Diablo 3 2.6.1 Necromancer Build: Pestilence GR 111+ (Guide, Season 12 PTR)

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Uploaded: 29 Sep 2017 Likes: 740
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LtSMASH324 on 5. Oct. 2017.
Land of the Dead and other heavy CDR skills are stupid in an ARPG. Corpse Lance is the best bang for your buck, but the real issue here is that you don't need to create corpses because you can just have LotD do it for you. At this point it's just so boring.
Szymon Pawłowski on 4. Oct. 2017.
Hi, can anybody do me a favour, and explain why 2p of this set makes 2000%=4000% please??
Michael Sørensen on 4. Oct. 2017.
Soo 4000% but Can you consume and use Corpse Lance at the same time? If not i Can only get it to 2000%
Lance Lindle Lee on 4. Oct. 2017.
What happens if you use devouring aura with this set during the lang of the dead?
Bob Motster on 3. Oct. 2017.
I don't like that I can't use my golem with Moribund Gauntlets for this build. That's a great endless source of corpses.
Thiago Esposito on 3. Oct. 2017.
thank you. this build looks really nice .. i'll definitely try it!
jbenkidu on 3. Oct. 2017.
nice vid ty. thought blizz wanted this set 4 rift clearing. only spears viable
simonewkk on 2. Oct. 2017.
How many CDR required?
Moshkunov Konstantin on 2. Oct. 2017.
I really like how necro is done except for one thing: ******* LAND OF THE DEAD, which is in every build, again cdr, burst damage, all that clunky boredom... It seems in the end all classes will be Archon-style gameplay. I really wish I could play some diverse necro builds, they look good, but are balanced around popping land of the dead/simulacrum crap(((((
jeston lott on 2. Oct. 2017.
Hey rhykerr do me a favor and check on my channel at the second video and see how it does bunch of random stuff , but I think you’d like it for me being a noob
Snakie on 1. Oct. 2017.
Ugh barf. I was really hoping this was something different and more interesting.
Filip Petrina on 1. Oct. 2017.
Pls new season, come soon.
RoNon on 1. Oct. 2017.
If you're popping both at the same time you're doing it wrong.
Fxu on 1. Oct. 2017.
I feel like they need to make a more diverse/balanced way in necro skills, being able to use the same set of skills for 4 item sets feels a bit strange.
kubanitos on 30. Sep. 2017.
One thing I hate about the Necromancer is the lack of really useful skills and therefor different variations to the class. There is the Corpse lance and... well that is all. All other skills are useless to provide huge damage the way I see it. This pestilence set would have been a great opportunity to make a build centered on another skill.
darkdemise99 on 30. Sep. 2017.
When is 2.6.1 going live?
Nexiee on 30. Sep. 2017.
Oh compass rose and travelers pledge, glad to see some new jewelry being used!
Злобный Телепузик on 30. Sep. 2017.
wait, what's that pet? from what I know aboot this game, it's a Murloc wearing a Blizzcon badge so I'd say you get it for purchasing this year's Blizzcon ticket. but they didn't announce it yet.
kyle on 30. Sep. 2017.
How do you click to move so fast? Also how do your clicks not make you stop and attack monsters? Thank you
shaman omk on 30. Sep. 2017.
1807B crit holy
Christopher Rolader on 30. Sep. 2017.
IGN-Ulti <3 Rhykker
Belfor09 on 30. Sep. 2017.
Seriously? 3 second 90grift boss kill? (taking my 2h mighty weapon and leave the room)
Blagovest Zlatanov on 30. Sep. 2017.
Hello Rhykker I really enjoy your builds,explanation and your attitude towards the game. I would like to ask you to please show 1 multyshot DH Marauder build. P.s. keep up the good work and dedication :)
QuasBF on 30. Sep. 2017.
Oh god, more builds built around cooldowns...
HanK Chan on 30. Sep. 2017.
i thought the guy stand behind rhykker are so kind of meat ball
Layfon Lin on 30. Sep. 2017.
FINALLY!!!! AFTER 4 REQUESTS COMMENTS ON DIFFERENT VIDEOS~~!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i prefer your in-depth explanations than other users.. though my build skills for pestilence set are different but it is worth to hear your opinions in your video.. XD
NIX on 30. Sep. 2017.
going to play Jade WD instead
Benjamin Ng. on 30. Sep. 2017.
