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Ajaa Aaa on 7. Sep. 2017.
Orrrr they cd just leave her be
Jamie Rose on 6. Sep. 2017.
Geoff Goodman hates DVa! This is what DVa mains have been complaining about since the last huge DVa nerf. She's way too squishy because Bli$$ard refuses to fix her head critbox. That doesn't seem to register in Geoff Goodman's head, even after 5000+ posts about it on the official forums. (The official forums are shit.)
nope wont on 5. Sep. 2017.
The problem with D.Va, and this is a problem with all the tanks but Zarya, is that they're massive. You can't miss them even if your aim is terrible. You'll never overlook them, so they'll attract a large amount of fire. Try playing Orisa without her shields, or hell, see what it's like to get dived when you're playing Orisa and you've got a potato team who doesn't do anything to help. Large HP pools do nothing to save you if you can't be missed. She'll melt. Older version of D.Va with 400 armor did melt. It wasn't until DM was in it's current form that it and 400 armor become OP. If you're going to nerf her, and this is just a nerf, not a rework like Mercy, give her some of her old armor back. It was removed due to DM and now that DM is less, armor should be more. I don't know if 400 if necessary, but at least 300 to try. Otherwise D.Va will become the new road hog. It's funny that they did this, too. One issue with D.Va was her high win and pick rates, but if you check out overbuff
Adeehl Levyashin on 5. Sep. 2017.
shenobie 1337 on 4. Sep. 2017.
Never comment but: fuck dva
papa dante69 on 4. Sep. 2017.
You're one of the people who whined to the point that this happened. Get out, you have 2 hours on her and don't know how she will play out.
J P on 4. Sep. 2017.
she is listed as a tank, she should tank...
Frostwyrmer on 3. Sep. 2017. main here, I'll actually put the game aside for a good while, even though I found a new main with winston recently. I do understand that ppl thought def matrix was a bit too strong, but this "change" once more shows that Blizzard has no damn clue on how to balance things for a competitive environment. Blizzard doesn't care about a healthy meta, they just want that the people that scream the most get their blessing, although I never even saw anyone being mad at def matrix... It's just an unasked change that is absolutely terrible, and the only kind of people enjoying it would be players below the average skill rating. For everyone above, is absolutely dead.
BlitzBurn on 3. Sep. 2017.
The mental image i get is crying while Roadhog is comforting her with a sympathetic hug
Madara Uchiha on 3. Sep. 2017.
Her matrix should remain how it is on the live servers if they want her to be at least a little more viable
Miles Reto on 3. Sep. 2017.
matrix draining faster taking damage is the perfect fix. Do that, lose the rockets, and give her like 100 armor so her hp is 50/50. perfect. I'm not even a dva main idc just saying.
Hermit on 2. Sep. 2017.
Because we don't have enough dps heroes already...
Justin Isaac on 2. Sep. 2017.
I feel like there is no reason for the defense matrix change now from what, like season 1? 2 Seconds is almost nothing, most people will probably use it for the full duration, and it basically has a 10 second CD. 2 Seconds can be enough, as Zarya shows, but 10 seconds? Little too much Imo.
Mr. Hakim on 2. Sep. 2017.
The misiles do like 0 Damage
Noa Zitu on 2. Sep. 2017.
Leaving the 4 second uptime but with draining as she absorbs damage would work best imo
Lee A on 2. Sep. 2017.
Don't know why everyone hates these changes. I hope they keep the changes, because honestly she took away the purpose of a lot of ults, while also taking 0 skill.
Lin Kuei Avenger on 2. Sep. 2017.
Doesnt matter im still gonna use
Havoq MS on 2. Sep. 2017.
"They don't want to make her more effective at tanking..." This is blizzard in a nutshell. Have no fckin clue what they're doin.
john smith on 2. Sep. 2017.
OMG Jeff, you are a f*cking retard. Just make Dva's shield matrix like every other shield in the game: If it takes too much dmg, it breaks. It was OP because it destroyed Ult's and the only way to counter it was to use a select few specialized moves (Hook, hack, rocket punch, Rein charge and freeze), but if you introduce an accessible counter against it...then you've solved the issue. Take Roadhog's powerful hook for example, it can be evaded by everyone or countered by 19/25 heros (accessible). Genji's deflect on the other hand, is like defense matrix. It can only be countered by a few special abilities (inaccessible), but deflect only protects an area the size of Genji's hitbox and lasts only 2 seconds. It's impact is quite minimal in the scope of the game and does not require heros to have accessible counters for it. Defense matrix however, lasted for 4 seconds, can adsorb infinite dmg, could be toggled and shielded well beyond Dva herself. This ability was OP because it had a
FabiSub on 2. Sep. 2017.
half a year ago thats exactly what ppl wanted and now everybody is crying about her being a divehero again
5un5hine on 2. Sep. 2017.
