Diablo 3 2.5 Demon Hunter Build: Shadow Impale GR 96+ (Guide, PTR, Season 10)

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Uploaded: 10 Mar 2017 Likes: 534
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igor moral on 10. Mar. 2017.
How about shadow grenades? 4 pieces of shadows mantle, aquila cuirass, magefist (well roled) or depth diggers (well roled), hellcat waistguard, one-handed weapon with increased fire damage, endless walk set, convention of elements (well roled) or any well roled rings, archfiend arrows, dawn cubed. Vengeance - personal mortar, grenade - cluster grenades, shadow power, fan of knives - bladed armor or fan of daggers, vault - acrobatics, companion - wolf or boar companion, steady aim, numbing traps, grenadier, leech. Gogok of swiftness, simplicity's strength, bane of stricken or bane of the trapped or invigorating gemstone or zei's stone of vengeance.
Bryce on 10. Mar. 2017.
Hell yeah play Im playing this build next season. Rhykker please don't ever stop making Diablo videos are one of the best streamers out there we love your videos keep up the great work.
Jake Gertner on 10. Mar. 2017.
Hi Rhykker I was wondering if you have tried Path of Exile? If so how do you like it compared to D3? I have played both but found the variety in poe better but in interested in your take!
ManthaaHD on 10. Mar. 2017.
this looks fun. i might play DH in S10
emathias5 on 10. Mar. 2017.
Wow i was already playing this build and with a support boosting dps and when your lightning element came around on your elements ring you could hit an elite for 1 trillion. Most of the time its 300 billion but now you get to triple that dmg.
Bloodangel.13 on 10. Mar. 2017.
Yes. A Demon Hunter build that is viable without being a glass canon. Sign me up.
Gravemaker9036 on 10. Mar. 2017.
so much for doing witch dr and wizard. in s10. this version of the build looks a lot more viable than the current version in s9. I tries this set in s9 and after a few days quickly returned to marauders.
robert dupont on 10. Mar. 2017.
barduk4 on 10. Mar. 2017.
"grift 76 which is pretty decent for most people" the highest ive gotten is 70 and it was hard for me
ArturoPladeado on 10. Mar. 2017.
Not even a minute in and all I heard was "Meta this and meta that" I don't know what that bullshit is but it probably has something to do with stupidass annoying competitive shit that almost no one cares about... Man I like your videos but sometimes I'm like "Could you not" and that's mainly when you bring up the "Meta" or "Competitive" bullshit
Dirk Dirden on 10. Mar. 2017.
I said this build would be hotness in your last video....I still think the Physical Skill on Impale might produce a better build....though the lightning is without a doubt the easier one to play.
evan water on 10. Mar. 2017.
When you have a sword that shoots arrows
Teams DownFall on 10. Mar. 2017.
I was thinking of getting into diablo but after seeing this fuck that. its to confusing
Slenderr on 10. Mar. 2017.
i just cry when i see what POE will release , and d3 , ...necro which should be 1000% free , god damn blizzard money hungry shits ....its like they dont know you can make far more money frtom F2p game rather than buy
Fable Lupus on 10. Mar. 2017.
MANNNN love this one <3 i'm realy bored of mult shot build =D
P Ily on 10. Mar. 2017.
can someone explain to me why people still play this empty garbage shell of a game? It's been dead for years. only the most daunting masochists still remain... but WHY? it's as if you were watching a movie a million times and still not getting sick of it?.... that's just plain wrong. PoE is far better... but i still quit that shit a long time ago because it ends up getting stale.... but D3 is a whole new level of stale... you can't even customize the fucking skilltrees to the way you like... theres literally no experimental builds or anything.... what a gigantic waste of time for certain people.
Daniel L'Heureux on 10. Mar. 2017.
What about my favorite build... the Unhallowed Essence Multishot !?!? :-/
hibiki54 on 10. Mar. 2017.
