Diablo Druid Teaser? New Overwatch Voice Actor for Talon? The Epic War in EVE Online

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Christian Senne on 25. Feb. 2018.
Was almost hoping for Druid comming back. Even a new one to diablo universe. Like shaman ;)
Lawrence Spies on 20. Feb. 2018.
I hope a Druid character is added! Add-0n expansion pack with Druid? One of my favorite characters. Speaking of Druid hints...I saw in one of the season 12 when I received a banner/sigil award...It said something to the effect of "Don't let a Druid see this..." I cannot remember off the top of my head the rest. I will try and find it and post it.
darcraven01 on 20. Feb. 2018.
13:54 unless they drop a whole expansion with the druid in it, i dont want another class in d3.. A new class to run the same old stuff would only be fun till you hit max lvl with said class imo. Like with the necromancer.. I lvl'd it and got the red wings and havent touched d3 since. I want an act 6... Maybe even act 7...
Zura Janai Katsura da on 19. Feb. 2018.
shaun white is a great snowboarder, didn't expect him to be a game developer +_+. Druid would be awesome, my favorite class from D2
Berronax on 19. Feb. 2018.
Sounds cool.. I should try EVE, or is it too late to join it tbh?
Jacob Joddrell on 17. Feb. 2018.
Maybe hes looking to the skies, for another falling star?
Martin Holck on 16. Feb. 2018.
A Druid for D3? No thanks, They can make 10 expansions or new characters, and the game will still suck. The issue is their end game and item/loot system. Pushing greater rifts just isn't fun, not even as 4 man. There is no feeling of accomplishment after grinding through a GR115, the mobs aren't a challenge, their numbers just go up yet their mechanics are still childsplay. They could atleast make the PVE good in a game that doesn't have PVP. And for items, everyone running around with exactly the same items, with the exact same stats, like where is the diversity? How am i supposed to be excited to play a new character if literally everyone else is playing it exactly the same way? LoN was a great addition for starters, but after that nothing happened, but atleast it allowed me to theorycraft some builds that didn't have to depend on a class set to push the end game. They should just completely scrap class sets, and make regular legendaries useful, as well as rare/magic items, like it
Smiling Man on 16. Feb. 2018.
i NEED those marvel skins for OW. *RIGHT NOW!!!*
ragnar the great on 16. Feb. 2018.
Blizzard is getting shitty, i hope they go bankrupt or give us want we want.
kyuh ash on 15. Feb. 2018.
Wow eve is dramatic I played it for a day and got bored
kyuh ash on 15. Feb. 2018.
He’s a whole dad
Flixey on 12. Feb. 2018.
EVE online is the most nuts online video game ever
Darsch Pugs on 12. Feb. 2018.
All this hype for D4 for 2 years now, there is no D4 coming anytime soon or getting announced, it is going to be a druid for D3, maybe even an expansion. I'd expect a Diablo spinoff before D4
Cody Cox on 12. Feb. 2018.
how about you just remake D2 LOD instead of charging people 10$ for a character that should be free anyways. especially for the people who had to put up with all the shit like the AH back in the days.
javvy156 javvy156 on 9. Feb. 2018.
Wow garbage cosmetics you have to purchase after already purchasing a sixty dollars game. Wow amazing.
javvy156 javvy156 on 9. Feb. 2018.
It's not a big deal it's diablo. Just fix it and move on. Prove yourself in the next season.
Eric Morgan on 9. Feb. 2018.
Excited about fable!!
NextDarkAngel on 8. Feb. 2018.
Ryker there's also a druid hint on the loading screen messages!!!
Cary Hadden on 8. Feb. 2018.
That Eve story was pretty awesome. Anybody know if there's a fantasy / medieval mmorpg with similar community driven game play?
Brad Liston on 8. Feb. 2018.
Damn Rhykker, you know some Diablo... Love the show / series, well done.
Aoki Fae on 7. Feb. 2018.
my bf says that there was some npc/player that said "I do love looking at constellations"
Tania Jackson on 7. Feb. 2018.
rhykkers, u ever try guild wars 2?
Edown on 7. Feb. 2018.
a "redditor" as if it was a job to whine and complain
Arno H on 7. Feb. 2018.
Loved Druid most in D2. Hated necro and they still made him good in D3. This makes me super stoked for the new Druid!!!
Taxfree SF on 7. Feb. 2018.
Prior to the Necromancer being brought to D3 I was hoping The DRUID would have made the 7th Class. Now I don't even want The DRUID anywhere near D3...Instead I would love to see DRUID along with the Sorcerer, Warrior and Rogue. in DIABLO 4. Just to name a few classes and maybe a whole new class...like a Arch Angel or a DJINN....Just to name a few. Cause the way I see it, why bring in a DRUID to D3 only to have D4 follow not long after. Blizzard gonna do what Blizz does, we all know this I just hope Blizzard starts giving a damn about the DIABLO community and make us Golden once again.... ; )
K. Jacob Kelley on 6. Feb. 2018.
Nik P on 6. Feb. 2018.
Diablo has enough story to be an MMO
JP Stanzioni on 6. Feb. 2018.
