Diablo 3 Roland's Legacy Patch 2.5 Showcase & Gameplay

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Uploaded: 11 Feb 2017 Likes: 23
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Ivan Margenov on 11. Feb. 2017.
You shouldn't say x build will be meta for next season because next season is 2-3 PTR patches away. my 2 cents
skittleshenley on 11. Feb. 2017.
thank u showed ur like of witch doctor in a crusader showcase lol
skinnister on 11. Feb. 2017.
BTW whos doing the pulling, you or the follower?
skinnister on 11. Feb. 2017.
I love this build but I do miss the shield bash, 6 piece says sweep or shield bash but here is no point because sweep is the only viable option right now.
iMerpys on 11. Feb. 2017.
My first set on my Crusader was the Rolands set. I didn't even want it but fate has it. It gave me a full Ancient set in the first 2 days.