Diablo 3 2.6.1 Barbarian Build: CHARGE! GR 115+ and Speed (Guide, Season 12 PTR)

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Hendrik Gerard van Elven on 13. Oct. 2017.
I think your calculations about Standoff are quite wrong. You get 500% of your movement speed. Meaning 5 time your Movement Speed %, 25% movement Speed would translate into 125% increased damage, not multiple thousands. Still going Barb though this season!
Angry Roleplayer on 14. Oct. 2017.
I understand it's hard to calc proper numbers indeed when you don't even play the game...As usual loving torment 6 smashing in the background.
GregJ22 on 14. Oct. 2017.
This is why a number of skilled gamers like barbs, some builds are hard to master. I'd rather rank high with charge barb or WW than HT garg.
MysticParadise on 14. Oct. 2017.
Best in slut gear :D
Derek Jones on 14. Oct. 2017.
I like that the build doesn't require the use of Focus and Restraint anymore - although you could use it and be a totally glassy wimp. Now going with BoM is just better because you must have the damage reduction, and for the highest pushing you still have to use Esoteric. There's still the issue with this particular build that you run out of charges - especially if you spawn an RG that produces pets, you might as well just back out regardless of how much time you've got left. There just isn't always enough density, even in a GR95+ to keep up the charges, and I hate rift fishing. Its just terrible. I don't know how this gets resolved, and it probably never will.
Dubetube123 on 14. Oct. 2017.
you play this game too much queer
MegaOZX on 14. Oct. 2017.
What a boring ass build, wtf.
Mats Leven on 14. Oct. 2017.
reakor 6 set is 14000% , why 5+3 ????
Danny Bartlett on 14. Oct. 2017.
Hey what’s the name of the barn god on twitch? And btw thanks for all the great videos greatly helps
Karlsson on 14. Oct. 2017.
since furious charge is a generator, wouldn't Simplicity's Strength be stronger than Bane of the Trapped?
Roflmano on 14. Oct. 2017.
What is that weapon transmog?
GoblinSpore on 14. Oct. 2017.
I have a question: how do you increase the base damage stat (that number in the inventory)? Is it purely based on gear or if I play around with skills and passives etc. it will help? I'm not talking about like 2k additional damage, I was browsing leaderboards, saw a barb with a very similar build to mine, but he had 2+ million base damage where as I have around 400k.
Sven Juhler on 14. Oct. 2017.
I know its quite a task but could you also give a brief rundown of the fastest T13 builds? Like your tierlist for GR builds
Boyce on 14. Oct. 2017.
Do you need the constantly spinning wheel on the mouse to get quicker charges?
Lessond on 14. Oct. 2017.
The magical 37% cooldown reduction enables the barbarian to Furious Charge into a minimum of 3 monsters and still get a charge back. So I'd recommend having 8% cooldown on shoulders, gloves and a ring. With a Diamond in your helmet and 10% from paragon points. This really helps to keep charging forward without pause. The only number of mobs you want to avoid is 2.
Jerry2011b on 14. Oct. 2017.
For boots I think you want speed boost than anything since more speed=more dmg
Martin Parmas on 14. Oct. 2017.
Why not max fury on paragon if you spend all anyway whit your ancient spear???
Tale of the Misanthrop on 14. Oct. 2017.
great video rhykker, as ever. barb looks so incredibly dull may it be the whirlwind barb or the charge barb.. compared to other more complex builds and classes at least.
Belfor09 on 14. Oct. 2017.
Oh my god! Rhykker giving Chainer a shoutout! Me like! Respect man!
Timothy Hutchins on 14. Oct. 2017.
what is that weapon transmog? I see you using it in a lot of your Barb guides. Super excited about all the buffs, sounds like I can once again make Barb my main class =)
Adam Rushing on 14. Oct. 2017.
When I was using this build, I switched to 3 in and 5 raekor and did around 2 billion more, then I switched to full raekor and did about 10 billion more
OprincesofpersiaO on 14. Oct. 2017.