Since Corpse Lance doesn't cost life to cast, can you drop Devour for Bone Armour?... Would you recommend that?
SuperPagal on 30. Sep. 2017.
I don't care if it can clear over GR200, playing for 10 seconds and running around for 1min+ is not fun at all. Same garbage as tragul's, seems weaker too.
holygun00 on 30. Sep. 2017.
wow people still play this game. where is robert?
Tamás Szalmási on 30. Sep. 2017.
Blizz officially came out and said there won't be any announcements for Diablo at Blizzcon. RIP Shapeshifter/Druid/Cleric.
Amocoru on 30. Sep. 2017.
Necromancer builds are the most boring of any class. I've never been so disappointed to buy an expansion.
AnarchyJesus on 30. Sep. 2017.
hate lance builds
The Hoers Corral on 30. Sep. 2017.
Hey look, another endless walk build... I'm so glad there are other jewelry sets in the game, LoN and FnR are truly great and useful parts of the game, almost as used as blackthornes now!
Don b on 30. Sep. 2017.
oh look, another corpse lance build. yawn. gg blizzard
L Siu on 30. Sep. 2017.
not another fukc up cancer BS build man
jimmygott on 30. Sep. 2017.
Yawn Tragouls with a different set name lul. Glad this upcoming season won't rely on people going Necromancer to do high GRs.
Oleg Obukhov on 30. Sep. 2017.
I despise this kind of a gameplay.
D2ezbmu on 30. Sep. 2017.
corpse lance needs nerfed and Simulacrum and Land of Dead synergy needs reworked. This set is stronger but still boring as hell.
gene colon on 30. Sep. 2017.
Again- great looking set ...boring build
Christopher Brand on 30. Sep. 2017.
Omg please blizzard buff bonestorm build again or more specifically the gem that makes it stronger lol as im typing this im trying to think of name but its not coming to my head but anyone reading knows one i mean
Eduardo Hernandez on 30. Sep. 2017.
@rhykker where did you get the pet ? I want it it's awesome
Tigerplays on 30. Sep. 2017.
Thank you again,for a great build and for a great impact in building Diablo comunity :) You're an amazing YouTuber,wish you all in the best in the future!
Ducky gamez on 30. Sep. 2017.
I want a Rathma's build that can compete with trag's :'( but now trag's is just moving
Mat 11 on 30. Sep. 2017.
lol garbage. dumbest class in the game. such a money grab
browngom on 30. Sep. 2017.
another corpse lance build. heres a suggestion for blizzard. delete Diablo 3 and make a Diablo 2 remaster.
Francisco DeTonne on 30. Sep. 2017.
I have all the sets (not optimal ofc) but I favor Inarius set as the most interesting: + have to go up close, risky and active playstyle + use Bone skills which sticks nicely with the lore
Oraiys on 30. Sep. 2017.
::Rhykker:: "Unfortunately its just so strong thanks to the combination of abilities..." Yeah and don't forget the CL ability damage itself. MOST OP skill in the game in term of base damage. Buffs still absolutely needed for al lother skills. Furthermore need some other affix' on different legendary's that buff "OTHER" skills than CL, PREFERABLY not weapons. I mean come on Blizz clearly made 2 weapons far too op and if you don't have them... welp it's nearly a useless necro now isn't it. Personally I hate how I'm pretty much forced to use those 2 weapons to do any high level content.
Aworr Teremi on 30. Sep. 2017.
Hey Rhykker "sorry for bad english" I'm a big fan of D3 and i was big fan of D2... i bought necromancer instaly when released with the hope for the classic D2 feeling/experience as necro with similar spells, like (bone armor/spear/curses/corpse exp....) tryed every possible meta build but...all made dissapoint me and as I see this Build variant still don't see any fun in necro (the Inarius was the best but its not really unique necromancer feeling) So my request is can you show any off meta Build Guide with different playstyle ? I think most of people would like something new and more possible variant for Trang/Rathma/Pestilence. Don't need to be at S or A,B Tiers just wanna see/try more possible variant maybe i get something that really fun to play with! :) Thanks for makeing these awesome Guide/Update/Vlog videos, you always make perfect concent! :)
Airmanon on 30. Sep. 2017.
I somehow get the feeling that Necromancer will still be S tier, but is it Pestilence or Tra'Goul's that will be the number one?