Diablo 3 2.4.3 Demon Hunter Build: Marauder Grenades GR 90+ (Season 9)

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Coach Nate on 17. Jan. 2017.
Hey Rhykker. Just wanted to let you and your subs know I cleared an 85 at paragon 1300 with Wastes. Legit ps4 solo. Not to brag lol. To help those out there that want to push WW this season. If you guys are interested in the details just ask and I'll elaborate. It is quite different from the meta. Lightning Istavan's NO ruthless.
Eintopf Mitschinken on 16. Jan. 2017.
I don't get the point of the build. Your turrets don't benefit from The Hellcat's belt since their grenades do not bounce. In addition the cluster arrow travels so slowly and until your grenades bounced 5 times, I probably unload 5+ Maelstrom-Cluster arrows. And I can cube Garwulf which gives me more defense in combination with Zoey's belt. The damage comes way slower, is far less precise to aim and the defense is weaker, so where lie the benefits of grenades over rockets?
Poffo pof on 16. Jan. 2017.
Why not visage of gunes in cube it gives you 50 % dam. reduc. with the belt its "only" 45 %
Jurriaan de Jongh on 16. Jan. 2017.
Completed it last night. I was really looking forward to trying something new after all that UE. But I am a bit dissapointed. It does quite enough damage, but the speed makes it really rather boring. So much for DH! Anyone tried the new hammerdin out? Any good?
vansien on 16. Jan. 2017.
what paragon level would you need to reach the higher rift levels, I'm current at 510 and have just reached gr60. I'm only asking out of interest, so I can plan futher development of my characters?
Anthony DeLorenzo on 16. Jan. 2017.
Is it worth buying D3 on XB1 at this point? Never played before.
Daniel Horak on 16. Jan. 2017.
have fun on hardcore!
Glenn Sandberg on 16. Jan. 2017.
Diablo 3, why does it have to be so "over the top", I mean for example he does over 500 m dmg, really....... those numbers mean nothing, why dont you scale down the hp of all the monsters and the same with character dmg?
Kaged Freedom on 16. Jan. 2017.
Just got into Diablo about a week ago, and the marauder set is the most appealing to me. Just wondering if there are any other recommended sets :)
Harsh Kumar on 16. Jan. 2017.
@Rhykker Hey dude just an FYI your in D3 BRO! I faced against A Rhykker The Immortal ahhaha awesome man keep up the great videos always informative!
Narek Nazaretyan on 15. Jan. 2017.
did you tried the unhollowed essence with dannettas crossbows. very effective build check it out
UncleJosephS on 15. Jan. 2017.
Why not go for Area Damage on the Manticore instead of Gloves/Quiver? Weapon gives up to 24% AD - Gloves/Quiv give 20%. And all of them give up to 1000 Vit. Also how about swapping the Convention of Elements for the RoRG and then having the Visage of Gunes as the headpiece? This would lower the overall DMG for more survivability. But that's just my preference as I never really liked the 0-1 nature of CoE on single-element builds, which basically makes the >averaged< dmg bonus be equal to 50% or so (but don't get me wrong, it was really good on i.e. the Del Rasha Wiz back when it was still a thing).
Dj Ranmak on 15. Jan. 2017.
ty man! gl! :D
Nerull PT on 15. Jan. 2017.
was going with shadow set lá, chakram and impale... but lacks dmg vs marauder :( pitty, already had multishot and marauder dh, wanted to try something diferent.... guess i wont
Loolul on 14. Jan. 2017.
You are sooo cute..
Wenom362 on 14. Jan. 2017.
Just killed an elete mob named Rhykker thr Juggernaut, I wonder if it is named after Rhykker?
TheZachish on 14. Jan. 2017.
glass canon... so useless in hardcore
Henrique Sager on 14. Jan. 2017.
hello I'm new here. I'll build my first computer so I was wondering... can you guys give me hints? wich gpu, cpu, ram and psu should I use? thanks
Gaanja Mon on 14. Jan. 2017.
play a glass cannon in HC... oh who are we kidding..
trippin916 on 14. Jan. 2017.
Dude your voice is DOPE!
tigerfanman on 14. Jan. 2017.
what determines your place on the seasonal Ladder in this game?
Arya Bark on 14. Jan. 2017.
Thank you so much for this guide, it helped me a whole lot
Robert Ludmann on 14. Jan. 2017.
I had this build before patch only I used rockets instead of grenades, it was kinda meh but now its pretty good.Also i agree with you that the unhallowed multishot build is so much more fun to play with even if its a bit weaker now.My top favourite builds btw are Demon Hunter Multishot Wizard Disintegrate and Barbarian Whirlwind I know im a simple guy I like to press one button and kill everything :)
Welsh Player on 13. Jan. 2017.
So are you ass or tits man?
Austin Deaton on 13. Jan. 2017.
