[Diablo 3] Greater Rift 113 Whirlwind Barb (2.6.1 PTR)

Creator: chainer1988 Views: 8734
Uploaded: 28 Sep 2017 Likes: 143
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 8

VERGILDEVILL on 19. Oct. 2017.
oh u r back...is this new account..someone said u got banned for botting
KniteGraffiti on 18. Oct. 2017.
why are you pausing?
opvask on 14. Oct. 2017.
doing gr113 without war cry is kinda impressive
Luiz Abujamra on 10. Oct. 2017.
so much skill to play this game lol paragon ruined this game
Robert Kempe on 9. Oct. 2017.
wb chainer!
Larry Waite on 7. Oct. 2017.
Brian cox on 3. Oct. 2017.
Was this pre-nerf from the lastest patch or after?
Gertrude Furiosa on 30. Sep. 2017.
Gg ! Really good maps, config. But Bul-Kathos is with you. Nice work barbarian !
Jimmy Carlson on 30. Sep. 2017.
500% dmg nerf to ww yesterday.
Badea on 29. Sep. 2017.
Chainer cheats, he got banned for using bots. And GR113 is easy when you are paragon 3800+
RtE Weirdo on 29. Sep. 2017.
I thought I was mistaken when I saw you in my sub box again
Jacob Pettersson on 29. Sep. 2017.
welcome back chainer!!
Masaiya Lee on 28. Sep. 2017.
Good stuff bro. Glad your back
Fei-Chun Tsao on 28. Sep. 2017.
Barb Rank #1 will be taken by Chainer again
Bruce Miller on 28. Sep. 2017.
Glad to see you back Chainer!
bennynutts16 on 28. Sep. 2017.
plz put the next +5 para points into the green screen
roydamanna on 28. Sep. 2017.
Gj jesus! uhmm I mean Chainer! :D
Pooltergeist1 on 28. Sep. 2017.
Barb got buffed = Chainer is back
DarkPaulo2010 on 28. Sep. 2017.
he is back!! you are awesome man.
Usaf Raja on 28. Sep. 2017.
great hair bro btw :D! gz
Svetern on 28. Sep. 2017.
This video is not allowded :/