Diablo 3 Patch 2.5 REVEALED! Primal Ancients? Armory! Crafting Material Storage! (Season 10)

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Anestis Kostaras on 1. Feb. 2017.
The man who made the Armory " GIVE THAT MAN A COOKIE!!!!!!!! " From the depths of our heart we thank you!!!!!! Now for the Primal Ancients i prefer the bloody thing you suggested,it looks more awsome :) And the "only" way to get those Primal Ancients will be Canai's Cube and reforge,it may be a little too much grind but i heared an idea ( it was from another youtuber ) instead of crafting materials to use like 3 Same Ancients to reforge them to a Primal Ancient of that type of item...Well if Blizzard didn't hand us over the Set ( it isn't verry hard to complete Journal 1 to 4 to get the set ) perhaps it would "take" a little longer to grind your gear?? ( i don't know, i am not sure about this one.. ) Anyway i love the changes they make and i can't wait to see how the PTR will go. :)
Jaerek on 1. Feb. 2017.
diablo 3 ded gaem
Wakka's Al Bhed Potion on 1. Feb. 2017.
Next major patch: Cosmic Primal Ancient.
gestucv olonor on 1. Feb. 2017.
In short no real content on the horizon.
Bruno Campos on 1. Feb. 2017.
The only thing I want more than the Armory is the Necro!
Alex O on 1. Feb. 2017.
Here's the issue, and I've been saying this for YEARS, I've been writing it on forums, and telling to to blizzard. They implimented the wrong shit into the wrong game. They put garrisons into WoW. What they should have done is put them into diablo. Because no one gives a fuck about collecting gear just to get more gear forever. It's boring. And frankly trying to "revive" a game by not providing any real incentive to keep playing is dumb. If they would just add in garrisons and make things in them cost gold then we could have a reason to keep playing and then garrisons could battle other garrisons for map control or something of that nature.
UltimegaSeven on 1. Feb. 2017.
LITERALLY running out of ideas. No new sets to lix it up, just more damage numbers...
calixhorroris on 1. Feb. 2017.
They should make a list of recipes on the cube so you can just click the one you want instead of having to scroll through to the right one.
Luis Calero on 1. Feb. 2017.
horrible idea to add another tier ancient lvl now it just looks like thy completely ran out of ideas thy should just focus on every set piece n legendary item n make all the different gear all viable so every class cn have variety n a place to compete thats all thy have to do to make d3 great again
Ratko Batinic on 1. Feb. 2017.
None of this makes any difference...its essentially the same game over and over and over again. Even with necro people will jump on for about month, two tops and it will just fade. Not to mention it comes out in the second half of 2017, that can be in September. We have Lineage Eternal coming out this year and Arch Age...i dont see the reason to stick to Diablo 3. We had amazing run, i got my money worth 100 times but the time has come to say bye bye :)
Wesker End on 1. Feb. 2017.
Full geared in 1 week? I think I still have lots to learn.
Chilly01234 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Why don't they just make a new item rarity type like Epic or Unique which have better/multiple legendary bonuses, this primal ancient thing is just a boring way to add power creep compared to reworking sets and older legendaries.
Luis Calero on 1. Feb. 2017.
bigdaddyden just tried da barber build in ptr still trash
CoconutCrow on 1. Feb. 2017.
I started playing D3 late December, so the grind is still fresh to me. A little more RNG doesn't effect me that much, esp. since I don't see myself climbing GR leaderboards substantially. For the people who DO wanna climb, who've been playing pre-ROS, and ESPECIALLY for those with nearly-perfected builds, I can see where adding Primal Ancients would be a shit move by Blizzard.
Russ on 1. Feb. 2017.
Rather than fixing the drop rate or making crafting worth a fuck like any other good game, just give us primal ancients sure....thats what...makes a game good -_- So sets are still the bane of this game along side endless gr/gem leveling/paragons? Gotcha, see ya never as usual.
Grimde on 1. Feb. 2017.
You killed me at your Armory name sets xD
Molebomb on 1. Feb. 2017.
10:20, turn captions on. Maybe it just me, but I agree, definitely not a problem.
htid84 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Finally i can get rid of 3 of my 4 barbs lol
AdmiralBrendson on 1. Feb. 2017.
Well I'm just pissed cause out of all the platforms I could've bought Diablo for I bought it for xbox 360...
Richard Aka Silver on 1. Feb. 2017.
These changes are absolutely amazing seeing as how I just recently starting turning my support monk into a speedrun ltk build but switching is a royal pain.
flogi333 on 1. Feb. 2017.
What is your source on the diablo "Interest over time" chart?
Ryu Makkuro on 1. Feb. 2017.
