Diablo 3 - Patch 2.5.0 PTR Notes (Armory is HERE)

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videoradeon on 1. Feb. 2017.
hahaahah you cant store all itens for 5 builds.... multply by 6 classes! lol blizard! You suck cock blizzard!
Geo Shetler on 1. Feb. 2017.
STOKED! Talked about the Crafting Tab for the latest patch and behold NOGO. IMO cannot get here soon enough.
Jon Llado on 1. Feb. 2017.
Hi Jay, the armory is so cool... i haven't tried PTR yet... but my question is... do we also save character slot using this new features ? like before what we have 2 char, 1 DPS and 1 DPS = 2 Character... OR this is only for switching builds ?
Robert on 1. Feb. 2017.
dose it take the gear out also freeing up stash space? that would be sweet.
Spencer Kaufman on 1. Feb. 2017.
2.5 looks siiiick
Dukker Jammish on 1. Feb. 2017.
Rimeheart should be made to work like Manald Heal, removing the requirement for the enemy to be hard CC'd for it to proc.
Kiryu Ga Gotoku on 1. Feb. 2017.
*We added Power Creep with Ancient Legendaries. Then we doubled it!*
gullf1sk on 1. Feb. 2017.
Crafting materials should not get its own space. Crafting materials is stuff that SHOULD take space if you want to have it in the bank or on your person.
Andre Senger on 1. Feb. 2017.
Yeah Finally!^^
이중훈 on 1. Feb. 2017.
give me a pet that picks up souls.
wxmyjnsn on 1. Feb. 2017.
Also I was hoping the cap of 50 paragon points would be increased to 100 as we keep playing and progressing it is quite boring to get more paragons. On that note why not just auto allocate the paragon after 800 to main stat?
zemekiel on 1. Feb. 2017.
Man, that Armory is perfect for botting and sequencing between farming chars and GR pushing chars. What's next, Blizzard sells bot in Blizzard Store?
wxmyjnsn on 1. Feb. 2017.
Question about the Armory. As I level up my gems do I have to resave the build to the armory or does it update as I play? Also, it looked like when you changed builds the items that were equipped went into your inventory. Is that how it works because then this not really helpful. I was hoping the armory would be a virtual character that could just be loaded and switched with having to store the gear in my stash of that makes sense. BTW so weird to see you in the video. Not what I expected. lol
Ultimate Reality on 1. Feb. 2017.
JHow Gaming - Could you explain or do a video on 'how' to get on the PTR, the pros and cons, is it worth doing, what happenes to your character/and items when PTR is over, are you better off just waiting for the patch, will do you gain and or lose by loading PTR?
DARK DRAKONIS on 1. Feb. 2017.
do you need to keep the gems in the gear or does it auto socket ?
Emczes on 1. Feb. 2017.
I"ve been farming Ancient weapon to improve my dps and at the end of the day I droped it but... stats were shi...now here we go again... Blizz give us more freedom with modification of existing items instead of creating random generated Primals!!!
MrHatterr on 1. Feb. 2017.
I have yet to see an increase in paragon limititation. I have heaps of paragon points that I can not allocate, this is a waste. Nice to see this new stuff. I still want to gear my follower with full armor thou.
ripperman25 on 1. Feb. 2017.
WTF blizzard, why would the armory not store the items? Do you seriously expect any players to have enough storage space for 5 builds?
al91176 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Wow, that's some great changes!
Carollee Champion on 1. Feb. 2017.
Are Primal Ancients account bound ?
SimonsGotAGun on 1. Feb. 2017.
When you switch gear, is the gear that you are swapping with or the gear that gets removed "stored" in the armory or is placed in your stash. Meaning, do you still have to use stash space for all the sets you might want to swap into or out of?
Notarealnamereally on 1. Feb. 2017.
Patch 3.0.0 Preview - Extreme Nephalem Horadrim Unique Feral Primal Ancient items -- Legendary and Set items will now have a chance to roll as Extreme Nephalem Horadrim Unique Feral Primal Ancient. -- These items are more rare than Nephalem Horadrim Unique Feral Primal Ancient items and have increased stat ranges. Developer Commentary: Our new invention Extreme Nephalem Horadrim Unique Feral Primal Ancient Legendary/Set items will be the final nail in PoE's coffin. Also, can you please stop playing D2 we really want to shut down the servers.
Ace Strife on 1. Feb. 2017.