How is eve that popular? It's so boring to play
Joshua York on 6. Feb. 2018.
I still play diablo 2 because of the druid I hope diablo 3 makes a druid.
Xtra Xllence on 5. Feb. 2018.
DRUIDS! Boi D3 I'm coming back!
ultimasurge on 5. Feb. 2018.
Fable!!! so good one of the few western rpgs i enjoy greatly!
myhellkiller666xp on 5. Feb. 2018.
he seriously need's to make a snap vid of just the eve online stuff lol omg wow
Fett, Boba Fett on 4. Feb. 2018.
With all of the money Blizzard has made from loot boxes in Overwatch and any other of the insanely profitable Blizzard games, they can afford to make a new Diablo lol. I just.. I really just want a new game
Sean Stewart on 4. Feb. 2018.
Damn! This is terrible for EVE B/C everyone has been waiting for this! This basically means that EVE has reached its end.
Sean Stewart on 4. Feb. 2018.
A good Fable would b a reason to finally buy an X1X, well, if it didn't also appear on PC!
FOXDUDE on 4. Feb. 2018.
A Michael Bay Duke Nukem movie would be a must buy on Blu ray!
Dreamforger on 3. Feb. 2018.
Hoof prints? Taureb druid confirmed! Also crack the number code, someone with knowledge of constellation must know, is it an order of the animal constellation! Giving us the three animal forms of the druid?
Keith Gallistel on 3. Feb. 2018.
As far as Druid Teaser goes, I would almost think its an expansion for D3. If I remember one of your old videos right, the D3 developers mentioned that it takes 2 years to create a proper expansion. The Necromancer Pack came out in 2017 and, I'm assuming, did good sales-wise for Blizzard (probably surprisingly good from the point of view of the executives). Another past video of yours listed 2019 as something new happening in Diablo. 2017 to 2019 is 2 years. If it were another character pack, then last year instead tapping down hype, there would have been a Druid Pack announcement. I would further assume that 2018 BlizzCon will be when a new D3 Expansion with the Druid as the new character is announced with a release sometime in 2nd half of 2019.
BANHAMMER GAMING on 3. Feb. 2018.
Could the hinting at "constellations" mean a hint at a release or when we can start seeing Druid content based on real world upcoming rare space anomaly/constellation sightings in 2018, Maybe we can draw clues by looking into things like: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/12/top-skywatching-events-2018-eclipses-meteors-planets-astronomy/
imbored2008 on 2. Feb. 2018.
Large player based universe change? Dark Age of Camelot anyone?
DeeGeeTaL on 2. Feb. 2018.
You guys should check out eve, it is a sandbox in space. It is a game run by people and the people are content. And the most valuable resource there is. It has scams, betrayals(whole aliances were destroyed that way, some exelent spy work, cloak and dagger etc, it is not JUST about blowing up spaceships, politics also plays a great part), great friendships... basically everyting as in real life when it comes to that. However, it has the best and most friendliest community in the gaming industry. Where peaple kick your ass, destroy your ship and then (when they notice your a newbro) give you ingame money, ships, advice, help you learn the game etc. It is "free to play", that is, you can play as either alpha (free but with some limitations) or omega (omega is paid - but you can earn ingame currency to pay for the subscription that way - and it is pretty easy). Only hard part is actually getting in to it, as it is very complex and somewhat hard for people just getting into it, it has a st
TrueGamingPassion on 2. Feb. 2018.
You are wrong. There was a 1 million dolar damage. Not in game but irl from all the mouses, keyboards and monitors smashed in rage hahahahha
Brian A on 2. Feb. 2018.
The Imperium are the good guys in this. The ones who took on the Imperium and won have consistently used and manipulated Devs, game mechanics, and out of game influences to try to sway outcomes of wars. The amalgamation of alliances and players leveraged against the Imperium where formerly known as Band of Brothers.
Federico Pinna on 2. Feb. 2018.
i hope to see the Druid back to life in d3, my favourite class in D2, sooo beautiful
Dane Fergus on 1. Feb. 2018.
Hay I have a ?who do I go to Ask ?s I do know if I ask you or I ask Blizzard because I like some ?s but the number is no good I do not how to get a ticket that’s why I like talking to a real live Person if u can help that would be Great if not who may ask my ?s to Fang1979
Eduardo Barco on 1. Feb. 2018.
People changing the shape of the universe... so you haven't heard of Ingress?
Péter Horinka on 1. Feb. 2018.
seriously this guy....its so cringy and an obsessive....who the hell still belives in a diablo 4? or even more class dlc-s for dio3.....
malataur on 1. Feb. 2018.
Yo Rhykker, you're in the know. What are the Haedrig's gift sets for next season of D3? And what are the other pet / wings / etc prizes for the Season's Journey? Thanks
simonish on 1. Feb. 2018.
Shouldn't Zarya be Comrade Marvel? imo that looks more like a Captain Marvel getup. (The Marvel comics one, not the SHAZAM one. obv!)
Angelize Tuco on 1. Feb. 2018.
Michael Bay? That untalented uninspired director should die in a fire for the junk he directed. Armageddon? WTF??