I was running this same build before you posted it lmao
Supplemental Sense on 13. Jan. 2017.
I love the Marauder set builds, my personal favorite in the game. So glad they buffed it and we are not stuck doing UE anymore. UE was so boring. Natalya's is more fun than UE.
Xenolord on 13. Jan. 2017.
Hey, i have a good video recommendation, i know it is very important that your character has what he needs, but what about your follower? I think it would be cool if you made a video about what followers to use, and what items to give them depending on the Class / or build. For example, what would be a good follower for demon-hunter on this specific build? Templar, Scoundrel, or Enchantress? Anyway, I just thought it would be a cool idea and it would help out a lot! Thank you!
Ross on 13. Jan. 2017.
Excellent video!
Deaster XXX on 13. Jan. 2017.
Rhykker, what do u think is possible to push with Unhallowed Essence?
KennFTW on 13. Jan. 2017.
question, whatever happened to the Holy shotgun crusader? are people still using it? is it still viable?
Jers N (Neon Warge) on 13. Jan. 2017.
Is this game really still alive? I just went to play just now and nobody seems to be playing (Asian server here)
HaYun Moon on 13. Jan. 2017.
Feels like zodiac ring might be worth testing too, and maybe drop some RCR for area dmg or vit
Monogtra Etregmen on 13. Jan. 2017.
With the Unhallowed Grenadier build I've pushed to 60 right away, without yet having Simplicity's Strength nor Depth Diggers. It's sick. I'm DEFINITELY checking this build very soon too!
Udi Shemesh on 13. Jan. 2017.
Thank you
Jim Chen on 13. Jan. 2017.
what website do you use to see that actual damage of your skills?
Palladore on 13. Jan. 2017.
What is that perfection thing on that shoulder item down at the bottom?
Drummer “The Little Mermaid” Boy on 13. Jan. 2017.
Do you have a good wizard build video? or will you be making one?
F0Xfangs on 13. Jan. 2017.
Despite the Not-so-great shadow mantle build, its still my favorite. I wish they would buff it... Or give me decent AoE that isnt on a 30~ second c/d
tobias dawn on 13. Jan. 2017.
0:25 subtitle: 'the marauder set was bust' xD lmao
WolfPlayVXV on 13. Jan. 2017.
Also, can someone tell me a good crusader build?
WolfPlayVXV on 13. Jan. 2017.
Seems like a great build, I will definitely give it a try this season
Ravenjim93 on 13. Jan. 2017.
Hey Can you maybe show us some "sets' that can do 45 GR without sets? (Only legendary items no LoN) its on the Conquest this season for the stash
Fgc_Slamjam on 13. Jan. 2017.
can you believe its been 5 years already?!
Ivan Rado on 13. Jan. 2017.
First sorry for bad english. Hello Rhykker can you please do video on Thunder Wizard? I have some ideas about it and I think it's a good build with new item for wizards. So items are: Healm: STORM CROW Shoulders: MANTLE OF CHANNELING Cheast: AQUILA CUIRASS Bracers: ANCIENT PARTHAN DEFENDERS Gloves: ST. ARCHEW'S GAGE Belt: HERGBRASH’S BINDING Pants: POX FAULDS Boots: NILFUR'S BOAST Amulet: HELLFIRE AMULET Rings: LITANY OF THE UNDAUNTED and THE WAILING HOST Off hand: ETCHED SIGIL Wepon: STARFIRE Kanai's cube items Wepon: THE FURNACE Clothes: FAZULA’S IMPROBABLE CHAIN Jewelry: MANALD HEAL Passive skills (any of this in hellfire doesn't matter): Blur Illusionist Paralysis Unstable Anomaly Unwavering Will Active skills: 1 Magic Weapon (Electrify) 2 Storm Armor (Shocking Aspect) 3 Teleport (Wormhole) 4 Archon (Pure Power) Left click Meteor (Thunder Crash) Right click Disintegrate (Intensify) or Arcane Torrent (Static Discharge) That's about it. I think it's a good build I didn't
Doosdo Meemo on 13. Jan. 2017.
Hey Rhykker. I found a hellfire a few seasons back that sadly sucked back then, 20% fire 98% crit dmg and 10% crit chance with grenadier passive, so I'll assume it's amazing now, and since I have no good endless walk pieces, that's what I'm going to use, the thing I want to know is though, what passive would you get as the 5th, and what ring should I use instead of the compass rose? - I don't want the elusive ring, I am fine toughness wise.
mazder0 on 13. Jan. 2017.
I wish Blizzard would buff Shadows Mantle :(
Deamon on 13. Jan. 2017.
How about the primary grenade throw attack? It gets buffed by Marauders and the belt, too. I saw nobody is using it... And I saw some people rolling away the sentry dmg on the quiver - is that a thing now? Thank you for the guide!
Albert Chyn on 13. Jan. 2017.
Who did the art for the thumbnail? It's great!