly geared above me. Gear and level still matters in this game, especially in regards to PVP. If you're low geared and of lower level, your attacks and defence mean diddly squat to your opponent. During my playthrough of Legion, I have had the odd few players from the other faction start on me. I try to defend myself, but because I'm not ahrdcore and haven't done raids like they have, or mythic dungeons, they have a greater advantage, and as such, my defence doesn't hold up against them and they manage to win out 95% of the time. This is why I cannot wait for that world PVP update, when I an finally turn it off on my end and PVE in peace. I'll still compete in PVP, only
James Cochran on 13. Dec. 2017.
Idk, I feel like this was a kinda pointless video. "Let me tell you about how wonderful a rather short lived world PvP event was that almost even knows about by now."