Diablo 3 2.6.1 Monk Build: Sunwuko Wave of Light GR 115+ and Speed (Guide, Season 12 PTR)

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sujezz on 7. Oct. 2017.
This is a build for people who always wanted to play an actual caster not some melee wizard archon shit. This is the most fun I've had in d3 when this build first came out. I'm not a huge fan of CoE but I'd take it over having to use generator.
Groundhog Guns on 7. Oct. 2017.
+48% area damage (24 each weapon) viable?
WaitingForPlayers on 7. Oct. 2017.
Is there a reason to go fire > Lighting or holy/physical (i dont remember witch buffs the raw dmg)
tybae on 7. Oct. 2017.
I’ve always preferred holy bells over fire. Fire in damages a larger area while holy deals more damage in a smaller target area. It’s a preference thing.
Megagig on 7. Oct. 2017.
And it finally has some toughness!
Ron olson on 7. Oct. 2017.
Hey hey, how do you click the mouse so fast? Is it just the type of mouse your using like mmo rat? Great vid like always bud!
Beny 82 on 7. Oct. 2017.
it is OP way more than ww was even before very "bad thinking" nerf...
ninjakivi2 on 7. Oct. 2017.
I noticed that you mentioned A LOT of items you can swap and customize depending on the situation and whether you like certain aspects of the build or not. Looks like Blizzard did a good job balancing the equipment after all.
stiimuli on 7. Oct. 2017.
At 13:00 wtf is that giant goatman thingy standing at top center of the screen? O_o
Peter Pedersen on 7. Oct. 2017.
Would a member of the Night's watch use a daibo? :-)
Shirei Shizo on 7. Oct. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, could you do a review of Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.
Thorsten Paulinsky on 7. Oct. 2017.
What an expert. Next season November 9th.
Krispykremecm on 7. Oct. 2017.
I'm upset you didn't call this build "Hell's Bells"
DnBComplex on 7. Oct. 2017.
i dont even play D3 (i'm a PoE guy) but i always watch his videos... This guy is good.
Celticard on 7. Oct. 2017.
i would love to build this set, but i was wondering if i can get most of the gear using blood shards. ive got alot to spend but i dont know what she really drops
whattheeffdan on 7. Oct. 2017.
did you know you have a guy named after you in D3? "Rhykker the defenestrator" elite
sessy33 on 7. Oct. 2017.
how's the exploding chicken build looking on PTR? for the WD. Is that a pushing build now XD
sessy33 on 7. Oct. 2017.
it will launch november 9th.
Randall Edwards on 7. Oct. 2017.
Lightning lashing tail kick will be stronger for pushing in the end. You will change out the helm for lefevre's and run thundergod's belt. With scarbringer and the tail kick boots, I'm pretty sure the burst damage would be much high. Throwing cyclone strike doubles the toughness and you can run spirit guards without using the cube. This makes the build very tanky and good at group play. Also rift guardians will melt.
Ourmikeormarco Hijo de Pera on 7. Oct. 2017.
You weren't kidding about this build, it melts everything! It was an easy GR85 just with stuff I'd grabbed from stash, nothing optimized. I've always loved Monk and pushing higher grifts with this really felt satisfying. Hands down favorite.
Francisco DeTonne on 7. Oct. 2017.
kubanitos on 7. Oct. 2017.
Just call this the Hell Bell build. lol
Sean Allen on 7. Oct. 2017.
Thanks for the guide. I hope I didn't miss it, but what about area damage on gear besides the shoulders?
v4nillasweet on 7. Oct. 2017.
only 1k paragon >.>
Alex Gorny on 7. Oct. 2017.
this rift guardian is awful
CobaltBomber on 6. Oct. 2017.
i like the gear synergy of this build but its just so boring compared to Uliana's.
Mr Holistic on 6. Oct. 2017.
first. @ TheTanelChannel shhhh the mouth we getting the buff. second is epiphany going to be fixed?
Mathieu Tatti on 6. Oct. 2017.
The patch is very cool, but there is still something I don't understand : They remove a lot of +XXX% skill as primary roll to put it into legendary effect, but not for all (like this spirit stone, Unrelenting Phalanx etc...). Why ? Feel like an unfinished business :(
GunvorPlays on 6. Oct. 2017.
