Diablo 3 2.6.1 Demon Hunter Build: Multishot Unhallowed Essence GR 112+ (Guide, Season 12 PTR)

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ZwuckeL on 5. Oct. 2017.
Video is 1 second too long :(
roydamanna on 5. Oct. 2017.
1: dh ue multishot build 2: monk wave of light build 3: crusader condemn build 4: wd HT gargantuan build Comment the number of the build you like the most. Based on the votes of people, that's the build I will be running in next season :D ty for your vote.
Karlsson on 5. Oct. 2017.
how important is area damage for this build in a group setup where you are the damage dealer? should you swith CDR on gloves/shoulders to AD?
Voltron Defender on 5. Oct. 2017.
RIP my primal Yang's... off to the scrap heap as I farm all of S12 for a new one. Rykker - Do you have a decent Nat's build since that is the Haedrigs gift... will need it to be viable until we can farm all the UE stuff...
Ravenjim93 on 5. Oct. 2017.
ive been playing that build for at least 4 seasons now there are some things id disagree. The extra range this build offers in comparison to other builds can make you forgo the Elusive ring. My personall favorite way is Focus restraint Hellfire amulet Convention in Cube Visage of gunes in Cube as well. It gets pretty tanky without sacrificing any damage like you do with the endless walk set Due to poping generators more often than not you can forgo the fire rune on vault and go tumble (the one where every next vault is 50% less )and hunters wrath is a good choice for belt as well since it can make your generators faster thus getting discipline and hatred back faster which in the long run can help more than the witching hour (if its poorly rolled)
Neropoison 0 on 5. Oct. 2017.
How about the ring that gives you more discipline?
ratty on 5. Oct. 2017.
is there any plans for offline mode for d3? i was soo pissed off when i bought it, and it was only online...
Marcus Wheeler on 5. Oct. 2017.
For blackthrone haters while looking for gear the blackthorne belt and amulet is playable in this build xd
Shawn Massicotte on 5. Oct. 2017.
Manahe discipline as hes jumping all over the place lol
Vegard on 5. Oct. 2017.
Focus restraint is gonna push higher if you love fishing for perfect grifts.
Karl Klaps on 5. Oct. 2017.
so .. its the best build now because the numbes are higher... wow exciting
UnknownRand on 5. Oct. 2017.
Wave of light monk will be the fastest speed running build
Morten 85 on 5. Oct. 2017.
I hope they dont nerf it .... i love this build
grv on 5. Oct. 2017.
to clarify, trash anything that doesn't have +max discipline. it doesn't have to be +12, but if it has 0, it's trash.
Dio Luki on 5. Oct. 2017.
the hype is real !
Justin Lim on 5. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker whats the possibility of a druid or any other class for a future patch?
Susan Davey on 5. Oct. 2017.
DH UE Multishot is my favorite build. This is good news!
Tale of the Misanthrop on 5. Oct. 2017.
Blizzard i dont care about the current season. let me play the next season please.
o o on 5. Oct. 2017.
coe is still better than a soj with 20% fire dmg and max discipline?
LaBBe on 5. Oct. 2017.
does anyone know if the bow and quiver buffs will affect existing items? i have a multishot character from like season 5 or 6 with practically perfect gear, primals not being a thing at the time ofc. always was my favorite build but quit d3 shortly after this character was done.. would love to play the game again with this build but farming almost perfect/ancient bow seems like too much... edit: someone already asked and seems like uniques are not buffed/nerfed retroactively.. now that i think of it i should have figured it out myself, how else do you explain some of the legacy uniques lol.. bad news tho, seems like d3 can stay on the shelf
Petr Szturc on 5. Oct. 2017.
Hi, I have few questions for (all of) you: a) to build - why not obsidian instead of conv. of el. for fast farming -> no dawn -> furnace or anything else b) to D3 - don't you think that PTR is actually killing the game? Because honestly I don't want to play D3 s11 since I already know what I will be playing next season so for me there is no point in playing the current one... So basically 1st time there is some major change in builds on PTR I think many people just drop the current season and either wait for new one or play PTR... Which in addtition to too many difficulty levels and different game types; further separaters players = hence making D3 look like no one plays it - instead of grouping more pople into same (or at least fewer) "group" so that you would see "Currently playing 5000+ your difficulty" instead of "Currently playing 124" ...
Yunaa Shinaba on 5. Oct. 2017.
Why don't you use the "Visage of Gunes" for the Kanai's Armor slot? Ressource management is very easy with that amount of regeneration and the effekt of giving Vengeance the "Dark Heart [Reduces damage taken by 50%] " rune is pretty good for GR-pushing
crysismano2 on 5. Oct. 2017.
About this new update... will my current items get these new bonuses as well? becuase i already have an almost perfected ancient bow and quiver...
MrJoob on 5. Oct. 2017.
Hey man, thanks for all the guides. I'm fairly new to D3 endgame and GR pushing so this all helps a lot. I was wondering even though they're just cannon fodder is there some optimal way to setup the Templar, Scoundrel, and Sorceress? I've noticed they're getting legendaries of their own so I was curious.
yasser najjar on 5. Oct. 2017.
diablo3 is the most pathetic game in ARPG history ....
Samson Daniel on 5. Oct. 2017.
Not having the wings really pisses me off, Blizzard should add a market for those who missed out on the wings.
ricnatre on 5. Oct. 2017.
Thanks for sharing this great news, Unhallowed Multishot is my favorite DH build and playstyle, can't wait for next patch going live.
adradox on 5. Oct. 2017.
Nice, great time to come back.
OrganicStuff1 on 5. Oct. 2017.
Shit game
CostaRrr on 5. Oct. 2017.
Glass Canon...
David Tiziani on 5. Oct. 2017.
Will my current yang's and dead man's legacy update with the buffs or will I need to get new ones? Currently have a perfect roll on my primal dead man and would hate to have to switch
Sven Morren on 5. Oct. 2017.
no cheat death? dunno how i feel about that.. even though it doesn't seem you need it.. what happens beyond GR90?
szalma94 on 5. Oct. 2017.
Thank you Rhykker for staying with this game for so long. Many abandoned the game but you are still going strong and give us regular Diablo content which warms my heart. Bless you man.
mikemikehate on 5. Oct. 2017.
Multishot better then knife build now?
LvL Master on 5. Oct. 2017.
Softcore players...
Airmanon on 5. Oct. 2017.
So hard to tell which tier these builds will be in...
Skully D. ÆDD on 5. Oct. 2017.
Is there an updated version of Thorns
Lozi Magonegro on 5. Oct. 2017.
they already go like 2 months of waiting, right? -_-
DareX on 5. Oct. 2017.
Not touching Diablo until Season 12 because i already got what i wanted and done some stuff so yeah!
Derek Chen on 5. Oct. 2017.
You should do Bell monk or ltk monk next!
Derek Chen on 5. Oct. 2017.
What's maximum discipline?
Raitio Absol on 5. Oct. 2017.
Another exciting build comeback for the next patch.... i want to ask rhykker if the Hammerdin build in crusader also included?
Justin Lim on 5. Oct. 2017.
looks like im back to dh/barb next season
TKJoyRide on 5. Oct. 2017.
DTpower87 on 5. Oct. 2017.
BOOM ERANG on 5. Oct. 2017.
they should let you zoom out more in diablo 3 - fk that game, fk screen res lock, fk blizzard for stupid decisions
Turbs on 5. Oct. 2017.
this is still the same build as it was last year lmao
Garrett Pairsh on 5. Oct. 2017.
Who all is excited for the next update tho
TheRandomHobb on 5. Oct. 2017.