Majority of my ancients are on the items I don't need. And when I do get an ancient on an item I need, the stats are beyond rubbish. So a primal ancient is for me essentially a joy killer. What I'd prefer is for the Mystic to be able to change more than just one stat on an item, cause otherwise, I ain't even bothering to play this anymore... apart from when Necromancer comes out. But honestly, with my bad luck, I get so bad gear that by the time everyone are running Torment 13 easily, I'm still having survivability issues on T6. That just makes me want to stop playing before I even get my seasonal goals. Way before I get them in fact... This was never an issue in D2, since your damage came out mainly from skills, not just purely from gear -_-
deathdealer355 on 1. Feb. 2017.
,i agree a more interesting effect, and maybe even higher states than 60% more states than a normal piece of gear
Raul A.E on 1. Feb. 2017.
Okay, the "saving builds wardrobe" WAS A MUST SINCE THE FIRST DAY. GOOD DAMN,, THANKS.
Sneaky Singy on 1. Feb. 2017.
...sooo how will the armory work with HC play? Upon death will you lose everything you have saved as your builds or just what is equipped? Penny for you thoughts. Love your content. Thanks! :)
Merlino berry on 1. Feb. 2017.
Can't figure anything to say but smiling. 1) Smile cuz people think Diablo is something to even talk about. 2) Cuz once u play PoE, all your problems are solved at once. U wanna have a better day? Steam > PoE > Install > Play... is all that simple? Yes sir. Have all a good day. By the way, would really love to see Rhykker give some love to a more deserving Game, whic might even translate into a good thing for him and this channel. Who knows...
lex1247 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Frak Primal items...not needed at all.
Jim on 1. Feb. 2017.
meng shu on 1. Feb. 2017.
the devs are giving up on the game thats why they keep adding no content and shit content
Thomas Kalvaag on 1. Feb. 2017.
The question is. If you are playing hardcore and have 5 sets in your armory. Will you then loose all the items from the armory when you die as well ? :o or just what you have on you ?
Gabe Montoya on 1. Feb. 2017.
Instead of the red, why not try something completely random? Like purple??
Ege Baysal on 1. Feb. 2017.
I'm not excited, I ain't playing it anytime soon. I had enough of this type of games in general...
Box Box Box Gaming on 1. Feb. 2017.
ancient weapon within a week? I'm like paragon 500 and STILL don't have my ancient harvester for 2.4.3 lol
R4ND0M1ZER on 1. Feb. 2017.
So the primal ancients are a new reason for the hardcore base to continue playing. The material storage upgrade is nice for everybody and the armory is nice for everybody with more than 1 build as well. The "no bonus area bounty" back to the roots redesign should be profitable for the whole community. And people are bitching about primal ancients and that they destry the game QQ. Since Diablo isnt competetive, unless you grift push the ladder and wanted to get the new items anyway, it only affects you positive in that you might be able to clear a higher grift if you get a lucky drop. People need to chill.
TheJWUZZLE on 1. Feb. 2017.
Does the armory pull out of your stash or do you have to have the equipment on you already?
John Thompson on 1. Feb. 2017.
Dat 20 Trillion crit on the RG at 7:21
Not Worth on 1. Feb. 2017.
im hard
Yukmout B on 1. Feb. 2017.
lol lets add more garbage to gamble for instead of actually playing the game ! garbage.
sepfirem on 1. Feb. 2017.
finaly some changes that will get me back to game
Fishking on 1. Feb. 2017.
I so want to still like this game. Game it, feel the close to dead-feeling, the happiness of getting the right item at max level. But the game have no feels anymore. I'm sad. it had so much potential if the devs just wanted to, still I Really hope that new patches and classes are the blanket, hiding Diablo IV. Peas out!
USF on 1. Feb. 2017.
Welp, looks like I'm done with Diablo 3 then. Primal Ancients idea is just stupid.
hangender on 1. Feb. 2017.
nothing wrong with power creep.
Puff Tart on 1. Feb. 2017.
The woman in the thumbnail looks like a rip off Morrigan from Dragon Age
imperius55 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Please god no more ancients
Maurice Webb on 1. Feb. 2017.
D3 will go full WoW and introduce Artifact Weapons with their own skills, levels and progression.
Tony W on 1. Feb. 2017.
awesome feature changes! really excited for kanai's cube most!
S1nwar on 1. Feb. 2017.
this patch basically streamlines the game a bit more by removing stupid features(crafting storage, bonus bounties and having to manually switch builds) and adds a new droptable on top of the existng content. thats not very much content i must say^^
Gabriel Reyes on 1. Feb. 2017.
I had a question because now with the armory. Does it kinda get rid of the need of a jeweler when switching gems