DISGUSTING! Death threats over Diablo 3 Goblin nerf? New Overwatch Hero leak real or hoax? +Gameplay

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54Miasma on 11. Aug. 2017.
There was like a 40% chance to find a gob in the upper realm. Hell it's were I found the Rainbow Gob for my cosmic wings
Archn Scythe on 11. Aug. 2017.
Diablo MMO? XD that would be dumb.
Tariel on 11. Aug. 2017.
The biggest advantage of for private servers (d3) which I can think of would be lag reduction. While D3 does a good job of handling latency in general there are definitely instances for people like myself (in the arse end of Africa) who have to deal with a ping around 200-220ms (on a good day) which can spike to 500-999. HC becomes ... really HC.
MPAH1981 on 11. Aug. 2017.
All of the changes in the past, removing trading, stuff like that, have been made because as they say, it takes game play away from other people, if you just hand them items. I dont know if the goblin run nerf was something similar, but take note of this...I was of the belief that at least 1 rainbow goblin spawned in every game, you just have to find it. If you can significantly reduce this time through an exploit, then it needs to be fixed. Because now, it's not just the wings you get in there, but a shit ton of legendaries as well since it was buffed in the last patch before S10. So it is indeed game breaking if you can turn over more rainbow goblins through an exploit.
Jordan Erevia on 11. Aug. 2017.
Personally I use a force move and force stand still command on Diablo 3, so ClickN'Grab is the only time I'm actively clicking things unless I'm crafting in town. So it doesn't bug me too much to click on my crafting items.
ButtPirate on 11. Aug. 2017.
I hope that leak is fake (which it more than likely is). The character just looks boring, for the same reasons you mentioned why they're probably fake. They look like a clusterfuck of other existing characters
Micah Riley on 11. Aug. 2017.
I miss trading and AH... at least the private server has trading.
Nicolas M on 11. Aug. 2017.
Are you REALLY thing to hype "death threat" send by a rando on the internet just to get some click? Welp, guess what, you just gain an unsub.
Dealtoth on 11. Aug. 2017.
Have pets Pick up certain Items each one with a different pickup ability and you select that pet type you want.
Quinton Standridge on 11. Aug. 2017.
Clifford Livingston on 11. Aug. 2017.
I'm still waiting on Soundquake
Christopher Osberg on 11. Aug. 2017.
The answer to what the new IPs could be, is the same answer to "What are the most successful indie games out, right now?" Team Fortress 2, Dota 2/HoN/LoL... They just want proven success to take and improve on. Also, I don't feel like I'm getting anything special unless I pick up a legendary... Blizzard, if that's your actual stance on picking up materials, you are stupid.
FastLikePuma on 11. Aug. 2017.
I agree! Action. Action RPG. I refuse to use the 120 cool down builds.
TiiaAurora on 10. Aug. 2017.
The Input lag for certain skills with the Necromancer is actually the worst. I am playing a build right now, where 3 skills are not only time sensitive but also suffer from this input lag. Bone armor takes me 5-6 button presses to react. Blood Nova doesn't spam. Sometimes I have about 1-2 Seconds delay between 2 Blood Novas. And the last is the blood rush. I often died, because my Necro just needs a few moments to realize she should maybe move. I hoped they fix that before season. But not it seems like I need to wait til after and have to deal with it for as long as season is running.
Jacob Lagström on 10. Aug. 2017.
Hey man, could you have a Wizard gameplay in your next video? oh and Great vid overall!
Albino Wombat on 10. Aug. 2017.
Completely agree on long cooldowns. A few builds based around them are OK, but when they are by far the strongest builds overall everyone is forced to play slowly or be un-competitive. Doesn't feel like an action RPG and doesn't feel like D3 anymore. Long CDs also tie in with what I think would be a great change to the game: re-working or removing CoE. I have lots of issues with itemization in general, but one of the biggest issues is that ring. It's such a powerful item that it encourages builds that do nothing for a while and then spend their damage in a big burst (Lightning Archon, LoN Thorns Crusader, etc). Not to mention it's hard to track the buff and time your damage when so much else is typically happening on screen. CoE is cool in some ways but I'd love to see it changed to de-incentivise CD builds a little.
