Diablo 3 Necromancer Pestilence Speed Farming Build

Creator: Thang N. Views: 3259
Uploaded: 9 Nov 2017 Likes: 33
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 2

Zombie Brainz on 9. Nov. 2017.
Bone spear procs zodiac which reduces your cooldown. During the initial rift, you could have targeted a mob to reset LotD. I’ve done a GR80 in 2 mins with this build.
zchronos on 9. Nov. 2017.
Cool to see you back man Thanks for the video
Semirotta on 9. Nov. 2017.
There was only two builds I liked. Bonearmor chill speed run for rifts and in GRs I loved support necro.