Diablo 3 - Wizard Best Build (Patch 2.4.3) Season 9 Lightning Archon

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Uploaded: 22 Jan 2017 Likes: 391
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- - on 2. Feb. 2017.
Where does the "Caildienas Dispair" come from on the ring? How do you get it? Thanks.
O Fulero on 1. Feb. 2017.
This video made me change my class, i'll make now a wizard, Ty Jhow
santaslayer77 on 31. Jan. 2017.
the Furnace does not proc with the Manald heal at all. No one uses the furnace anymore
Chi-Town Prince on 29. Jan. 2017.
When I look on the top Wiz player's profile, his Wiz doesn't have some items or abilities anymore. For instance, he cubed Starfire, he is using Mammoth Hydra, using Pig Sticker, using Lacuni Bracers just to name a few. Is this video outdated or is Battle.net telling me wrong information?
Monster Steve (SRTtoZ) on 29. Jan. 2017.
Just geared up for this and hit 60% CDR and wow this build rocks man. I went from doing like T8-10 trying so hard not to die with my firebird set to just wrecking the higher torments without even breaking a sweat. Also got some sweet 20% lightning Nemesis bracers with 6% crit/int/vit. I did however swap out the energy twister for blizzard, I think as long as I keep the cold damage i'm good.
Liam Lundy on 29. Jan. 2017.
I have geared for this and have really really nice rolls on everything however, am not nearly as survivable as in the vid. I have no clue what I'm doing dofferent
Akizen on 28. Jan. 2017.
Love how everyone has to copy the rank 1's build every season to be competitive.
Russell Nixon on 28. Jan. 2017.
Also when i go Combustion my Archon does Fire dmg no matter what I do ... he is running lightning
Ayemus on 27. Jan. 2017.
Nice build, and pls reconsider the Furnace because it's not working with MH proc (probably bug) :) cheers and keep up :3
Joshua Hacker on 26. Jan. 2017.
Is there a written guide to this? I am super intrigued by it.
AdamLW71 on 26. Jan. 2017.
I'm face slamming these monsters sometimes and its doing no damage what so ever and then all of a sudden I'll kill an elite pack within 0.1 of a sec. Why is this?
Sneaky Singy on 26. Jan. 2017.
4:16 clearly not viable for HC . Awwww, lol.
BelphDies Alot on 26. Jan. 2017.
isnt The Furnance bugged or something ? i could swear ive seen the players in chat talking bout that
Kellen Green on 25. Jan. 2017.
Why Tal Rasha over Vyr's 6pc?
Morphl1 on 24. Jan. 2017.
is there a diablofans or builder build post for this at all please?
Damien Baka on 24. Jan. 2017.
I've tried the Vyr Rasha with Ranslor's Folly bracers instead of Ashnagarr's but I don't have enough shield and die very easily out of archon so I went back to the most famous version of the build.
invictus6948 on 24. Jan. 2017.
Yo Jhow.... Is it this build got bug.....? haha
Dark Dave on 23. Jan. 2017.
I took a look at it and came to the conclusion that all you can do is look at it ;) , Another great guide TY!
ghfhgfuuu on 23. Jan. 2017.
jhow the starfire is better in the cube since elite damage and ele% dmg both do not increase MH procs or damage. then wear deathwish for 35% AT:SD dmg.
Iustin Traista on 23. Jan. 2017.
Glad to see the Fire Wiz era is over, it was getting boring.
fatalis arx on 23. Jan. 2017.
you could show variant of this build at least,!!!!
Chex Mex on 23. Jan. 2017.
i cant find the furnace :(
kiero1236 on 23. Jan. 2017.
I only just picked up Diablo 3 myself. Great to see that truly skilled players are still wrecking it. Cleared a level 40 the other day solo, yahooo! Keep up the good work fellas! =)
Tusktuki on 22. Jan. 2017.
Hey JHow, One thing I think would be nice is to either use the bottom left hand screen to call out the paragon priorities for the builds like you used to have. Or to have abilities Descriptions and gear sets to occupy that space. Or even break points on the stats you need to get started. Just something to occupy that dead space there.
Alexander Arceo on 22. Jan. 2017.
Wizards can have this but hellcat waist guard doesn't work with sentries. Just wow.
Matt Shaud on 22. Jan. 2017.
People still play this? Lol
mortusqz on 22. Jan. 2017.
jhow you said stricken but in background gameplay stricken is swaped for gogok ! and you forgot about possible tweaks for example pig sticker as main weapon and starfire cubed
MrMisterMan on 22. Jan. 2017.
8:35 did you really just hit a mob for fucking 477 BILLION?
evan tabor on 22. Jan. 2017.
nice ty wat is ur battletag in d3 i have good support barb i can help u out with