Really wish the armory actually stored the items so we have more room in our stash for all our characters.. As it stands I have an account full of like 8 mule characters carrying so much crap to the point where my actual characters all have full inventories and I basically can't play the game. Also I don't like the crafting mat storage.. wish it was its own tab and not a weirdly placed button in the inventory that brings out a sidebar. And primal ancients, loooooool. This is such a cheap, half assed way to try and extend the gameplay time. As someone who can't stand trying to get ancient items so they can actually improve their character (my luck is atrocious), this will just hurt me and other people like me even more.
OneButton Dash on 1. Feb. 2017.
this is amazing
AdamLW71 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Are they going to make primal items drop with great guaranteed roll? I cant imagine one dropping and being totally garbage having spent many more hours trying to get one than an ancient. It just makes the people that play it for hrs be even more further a field than the casual player. I say this is the death of D3 for a 3rd of its players
Marcin Homel on 1. Feb. 2017.
Diablo 3 patch 3.0.0 - autoplay
K4NSAS on 1. Feb. 2017.
Look like some really awesome changes if you ask me...
fan bogo on 1. Feb. 2017.
Shut noobs and fu retards, i love the idea with primal this game maybe you forgot motfuc its about to drop better shit if you want stay in same place gtfo bjaacz, good movie man thanks, and no more retards in T12 t13 fukkng leachers. Everything change dude use to it
Rikitikisiki on 1. Feb. 2017.
The public requirements with solo grift clears are too low. Torment XIII should be 70 at least.
codica666 on 1. Feb. 2017.
Too bad the armory does not bring additional storage space. It would have been nice if it worked like a chest where you could dump all the build components.
CADPgamer on 1. Feb. 2017.
I do hope there is more. As it stands, I'm not going to be coming back to the game if all they're adding is QoL changes that should have been introduced earlier.
Kyle Tamminen on 1. Feb. 2017.
I play on PS4; about how long after the PC updates go live are they made available for us console peons? I ask because I actually REALLY like a lot of the new changes. The Armory alone would let me free up my character slots since I run multiples of certain characters and get less save slots than PC players do.
prdi ludi on 1. Feb. 2017.
man they butchered this game and diablo name so much i wish i never played it. thats it going back to d2
loki665zx9 on 1. Feb. 2017.
JUST MAKE A FREAKIN LEGENDARY > ANCIENT LEGENDARY > PRIMAL ANCIENT LEGENDARY *UPGRADE METHOD* FFS Freakin stupid random shyt FARM for 2 months or freakin 2 minutes! !#$!#$# idiotic shyt..
Jeffrey Harrison on 1. Feb. 2017.
Stop blinking!!!
lunaticprophet on 1. Feb. 2017.
WOW.. 4.5 yrs after the game is released..when the game is all but DEAD! The MORONS at BLIZZARD Decide to add the .0005% of code necessary to add more storage space. instead of some imagination to CREATE NEW gear we get..Primal Gear! LOL And a Rimeheart(!!) that WHAT class will use??!! LOL Another item that's bn useless since since its release! I remember being so happy to find my ancient rime ..then I used it!! LOL USELESS
pitiful anonymous on 1. Feb. 2017.
It's so easy a caveman could do it.
Veng Ven on 1. Feb. 2017.
Oh praise Gaben! Oh wait..
Mikael JT on 1. Feb. 2017.
PTR already? we are just about to only hit s month in the season.
Thetracker69 on 1. Feb. 2017.
What happens if you have like 3 stacks of crafting mats? does it actually stack up in your "crafting storage"? so you can theoretically have unlimited crafting mats? I seriously have like 4 stacks of each crafting mat (non death's breath). So if I don't have to worry about a max limit, I'll be happier than a bug in a rug with a mug of coffee.
KennFTW on 1. Feb. 2017.
spirit barrage baby!
Tommy Pham on 1. Feb. 2017.
Blizzard is thinking about us serious players. I am so happy how fast and convenient you can change your build with that new armory feature! Thanks for the info Jhow!
Scott S on 1. Feb. 2017.
primal ancients are trash and should not be in game
kazejinfire on 1. Feb. 2017.
So... Bigger numbers. What a ground breaking patch.
Romire Entertainment on 1. Feb. 2017.
Darth Karnis on 1. Feb. 2017.
Hey everyone, let me know when crying fixes anything.
Baron Bishop on 1. Feb. 2017.
is it per character?