Diablo 3 2.6.1 Demon Hunter Build: Shadow Impale GR 112+ & Speed T13 (Guide, Season 12 PTR)

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luffylix on 4. Oct. 2017.
I have a question, in PS4 the companion skill is the same group as the Vault skill, how do I equip both as shown in this build? Im confused :(
Einar Ingi Einarsson on 2. Oct. 2017.
Love this build. I only play hardcore and would like to see some build guides for hardcore playing. :)
Josh Marks-Thomson on 2. Oct. 2017.
I gotta call BS on this, there is no way this can do grift 112, it physically cant do enough damage! Been playing this and it can barely scrape grift 78, let alone 112
dzoni b on 2. Oct. 2017.
GR 112 +?? with this build in last patch max gr its about 100 - 102 with extreme gear and 2000+ paragon in season, in this case in patch 2.6.1 buff its just 80% dmg, so 107- 110 its max with this bulid in season..
Evangelos Labropulos on 2. Oct. 2017.
Great video! What adjustments would you make if you played hardcore?
MichaelC on 2. Oct. 2017.
What's the little star on the bottom right of all item ?
Phineas Phreak on 1. Oct. 2017.
What is that new vendor?
kingofzero on 1. Oct. 2017.
Really hope the dh comes back to the 4man groups.
Jacob Wable on 1. Oct. 2017.
And for the 34598th time SHADOW IMPALE
Yujaze on 1. Oct. 2017.
so, is this the best dh build for next season? how about the UE grenadier?
Alec Lai on 30. Sep. 2017.
Thanks for the thorough and super-well articulated build videos! Request: Can you make a video (or if you have made one, can you help me locate it!) on how top players like you rationalize re-rolling stats? I can understand the general concepts of which 4-6 stats seem to be the best for each gear piece, but I'm wondering about the intricacies of knowing which tradeoffs in stats to make on one gear piece for another and what thresholds to prioritize (aside from cooldown) in your cumulative stats. tl;dr: How do pros think about rolling stats across gear pieces? Thanks! (Also, if you have any other knowledge you think is useful to share about stats, will gladly look for those, too! For example, how elemental damage is chosen across weapons/off-hand, when cooldown is additive vs multiplicative, etc. Haven't found any clear resources yet. Thanks!)
Galathorus on 30. Sep. 2017.
Of all the new builds that are coming up you are bringin up a classic and that there are a lot of guides for already? >.> A bit dissapointed :(
Tale of the Misanthrop on 30. Sep. 2017.
oh boi.. as you enter the first rift you forgot to activate the shadow power buff.. oh rhykker.. love you
Nuel Nu on 30. Sep. 2017.
the only thing different is the dagger or am I missing something else?
AkrOn NekrOn on 30. Sep. 2017.
Derek Liñdsay on 30. Sep. 2017.
Hey Rhykker. keep it up bro.. enjoy your videos... can you do a update on how many less GRs this build went down after the nurf?
hom3r on 30. Sep. 2017.
man looks good... not sure barb or ninja
zetaplus33 on 30. Sep. 2017.
awesome build ! thanks for sharing it ! never b4 the T13 to be this easy !
GaaraVII on 29. Sep. 2017.
gamerpdx on 29. Sep. 2017.
Quick question. What transmog are you using on your dagger to make it look like a lance?
JEMustang on 29. Sep. 2017.
What class set that you start off with next season is the best for SOLO pushing / play? (Currently thinking of doing a WD)
Aishiteru Senpai on 29. Sep. 2017.
Haven't played a demon hunter since 2011, can't wait to test this build on console ^.^
Cynical Fiend on 29. Sep. 2017.
In s11 I'm using vault 5 times normally and 6 times if I have a speed pylon active. Nowhere near the 3-4 mentioned.
PROGRES FOBIA on 29. Sep. 2017.
What about Soj with proper stas (crit chance, crit damage and element) instead of coe?
Mez282 on 29. Sep. 2017.
What got buffed more???
TemTsD on 29. Sep. 2017.
Like you have to make again the video cuz the ptr got an update
Heike-Nathaniel Krokvik on 29. Sep. 2017.
I think it is difficult just to get the holy point shot i have upgraded 150-200 quivers and i havent gotn one holy point the RNG gods hate me
Ivan Kikerkov on 29. Sep. 2017.
Silly question - What is that huge Diablo pet at 1:54?
vem4o on 29. Sep. 2017.
Since when flat dame is good on a ring
Artur Mordecki on 29. Sep. 2017.
What build is better for solo pushing UE or SI ?
adiksaff on 29. Sep. 2017.
Having hatred issues... hehehe XD
Alex Mcconville on 29. Sep. 2017.
This build just got nerfed feelsbadman. 200% less dmg on karleis now.
RBenceHUN on 29. Sep. 2017.
I'm not here to create questions on 29. Sep. 2017.
bro is expa nsion or d4 ever coming if not i dont care
fatalis arx on 29. Sep. 2017.
everybody know this build already!~!!!!
mazder0 on 29. Sep. 2017.
Yessss finally buffs!! Now buff Fist of the heavens, holy shotgun and bring back static charge Monk and my life will be complete.
omega552003 on 29. Sep. 2017.
Why the Aquila Cuirass? Wouldn't the Visage of Gunes' Dark Heart rune for Vengence be better since you'll run Vengance 100% and won't lose the 50% DR when you hit the Hatred to hard? or ar these interchangeable?
Jordan Cuevas on 29. Sep. 2017.
Too bad this video came out and now the PTR got updated. This set got buffed again. :V
Landy Perdigon on 29. Sep. 2017.
Rhykker, great video as always. A couple of comments about Impale runes: Ricochet extra hits DO proc Karlei's hatred return, but Overpen's pierced attacks DO NOT (this is a common misconception and oft repeated, but it is untrue). What makes Overpen a good choice is that it has the highest damage potential by a small margin. That said, your advice was perfect, just pick the rune that you can best support with your gear. Cheers.
William Eldridge on 29. Sep. 2017.
RIP Shadow Imaple.....:-(
Sean Plouffe on 29. Sep. 2017.
I would say that if you don't have any CDR on most of your pieces that need it, use a obsidian ring to help balance that out and once you get good CDR on your pieces, then you could go for COE for that extra burst
For your health on 29. Sep. 2017.
when dis shite release?
Diego Marini on 29. Sep. 2017.
whats the change in the build? the items have the same stats as before (the new patch) hows improved now?
Philippe Mello on 29. Sep. 2017.
Awesome :D
Steve Anderton on 29. Sep. 2017.
Correct me if im wrong, but u dont need to max out movement speed with paragon points as shadow power gives u the movement speed.
Adawi Grizzleheim on 29. Sep. 2017.
I think the opposite I got the offhand when I first hit max and took me 30 try's to just get that stupid dagger
Painkiller95 on 29. Sep. 2017.
Rhykker, when fighting the Rift Guardian, you should position yourself near the RG, to make all the three knives hit him at once, thus tripling your damage. This will make the RG killing even faster
Guilherme Guimarães on 29. Sep. 2017.
Still no date til the patch ?
wowfanatic100 on 29. Sep. 2017.
Last season I had an ancient Elusive Ring equipped and then a Ring of the Zodiac in the cube. I preferred the playstyle where I didn't have to worry about CD reduction. Sure not having CoE will hurt your damage, but for people who aren't interested in pushing high GR levels or like to just do regular rifts, consider this option!
zeribrex on 29. Sep. 2017.
Releases this video about Impale, then PTR has a new patch a few hours later buffing it even further, reupload coming? xD