Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter Build for Patch 2.5 & Season 10 (PTR)

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ZerglingPack on 24. Feb. 2017.
I'm confused did they change the Aquila Cuirass? The one you show in the video says, "while above 78%..." Also I can't tell in the video, but when there is a single target like the RG does only a single knife do damage?
omeganyn on 24. Feb. 2017.
This can be improved greatly i think. This is just IMHO and not intended to slight the poster in any way. I would make a link but i can not find a working PTR gear planner so ill post this here. 1. Shadows Mantle set does not innately keep up the slow rune, you must press the key for that to work, furthermore, the range on it is very similar to the range on bane of the trapped. A better option is to use Thrill of the Hunt. 2. Instead of using the elusive ring, i would simply cube the RRoG, equip Visage of Gunes and Convention of Elements. Vengeance should have the Seeth rune on to keep hatred up so that you can get to 100% uptime on Aquila's if you go that route. 3. The endless walk set. This set is amazing, not so much if you are vaulting everywhere though. The set thrives on sitting still, not leaping everywhere. Vault does not count against it really all that much because you vault a further distance with it and lose less stacks than going the same distance while walking, however
Tr1kk1 on 24. Feb. 2017.
If they dont fix the 6 piece set bonus to work with HPS.I will stick to the Danettas.I love the speed in danettas build.This looks painfully slow
acozybunny on 24. Feb. 2017.
I 100% agree with you that strafe builds *cough* Natalya's *cough* Isn't fun to play in the slightest bit. I've despised that build ever since it became viable and wish it would just die. XD
Mirsset on 24. Feb. 2017.
This looks promising. I will try to test it on PTR soon.
Zaihon on 24. Feb. 2017.
when will patch 2.5 be live?
snobbenswe on 24. Feb. 2017.
Looking at the footage you don't have 100% uptime on your aquila cuirass. Just looking at that makes me think that there will be a better choice instead of this. However I haven't tried this build out yet so I can't be sure but imo an item that loses it's proc after every impale cast doesn't make it viable.
Dávid Tóth on 24. Feb. 2017.
As far as i know holy point shot's knives are not increased by 6 set shadow bonus, so its essentially useless, and the clears gonna be trash tier, unless blizz fixes it. They didnt reply to it beeing intentional or truly a bug yet. But if its intentional its just stupid.
Allerdyne on 24. Feb. 2017.
I've always loved the Shadow's Mantle build: I love how it takes the bow-centered Demon Hunter class and turns it on its head by turning it into a quiver-equipped knife thrower, and I love the high speed and life steal that shadow power gives you. Good to see that they're trying to make this work. I haven't tried the new holy point shot quiver, but currently I find hatred management a bit of an issue with my shadow build. It's remedied with a few passives and skills (like bolas: thunder ball) but it looks like, in the new build, the two additional knives combined with Karlei's point will make that a non-issue, allowing for more powerful options, like the Aquila's Cuirass and an extra skill slot.
Nemesis on 24. Feb. 2017.
so they fixed the HPS S6 proc?
Igor Rafael on 24. Feb. 2017.
I've heard that its not working S6 + Holy Point Shot
solomani on 24. Feb. 2017.
Hi JHow, anything interesting for the WD in 2.5?
Björn Schwieger on 24. Feb. 2017.
Is it 95+ or not? For high GR i go for M6 For low GR i go for UE So tell me why should i use this?
veryblackraven on 24. Feb. 2017.
What's with that Aquila Cuirass you're showing at 8:56? Why its legendary property reads 78%? I thought it rolled with 90-95%. Have they changed it? On the build itself. I hope they'll make that 40k% dmg from S6 trigger from all the 3 knives you throw with the new quiver.
Jimmy Blocksom on 24. Feb. 2017.
Can't wait for 2.5 and Season 10 :D
xSomeLameNamex ! on 24. Feb. 2017.
Great video. Hoping it turns out the way you're showing based on PTR. Pretty new to D3, but I love DH.
Scott Nahler on 24. Feb. 2017.
Are u left handed?
rG1vZ on 24. Feb. 2017.
what gr level is the clear?
nightfallDT on 23. Feb. 2017.
Did they fix Shadow Power's Night Bane? In season 9, I've noticed the effect does not actually apply unless you cast Shadow Power again, so in reality you're not really slowing anyone when you have it active (unless you're recasting it all the time)
Speedyey on 23. Feb. 2017.
This is awesome, this build looks so fun! its just something with the fact that the 6 peice bonus gives u 40.000% dmg thats apealing with this set XD
Jared Long on 23. Feb. 2017.
WD won't like the AOE this puts out and doesn't seem that it can replace them. What do you see the meta group being including this spec?
Adryan on 23. Feb. 2017.
I'm using 4 piece Shadow's for Speed Farming right now. It's more fun than M6 Sentry & Natalya Strafe even at some point UE Multishot. I played DH this season & have almost all Ancients on every single DH build. IDK if I'll play this class next season but this buff is very interesting.
duranthor canto gladius on 23. Feb. 2017.
Why not use Visage of Gunes in the cube and take the stun rune for vengence? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/visage-of-gunes
Hugh Mungus on 23. Feb. 2017.
No Chemical Burn? Then it's not a 1000 degree knife
DatShadyGuy on 23. Feb. 2017.
I've noticed almost every weapon has an emerald in it instead of a ruby. Is there that big of a DPS difference between them? If so, should I just slot an emerald in my weapon instead?
dobsen19 on 23. Feb. 2017.
Hi ! Nice build. just wondering if you should max. IAS or maybe switch to Area Dmg. i mean the bonus only applies to the first target isn´t it ? besides that you get the IAS bonus from gogok´s. maybe that way you can delete mob packs faster
Hjörtur Ólafsson on 23. Feb. 2017.
Fingers crossed for it to be part of 4 man meta.
Fino Diez on 23. Feb. 2017.
diablo 3...die already. period.