Diablo 3 Zunimassa Patch 2.5 Showcase & Gameplay

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DINFILTRATOR on 11. Feb. 2017.
Hey, Thang N na mo, can you make a video featuring the new Holy Point Shot legendary power? Then, kindly suggest that it should have a (75-100)% bonus Impale damage. Since the Deadman's Legacy and the Bombardier's Rucksack got those extra bonus damage, in order to really buff the under performing Shadow's Mantle Impale Build. And at least close to Balance the sets. Thank you and GOD BLESS!
MrWarHeals PvP on 11. Feb. 2017.
Try using hunt poison spirt to stack stricken stacks and the rift guardians melt
skinnister on 10. Feb. 2017.
moving the pets over to Zuni makes so much more sense and the pet builds can now get devastatingly high dmg, my thoughts anyway.
setekh79 on 10. Feb. 2017.
Acid cloud eh? I did an 84 on PTR using haunt poisioned spirit instead of acid cloud. I definitely think that Zuni gargs is superior to HT gargs as of PTR right now, problem is that you need to tap all enemies for them to take the extra damage but it's a minor thing and can be overcome with some practice. I also tried doing a group setup using starmetal kukri and BBV with my pull monk friend, was clearing 86 with ease.
Sesla Houi on 10. Feb. 2017.
I just tried this build yesterday...and played all day! But I still kill faster with Helltooth, I think I need to apply Caldesan asap on my Zuni pieces to see if this change. I also use Hex to turn ennemies into pigs along with the enchantress for great crowd control and survival so most of the time I kill farm pets, lol.
zemekiel on 10. Feb. 2017.
They should work on the Garg's AI tbh, they are dumb as fuck.
Nemesis on 10. Feb. 2017.
rednab2001 on 10. Feb. 2017.
I am currently playing this build with 6-piece Zunimassa and four piece Arachyr's - (RORG). I have tried all the WD builds this season, and I am enjoying this one the most. Wish they could of gotten that bump to the 6-piece set for this season, as I switch classes each season. To be honest, I'm kinda over Sacred Harvest....need to see more builds viable without this talent.
czarna woda on 10. Feb. 2017.
Blizzard please add zuni shoulders and add fetish syco dmg to belt
Lordchen4SH on 9. Feb. 2017.
quick question: wormwood in cube, RoE instead of rorg, full 6 pcs, haunt instead of acid cloud. you group the mobs, run in the middle (have to for skull harvest), wormwood is bring triggered, 6pc is triggered, then you go distance and spam haunt on everything. you might have to use dot-passive, but it should still significantly improve dmg, right?
Adam Owczarek on 9. Feb. 2017.
I'm super curious if this brings Carnevil back!
Evan Hallson on 9. Feb. 2017.
beeemdubya on 9. Feb. 2017.
69% damage reduction. nice.
Semirotta on 9. Feb. 2017.
Zunimassa isn't that good compared to Helltooth