Diablo 3 2.6 Necromancer Build: Minion Starter & End-Game Rathma GR 105+ (Guide, Season 11)

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Rhykker on 20. Jul. 2017.
Rubies vs. Topaz in armor: Rubies give more armor (toughness), topaz gives more damage. The choice if yours :) For hardcore, I'd go with rubies. If you're very high paragon and pushing very high GR, I'd also go ruby, because you already have a lot of damage.
Claud Black on 22. Jul. 2017.
OMG, anyone realized that the unity has five properties? how come?
MrSkorm on 22. Jul. 2017.
I don't see the point in the Haunt amulet, your taking damage to keep simulacrum out for longer but you don't need it out any longer than basically 2 casts of mages, 1 cast at full essence for 4 mega mages and another cast for 4 more after a few bone spikes, thats really all you get since simulacrum doesn't use Bone spikes to double your generator so it's unlikely that you will benefit from the expanded essence pool outside of your first cast of mages so you are taking damage for no real benefit, you can get all the use you need of simulacrum from its base duration.
Pawel Kapica on 22. Jul. 2017.
why not use scythe of the cycle in cube? wouldnt that give you always 300% dmg buff independent of simulacrum? when i have lets say 300 max essence simulacrum would double that and reilenas would multiply that with 0.5 so we would end up with 300 anyway right? or isnt skeletal mage a secondary skill?
Pawel Kapica on 22. Jul. 2017.
what I really hate about sleletal mages is the very short duration. its a huge disadvantage when in group play you have to move quickly from mob to mob. once you arrive at new mob all your mages are down and need to be recast. other players will have killed that mob usually by that time and moved on...sucks ass blizzard. give us more uptime
Skylo Ren on 22. Jul. 2017.
Oh, man! I can't wait to play that genetatorless mage build. Gimme!
azreal215 on 22. Jul. 2017.
how do you get all this gear I can never find them
OrDxOrD on 22. Jul. 2017.
i killed you the other day in a rift!
WastedTactics on 22. Jul. 2017.
Firstly I'm not one for commenting normally and I've been watching your build guides for many seasons.. But this style of video deserves way more credit. Showing a fresh 70 and how to adapt it with season reward is incredible. Seeing this style of video for all classes would 100% better the community giving players the knowledge of knowing what the reward is for each class and and showing a fresh 70 play. Thank you for taking the time to do it and keep up the good work. :D
colossus715 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Yo man, any link for the non-geared build? Thx.
Unabobster on 22. Jul. 2017.
Nice info, gives me a few ideas on which way to go.
Simon Binder on 22. Jul. 2017.
Might be a noob question but why the str gems ?
max mustermann on 22. Jul. 2017.
why the strength gems?
B M on 22. Jul. 2017.
Thanks for this build! Exactly what I needed. I'm a new necro and I don't have the gear yet. Thanks so much!!!
Shiki Studios on 22. Jul. 2017.
@rhykker Reaper Wraps are #1. They let you do a few interesting things. But mainly it will just keep you super wellfed on essense, infact better than any other item in the game.
Fane Manelistu on 22. Jul. 2017.
Uhm ... how did u get to 3500% damage? 3% for every point, given 250 points, is 750%, not 3500%.
The Traveler on 22. Jul. 2017.
Have to love seasons -.- completely worthless because I went into a greater rift on torment 13 and got better geared rathma sets than the bs I pulled in seasons... just trash dude
Schroom Metanoia on 22. Jul. 2017.
why us the Aura rune when the num-Lock trick is so much more effective?
aop videos on 22. Jul. 2017.
"We can't balance the game with the current classes, and skills.... better add another class." - Blizzard.
Tyler Goldstein on 22. Jul. 2017.
Using the recommended build for not having any gear (I have the 4pc bonus thanks to haedrigs gift), and I still cannot beat a GR20. It's like my pets do absolutely no damage whatsoever.
Geno C on 22. Jul. 2017.
I dropped devour for explosion and final service for blood is power for the fresh 70. Snagged reapers wraps for added AOE trash clearing. Works like a champ for pushing/speed. Oh and name of the trapped gem off an easy GR. Keep up the good work. Love the vids.
Mr. Bern on 22. Jul. 2017.
Hey, I'm quite new to this season thing, so I have a few questions: 1. How is it possible to have all skills when you start a new season character? 2. What would exactly happen to my character if I re-birthed him? The information given by the game is quite vague for something like that, will I loose all the progress I made with the character if I rebirth? Loose all the gold, items, etc?
Thales Assis on 22. Jul. 2017.
I dont understand.... EACH SKELETAL mage gives +250%... you have 4, then +1000% right? why did he say 2500%?
venom on 22. Jul. 2017.