What if damaged absorbed by DM she could gain as health???
frbrosch on 2. Sep. 2017.
Overnerfed, find a balance blizzard.
Jack Ducks on 2. Sep. 2017.
Just take out the headshot hit box or put it on her back
IGAMA LORD on 2. Sep. 2017.
The difference between shields and defense matrix is that she DELETES EVERYTHING. 3 seconds and slightly faster recharge
Not a Can on 2. Sep. 2017.
I feel like she should have more armor. I mean she is in a meka tbh
Maid on 1. Sep. 2017.
RIP Dva :(
I AM 2017'S HYPE on 1. Sep. 2017.
Can they EVER focus on other heroes
Alonwoof Productions on 1. Sep. 2017.
I don't play her as a tank anyways.
Drill Knight76 on 1. Sep. 2017.
This is why I stopped playing OW, cause they keep fucking up every hero to oblivion and changing so many thing to the heroes, for everytime you think you got the hang of something Blizzard just change it again, I simply gave up on trying to keep up with the meta
strifekingdom on 1. Sep. 2017.
What the actual fuck I don't under stand just change her role at this point cause she sure as hell ain't a tank
Eik Rasmussen on 1. Sep. 2017.
i really want new tanks or healers since i'm forced to play those two roles all the time and what more heroes to pick from than 5-6
Teufel on 1. Sep. 2017.
I think they just want her to have a cool ability for an animated short. Firing a volley of missiles blowing up some omnics and dealing some damage to that giant omnic that terrorizes Korea.
Shadking on 1. Sep. 2017.
shit channel, shit audience
Someguy1237 on 1. Sep. 2017.
I honestly don't mind a truly offensive tank. Maybe I'll actually want to play tank now.
Jixer on 1. Sep. 2017.
Can they just already hire some pro players to do the balance stuff?
Jacob Penton on 1. Sep. 2017.
We have FOUR tanks to stop damage. FOUR. She is supposed to be peel. Probe complaining are just bad.
Matt hey on 1. Sep. 2017.
Who else feels like they're in borderlands while watching junkertown.
Jonah Lynx on 1. Sep. 2017.
Why would you play Dva over Winston now?
TarotNathers on 1. Sep. 2017.
Fuck their feelings. The defense matrix was a brain dead ability anyway. Jeff put it well when he said the ability was incredibly smothering for very little effort. Change the size of the critbox, and reduce the multiplier on her mech getting headshot. Even out her health to 300hp/300 armor and then squishiness isn't too huge of an issue.
PierraNova on 1. Sep. 2017.
Lord Moflombi on 1. Sep. 2017.
As someone who almost never plays, and is at ~4300 elo, I absolutely don't understand why blizzard did this. Did people actually complain this much about matrix? Between hog and zarya getting played more, and zen being as meta as ever, this makes practically useless and an even bigger feeder than roadhog.
Biggles 256 on 1. Sep. 2017.
Thank God!!
Simple Sonata on 1. Sep. 2017.
If Blizzard didn't over nerf, they wouldn't be Blizzard.
Donui on 1. Sep. 2017.
They should make her defense matrix recharge faster
wreck 1990 on 1. Sep. 2017.
da gingerbread boi on 1. Sep. 2017.
The sole reason I got into was to protect my healers more with defense matrix. This patch makes that a lot harder.
Ricky Gunn on 1. Sep. 2017.
Im still really good at her
Before Tax on 1. Sep. 2017.
Most Dva' s are trash anyways. Dva' s that try and snipe with her. You have to get in people's face
Niall Dougherty on 1. Sep. 2017.
The problem with dva is that her defensive matrix is extremely annoying to fight against.
sombrero meta on 1. Sep. 2017.
BUFF BABY D.VA the mech is going to be dead 70% of the time (without a pocket healer) so why not make baby useful, increase her damage and give her abilyties is not that hard