You want Bane of the Stricken for killing the RG in higher rifts.
Shadow_AquilaX on 10. Mar. 2017.
WOW! Yes thank you Rhykker for bringing us this build. This DH set is my favorite and now I can't wait for season 10.
_Belly_ 25021109 on 10. Mar. 2017.
Really hoping this doesn't get nerfed. Looks like a fun build for me. I haven't played in a couple of months or so now, but looking forward to trying this out.
Lucas Brown on 10. Mar. 2017.
Would a Stone of Jordan with Lightning Damage and 35% damage to elites be an acceptable replacement for CoE?
Daisuke Nomura on 10. Mar. 2017.
stupid question but season 9 was my first time playing a season. can i use that same hero in the coming seasons like 10 or will i need to relevel?
S1nwar on 10. Mar. 2017.
when i go to play my hardcore seasonal there are like 2 people only across all difficulties^^
Draylex Doom on 10. Mar. 2017.
i use this build on my non seasonal DH but looks like i will be able to do it in season now!
Антон Подкорытов on 10. Mar. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, how do you think is this DH build viable in 3 man group? If yes, what group it should be?
George George on 10. Mar. 2017.
You should play Path of Exile again, it's getting an expansion soon. Everyone should try it
Akira NightFury on 10. Mar. 2017.
Im so happy to see they finally gave some love to the DH. Its been like 7 seasons sense they have mattered.
Akira NightFury on 10. Mar. 2017.
I couldn't tell if you were memeing or moaning Carl's name.
Justin Jacobs on 10. Mar. 2017.
First legit dh build I ever ran. fucking hilarious everyone is using it now, hahaha
LoneRenegade on 10. Mar. 2017.
And here I am, working my way towards getting a set of Marauder's and Unhallowed, despite playing this right now (albeit not completely correctly).
Arendelft on 10. Mar. 2017.
CAAAAAARRRRRRLLL, Why did you just kill all those people?!
Alice Mayami on 10. Mar. 2017.
Love you Rhykker :3 Guess I will play DH again in S10 :d
D3adSteve on 10. Mar. 2017.
I've ran DH as my main since S5 and see no reason to change. I look forward to trying the new build in S10. Thx for covering it.
Gieron Ssj on 10. Mar. 2017.
Fabien Dupuy on 10. Mar. 2017.
Haha it looks like no one got the "Caaaarl" reference, i love it tho :D
Bakosmos on 10. Mar. 2017.
Thank you for the impale build! I was wondering about the holy point shot if it was worth it.
user name on 10. Mar. 2017.
just watch it get nerfed right before patch launch.
Tyler Hall on 10. Mar. 2017.
Is this build going to be a console friendly?
Justin McCullough on 10. Mar. 2017.
my neck hurts
The Line of Epic Heroes on 10. Mar. 2017.
"dps, support, etc", is there anything else other than dps and support in this game?
InquisitorSinCross on 10. Mar. 2017.
Well, I was planning to play DH in S10 ))))
sHo0bAy on 10. Mar. 2017.
Are there any builds where you should choose a specific legendary potion or does it not really matter
Manwojciech on 10. Mar. 2017.
MULTISHOT set should have buffs in 10 season
Kenny32176 on 10. Mar. 2017.
awesome vids again thanks man :D
Kevyn on 10. Mar. 2017.
Shout outs to Zhanji for testing this build against RG's in 105+ rifts
Emiliano Perez on 10. Mar. 2017.
Why Aquila Cuirass instead of Visage of Gunes ?
Ибрахий Костяшкинс on 10. Mar. 2017.
love this build and hate lon fok. probably, shadow dh will be my main in s10. thank you, Rhykker
Cor on 10. Mar. 2017.
Yup. Im gonna play DH for Season 10
Carl Atterbery on 10. Mar. 2017.
I might just have to give Demon Hunter another shot after seeing this buff to the set.
Not Worth on 10. Mar. 2017.
im hard