Y try this build m, thx bro , you are amazing ^..^
Tom L on 22. Jul. 2017.
So in your opinion how does this stack up against the bloodstorm build you just did?
Jacob Leigh on 21. Jul. 2017.
Question: Why this set when literally all the highest necro solo runs are with Trag set?
Darius Marbray on 21. Jul. 2017.
At 360p Fueled By Death looks like Fucked By Death lol.
Peter Z on 21. Jul. 2017.
Thanks R Man , i love your vids !! .
LucidityTruth on 21. Jul. 2017.
Please continue doing the item less builds! Finding something that works before I get my gear is always the toughest.
Todd Schwartzberg on 21. Jul. 2017.
thank you for this Rhykker- played the non season with new necro for a bit and just created a necro for season 11 tryiing to do as much as you suggest as I can as skills unlock and it's really helping so far and I am just working through chapter 1 over these last few days so far... using your non gear build that you started outlining initially only I am staying with Devour/Aura instead of blood rush, I might change it up later, also similacrum isn't unlocked for me yet so will wait and see later on.... biggest thing with Aura is just not having to hit the X because it's always on... any way.... not to bore you just thanks for the video and I will look out for these gear pieces and special rings as I lvl up through the season journey. Also I think it's awesome that they named an Elite boss after you... I saw a Rhykker --something in the areas surrounding Leorics manor the other day, Northern or Southern Highlands, or Hunting Grounds somewhere!! okay stay frosty!!
Skylo Ren on 21. Jul. 2017.
So excited to get to lvl 70 and get my haedrigs to rock these builds. Great as always!
GotCritified on 21. Jul. 2017.
Well theres but one problem with the set, by seemingly random occurrence it does not apply any of its defence value. It is so bad that with this sets 50stacks of reduction, with 50% reduction from decrepify AND an extra bone armour at 10 stacks. . . .i get 1 shoted by basicaly anything on torment 10 and above. It is infuriating.
Daniel Lefsseom on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why strenght gems??
Daniel Lefsseom on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why strenght gems??
server333 on 21. Jul. 2017.
amazing guide covers all I need:)
AscTuber on 21. Jul. 2017.
This guide is by far the most helpful guide you've done yet. Giving a good build to use before getting your set is super helpful. Thanks Rhykker.
Stitches gets bitches on 21. Jul. 2017.
this game is dead
Pixie on 21. Jul. 2017.
how come the build planner the stats dont match up with what i can transmog ingame? for instance it says +1000 int but the max i can get out is 750? im fairly new to the game so what am i missing?
ball passavon on 21. Jul. 2017.
Great video
Balasar on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why does everyone just assume Fueled by Death is bugged? Did Devs say it is? Because if not then how about assuming its not meant to increase above speed cap. Necro has been out long enough that it most likley should have been fixed by now.
James Conley on 21. Jul. 2017.
Is white walker still a viable build?
NinJia on 21. Jul. 2017.
necro's minion build is just too busy, the work just to keep the mage up is fucking tedious, blizzard done fuck it up
Shawn Fee on 21. Jul. 2017.
oh good...ive been running my trag'oul set, and i finally cubed the final piece i needed for the full Rathma...time to try a new build :)
Box Box Box Gaming on 21. Jul. 2017.
hey rhykker, any idea what kind of effect essence cost reduction has on singularity? I've been wondering about this. There's a version of devour that reduces the essence cost of abilities, which I figure does one of two things: 1. further increases the damage of the singularity 2. nothing I'm assuming number 2 is the correct one?
Kristopher Pease on 21. Jul. 2017.
Great vid as always man. Very helpful for non-set set up.
Кирилл Зражевский on 21. Jul. 2017.
What do you think of icy-vein's variation with reaper's wraps and devour+life from death combination? you do miss simulacrum damage spike but getting a way more reliable uptime on maxed mages instead as well as a lot more recovery
slaven božić on 21. Jul. 2017.
Blizzard needs to move one of the rings affix, either the extra skeletal mage or the stun triple damage one to new necromancer bracers. necro doesn't have any good bracers but has a lot of problems with ring/neck combinations... this would fix both problems. I.E. now you can't use unity sadly if you wanna go with travelers pledge and both rings (which you do want to), while we don't have any good or specific bracers. Also, fck land of the dead... never!
Grygorii Tyshchenko on 21. Jul. 2017.
Why is army of the dead never used with rathma set?
Ilexand on 21. Jul. 2017.
I find this build way more fun that shitty Lancer. God, that build is boring
Prime Hunter on 21. Jul. 2017.
It deals MAGEr Damage ⭐⭐