Diablo 3 - Monk Build Inna's Army (Patch 2.4.3) Season 9

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Zantar on 19. Jan. 2017.
Is there a reason your running bane of the trapped instead of Gogok of Swiftness? I've been running this build for the past week using Gogok of Switfness for the increased attack speed, dodge, and CDR. I was just wondering what your thoughts on how the two compare to each other.
Ahren Starr on 19. Jan. 2017.
If you don't activate the mantra often, why not have the Mystic Ally on your bar so you can activate that for extra damage?
David Carter on 19. Jan. 2017.
Fellow ufc,joe rogan, and d3 fan. Subscribed!
brimborion- on 18. Jan. 2017.
Do you have the stat priorities per slot listed anywhere?
Leesa Michaels on 18. Jan. 2017.
Thanx... Why don't you put these up at diablofans /builds so we can study them.
2 YUNGZ on 18. Jan. 2017.
capable GR100+ four-man?? with heal supports and another dps??
Anaksimandar Devnull on 18. Jan. 2017.
This is nice, however, why not use Mystic Ally for spirit instead of Breath of Heaven? It should return more spirit, shouldn't it?
shona sheng on 18. Jan. 2017.
so u said its dashing strike with radiance?? but your skill rune shows blinding speed?? which one is it?
Jason Johnson on 18. Jan. 2017.
I love the inna's
Adryan on 18. Jan. 2017.
For some reason RNG gave me a complete Ancient Inna's set even though I use Sunwoko this season.
NakedAvanger on 18. Jan. 2017.
Is this the best set to go for with monk atm? Btw is it spamy? I hate spam builds cause I don't like to rape my keyboard
Joshua Gregory on 18. Jan. 2017.
"im gonna show a new build for monks" Proceeds to show the same build every diablo streamer/video maker is showing lol
tripleblue85 on 17. Jan. 2017.
I've tried something similar to this but with Depth Diggers in cube and Crudest Boots and Lefevre's Soliloquy equipped. Will your build be better for GRifts due to the 25% attack speed increase from the 2pc Raiment? Thanks for the build video!
SirPhoenix Knight on 17. Jan. 2017.
dont know where your seeing Innas on the top 10 leaderboard for season 9 mate looked like 2 days ago not a innas in the top 20+ all Gen monks with Riaments set and the occasional sunwuko..
patrick shol on 17. Jan. 2017.
Do a sunwuko build next time :)
Nex ins on 17. Jan. 2017.
Any sunwuko build coming soon :/?
LOZARATOR on 17. Jan. 2017.
First, notice me senpai. I'm top 500 Raiment monk this season :P http://plays.tv/video/587d78caab8cc56125/gr79-raiment-monk-rank472-season9-highlights-diablo3?from=user