How do you get the items so quickly on the PTR? Stuff just doesn't drop as they used to anymore.
tyraelpl on 6. Oct. 2017.
It's not a "day bow" but a "dai bou" meaning great bou. Analogical to katana and dai katana (great katana). Correct me if I'm wrong
Airmanon on 6. Oct. 2017.
Honestly, this is looking to be the new S-tier build I think. If it's *just* emerging and *already* clearing as high as some of the top builds, then the only things stopping it from being number one I think would be if it gets nerfed, is way too difficult to play compared to comparable builds, or if other builds are buffed high enough.
Mat 11 on 6. Oct. 2017.
Hey Rhykker this is Folks
Christian O. on 6. Oct. 2017.
finally I get my WOL back
Arthrogeddon on 6. Oct. 2017.
I think that Way of the hundred fist - assamilation can be pretty good here. It's easy to get 10-15 stacks in big packs.
vanquisher111 on 6. Oct. 2017.
only a 1000 paragons.ah im exausted
Paul Grellety on 6. Oct. 2017.
Has the epiphany+tzo krin's bug been fixed ? I was playing this build a while ago to speedfarm gold, and the epiphany was bugged, and you would basically only cast the fire trails when using wave of light, not the bell, so you delt no damages(so it wasn't possible to play epiphany)
Polar I3ear on 6. Oct. 2017.
this power creep is so damn awful.... I dont want to see huge numbers of damage for me its pointless and legends drop like white items where did the diablo spirit go :/
KaX321 on 6. Oct. 2017.
Given the nature of the Fire Wol rune combined with the fist weapon(More dmg if initial blast hits less than 3 enemies), wouldn't the frost rune give more dmg for aoe situations since the frost wave is wider than the fire aoe hit?. (At a cost of a minor dmg loss for single target ofc) Regardless, I'm going to try an Obsidian ring of the zodiac variant, just to go around with perma epiphany and 'infinite' resources. This build was always a little too squishy for my tastes to do otherwise.
Andres David Calvache on 6. Oct. 2017.
What was that pet murlock ?
Mark-Antoine Welti on 6. Oct. 2017.
Hello man, i love your videos and i would know if u have any tips for a 4 team ( the best combo)wich class to pick and speck to play together for the new saisons. Thx a lot for your videos and help.
Swanky Kong on 6. Oct. 2017.
Hey Rhykker, I know it isn't strictly Blizzard content, but with that voice of yours, have you ever considered running as an announcer at GDQ? Think it would run really well together.
BGL Denis on 6. Oct. 2017.
I have always wondered when using the Zeis gem with this build -- is the percentage damage calculated from the distance between the character and enemies or the distance between the bell and the enemies...
D2ezbmu on 6. Oct. 2017.
hooray boring meta builds.....
ITwas on 6. Oct. 2017.
developer A: we need creative mechanic for next set of items... any ideas? developer B: STACK STACK STACK :D developer A: works for me.
Jacek Tomaszewski on 6. Oct. 2017.
How would u guys rank hota vs WoL monk reg. GRift? More or less able to pull the same grift? On the fence as to what toon roll for s12 hota barb o wol monk. Cheers :)
U_Mage on 6. Oct. 2017.
wesley beer on 6. Oct. 2017.
from D3 Season 11 will be ending on the following dates and times: North America: Friday, October 20 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT Europe: Friday, October 20 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST Asia: Friday, October 20 @ 5:00 p.m. KST Season 12 will begin about three weeks afterward on the dates below: North America: Thursday, November 9 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT Europe: Thursday, November 9 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST Asia: Thursday, November 9 @ 5:00 p.m. KST Note: Season 12 will begin on a Thursday to ensure there is adequate time to respond to potential issues with Seasons before the weekend begins.
Naenlor on 6. Oct. 2017.
Why was there a huge demon in town?
Synn on 6. Oct. 2017.
whoaaahhh what are those fist transmogs
Leesa Michaels on 6. Oct. 2017.
No offense, Mr. R., but, y'know...  you kinda sound a bit like an Old Drag Racing Radio Ad… "Watch the Delectably Diabolical Dynamic Devil chase the Malformed and Misshapen Monstrously Mellow Monk through the Valley of Death in this week's Mega Monster Macho Mess-up!" watch?v=2_YmA0cd3kg "ImporTant," has a "T" in it!  Hehe...