This build is the reason I'am gonna farm like crazy in S12 !
Russ on 14. Oct. 2017.
Same zzzzzz as before,
Ranjit Singh on 14. Oct. 2017.
I miss the Rune words from Diablo 2... These limited sets suck....
Level Up Kuyt on 14. Oct. 2017.
Diablo 3...mash 1 button ....win.
CsStoker on 14. Oct. 2017.
Chainer? don't you mean Alkaizer?
king5amwich on 14. Oct. 2017.
Always charge barb or whirlwind barb, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'(
Ken Havens on 14. Oct. 2017.
tired of Raekor charge being the best barb build....so fucking lame. Every season raekor is the highest GR build. Why is blizz afraid of letting WW shine for a season.
Kushano55 on 14. Oct. 2017.
Is there any good legendary amulet in this game thay is useful beside hellfire? this game lacks so much variety
v4nillasweet on 14. Oct. 2017.
i though alkaizer was the barb god
Dennis van der Vet on 14. Oct. 2017.
Doesnt battle rage-bloodshed also benefit from +%phys on gear? Making phys the obvious option, unless this got changed at some point. Any reason you're going fire charge?
Nick Byram on 13. Oct. 2017.
I still watch every video you release even though I can't play any of these games anymore after moving country. Sad days. Your content is the last link to the fun I used to have playing Diablo. Keep it up my dude, thanks!
DopeRiff on 13. Oct. 2017.
Shiiiii... I'm still trying to find the skull grasp ring
baconfromhell666 on 13. Oct. 2017.
Why not dump ancient spear for war cry or maybe even threatening shout for more dmg, and then just use sprint all the time as the fury spender? Gives you one more usefull skill, makes you clear faster and gives you dmg overall from the extra movement speed. I haven't played for a few seasons, so maybe I missed something in my reasoning.
Airmanon on 13. Oct. 2017.
I think the main thing that could hold this build back in the tier list is how difficult it is to play.
Dallister Zodiark on 13. Oct. 2017.
Ok, I might be wrong about that, so feel free to correct me but having ressource cost reduction in your Paragon Point isn't going to change anything since Ancient Spear Boulder Toss is going to spend all of your ressource anyway. If anything, it's actually beneficial : you're spending less ressource on the skill itself, which means more ressource is spent on top of the actual skill cost, which means more damage.
Keeliani on 13. Oct. 2017.
well, Chainer is around 4k paragon so don't expect to clear grift 115+ right away :D ... still a great player though ;-)
Ryba125fps on 13. Oct. 2017.
Um, Alkaizer is the god of barbarian
SOULRAK DEUZ on 13. Oct. 2017.
intered144 on 13. Oct. 2017.
Nice video, but does anyone even play D3 anymore? Each time I was online there was almost no one in chat..
Raii on 13. Oct. 2017.
Great guide
bozitojugg3rn4ut on 13. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker, will you play Nioh when it comes to PC? :)
Sjamaan22 on 13. Oct. 2017.
why ring of elements? aint u moving to much to even make that work?
SuperPagal on 13. Oct. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, you should make a video with a tier list builds like you did in 11season. Keep up the good work.
Jinzouningen Juunanagou on 13. Oct. 2017.
another patch just happened bul kathos swords get 15/45 now and a bunch of other sets and gear got rebuffed and a few nerfs like pestilence set corpse dmgs now reduced
Cris Blanco on 13. Oct. 2017.
whats that weapon transmog called?
Kevin Webster on 13. Oct. 2017.
I think people play the PTR more than live servers. Might as well just get rid of the live servers and just keep the PTR up.
Dr_b_ on 13. Oct. 2017.
Thanks for these guides
Objectorbit on 13. Oct. 2017.
Did you record this video before the buff yesterday to the bul-kathos swords?
Arthrogeddon on 13. Oct. 2017.
5:25 500% of 25% isn't 12500% (x126) but 125% bonus damage (x2.25). With the 110% MS from this build it's 550% (x6.5), and not 55 000% (x 551). It would be too strong ^^