Diablo 3 - Monk Sunwuko Build (Patch 2.4.3) Season 9

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Rich Gill on 30. Jan. 2017.
What is better 2 1handed weapons or a 2handed weapon . I am not sure if I am meant to get my Dex DPS up or the DPS on the inventory part of you screen. when I use 2 1hander the Dex DPS is higher then the 2 hander. But the DPS on the inventory screen is higher with a 2hander then 2 1handers.
Rich Gill on 30. Jan. 2017.
I tried my 1st GR last night. :) I Don't know why but I got killed on the 1st set of mobs, I don't not see it was set to T1 GR 13 as my 1st run on GR. Would of thought it would of been set at GR 10/11 not T1 GR3, I will try again tonight but at GR 11 or 12 not GR 13 T1 any advice ? this is my 1st try at season play. not got any sets yet not sure where u get them (I guess GRs) got 2 things for the cube thing but not part of any sets.Char name is Nazull
INFAMOUS ™ on 28. Jan. 2017.
It's pronounce as Wukong
Mekto89 on 27. Jan. 2017.
This build is ok but only for solo tX farm... If u wan to do more dmg go for sunwuko LTK build, or for lon LTK
DanZi “DanZi” Rulez on 26. Jan. 2017.
I have the incense and cider in the cube, ingeom and kyo blade in hand. One gem I don't get... the green bande of the trapped... since WoL will be cast far far away, I think the effect of that gem will not actually realise... is it not the case?
Semirotta on 26. Jan. 2017.
Wow that build sucks :D
Daniel Rausand on 25. Jan. 2017.
Dual wield Kyroshiro and the sweeping wind fist weapon. 9x1000 dmg for 2nd bonus of the set :) works really well.
Tobias Pedersen on 25. Jan. 2017.
Why not use kyoshiros + scarbringer and incense in kube? More attacks per sec pluss extra stacks
Grand Imperius on 25. Jan. 2017.
too slow because of weapon and runs out of 3 sweeping wind quickly. not as strong or fast as dual wielding.
SirPhoenix Knight on 25. Jan. 2017.
actually you should use the Kyroshrio's Blade and have the torch in the cube freeing up the second weapon slot for crystal fist. which is the build i suggest and then you can drop unity for zodiac and will have 100% up time on Epiphany or close to it when spamming wave of light. and your dashes back quicker keeping up both the crystal fist 50% dmg reduction proc and the 40% blinding speed proc.
MAG G on 25. Jan. 2017.
This build is all wrong. You are telling people to use gear that does not optimize damage. It is probably the worst monk build video I have seen.
Adryan on 25. Jan. 2017.
this build is trash.if you want to be ranged go dh or wiz. wasted 2 weeks with wol
Daniel Cooper on 25. Jan. 2017.
Sunwuko LTK is way stronger than Wave of Light. LTK let's you use Nemesis Bracers, In-Geom and can even use Focus and Restraint for even more damage. WoL can do T10 - T11 with ease but LTK can do T13 while wearing Sage's set for crazy Death's Breaths farming.
gordon009 on 25. Jan. 2017.
is Vengeful Wind useful for this build? Sweeping wind stacks increases by 6-7
So /b/ mate on 25. Jan. 2017.
Would it be nicer to have Kyoshiro's blade and Vengeful Wind on hand with the torch diabo in the Kanai's cube?
evan water on 25. Jan. 2017.
May be wrong place but for my Lite hammerdin crusader do you think I should be using diamonds instead of rubies?
Corey Velazquez on 24. Jan. 2017.
Wave of Light is so much stronger as a LoN build.
Ythelastnerd on 24. Jan. 2017.
Incense Torch goes in the cube. You should equipping Kyoshiro and using Vengeful Wind as your offhand to get more SW stacks. This build is rubbish for greater rifts anyway, not strong enough for 90's, only viable for normal rift runs. Sunwuko is locked in to be combined with RORG, no matter which version you use. Blizzard need to make Sunwuko boots as a 7th piece to create more variety, and release the necessity of combining with RORG.
Michael Jordahl on 24. Jan. 2017.
What if your not a pussy and you play hardcore is this still a viable build?
Geldgeiler Gnom on 24. Jan. 2017.
sry mate ... i play this build last season on 75 grifts with 700 paragon ... your wappons are wrong ... pls cange your wappon with this in your cube and do the wappon of the ltk build within your build you will get 130% chd more and mor stats because of 2 wappons ... take the obsidian eing instead of reduc dmg ring ... take nemisis instead of your item in the cube ist very nice ... gemsones the range stone ... the more dmg after _ sec after killing big ones ... dmg over time/ more Elite dmg thats the best build ... max chc and chd on maximum you dont need vita in this build
kieran hall on 24. Jan. 2017.
how do you change your skill menu so its like that?
Sander Oppeel on 24. Jan. 2017.
don't use this build people... only 10 bil dmg. Cube the torch and go dual wield with kyoshiro's and vengeful wind (crystal fist if you're squishy). i get between 20 and 30 bil per bell and they drop faster. put an oculus ring on your follower and you can buff them up to around 40 bil dmg while standing in the murder ring
CrilletOreoZ on 24. Jan. 2017.
Swap crudest boots for a cindercoat and swap unity passive for the guardians path. Also have the onehanded wave of light weapon on you aswell with the weapon that increases sweeping wind stacks. OR you can go the cool fun build and use the weapon when you have epiphany on your spells mimic on a close enemy.
nachtdrache on 24. Jan. 2017.
How does area damage pair with this build?
KaX321 on 24. Jan. 2017.
Well epiphany + wol got fixed this patch, so you can actually play this properly now.
Anthony Siani on 24. Jan. 2017.
I had more success pushing further with this build using the Torch in the cube and equipping Vengeful Wind and Kyoshiro's. Reason why: With Oculus on follower, you can take advantage of it's procs much more, even when it spawns in groups of enemies and not lose SW while taking advantage of that extra damage. Pushed mine to 86 Hardcore. At time, I was using BoTP. I've since switched to Stricken
Svetern on 24. Jan. 2017.
But this build was used by Queen69
Justin McCullough on 24. Jan. 2017.
MrMisterMan on 24. Jan. 2017.
i use this build but with inna's set
Shade Gaming on 24. Jan. 2017.
first XDDdDDDDDDddd kill me