Taylor Griffing on 10. Aug. 2017.
Quality as ever- keep it up!
Scot Cofrank on 10. Aug. 2017.
BLIZZARD - New company motto: ... Almost ... but not quite .... ever. Also: "Working as intended" - thx as always for great video's Rhykker.
cold inspringfield on 10. Aug. 2017.
very interesting yet what do u folks think is it good is it bad blah blah blah let me see how many times I can say this during the video
Tehnewby 1 on 10. Aug. 2017.
You know what I think looking at that Rhykker? It looks like someone fanarted a borderlands character into overwatch. Especially in the thumbnail the chick looks like like a BL character, and the name Psyren? Kinda like there's a Siren class in borderlands? I really think someone just got bored/inspired.
HOG on 10. Aug. 2017.
do u think the lack of responsiveness with the necro also has to do somewhat with attack speed?
Doug Landrum on 10. Aug. 2017.
Dumb fist
ShadowEquinox1982 on 10. Aug. 2017.
Goblin run never knew about it, dont care about it i farmed most cosmetics, some people are cry babies lol
Brock Neilon on 10. Aug. 2017.
It does make you wonder. Why would they prioritize something like the goblin run that wasn't a problem to the game in any way except making an extremely rare cosmetic ever so slightly less rare.... Meanwhile fucking pestilence is still useless.
Pedro Gonzalez on 10. Aug. 2017.
Personally i dont like the concept of 6 pieces sets, IMHO make your own combinations is more fun the endgame. I liked when you may use 2 or 3 pieces of one set plus other items to get advantage in some way in the game. If the sets was made of maximum 4 pieces will be more fun, getting new cosmetics with sets are good too. There is a lot of items that reduced to Trash because of sets, Blue items are useless only used to Save its components, and Yellow items too. i think these items (blue and yellow) must be dropped from the game and only get components instead a blue o yellow item, as well only loot grey items ( to make a recipes), legendary or set items some times. That type of change will be add much more fun to make a build. but i dont think that will happen.. :(
xxTopher on 9. Aug. 2017.
had no clue about the goblin run... doesn't matter if someone made a video on it... i'm sure a streamer showed it off at some point and it got popular from that alone... was the nerf needed... probly not but its w/e i just want the new levels monster density fixed.... as often as they show up it hurts runs
Noah S on 9. Aug. 2017.
I hate having to pick up crafting mats. Makes my speedfarms so much slower...
Nate Gardner on 9. Aug. 2017.
Nailed it on both the wah wah wah about the Goblin run and Necromancer build. There are still plenty of goblins out there. Also, there are ways to augment speeding up cooldown for the Necromancer. Although being a former pc player moving into PS4, I must admit I've gotten lazy in my builds because console is just not as tough IMHO.
Steven Mckay on 9. Aug. 2017.
Copyright and Intellectual Property are stupid as fuck and like any proprietary products, they are shitty and left to the whims of the owners. Open source stuff is so much better
Exo on 9. Aug. 2017.
I wont be surprised if Blizzard comes out with their own survival game .....and I'm sure will be great :P
wierwulf0 on 9. Aug. 2017.
I cannot believe you still play this,grind 3 months wash rinse repeat.......gerbils
ShoKasaki2k12 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Cosmetics should be rare in Diablo because they're not something that affects gameplay. They should be a special "something," just for playing for a long time. Death threats over cosmetic items from a goblin are despicable, and those people should go for a walk, because they've played enough on the computer.
Chris Silva on 9. Aug. 2017.
+Rhykker That goblin run was amazing. I used it for a few days and farmed out the pets and tons of materials for end game stuff. Sucks that it's patched. RIP Goblin Run.
HTS Anyuci on 9. Aug. 2017.
I totally agree on the more pressing issues. Like the issue on PS4 pro that it is nearly impossible to play GR-s because it freezes after 3-4 minutes 90% in the rifts. My negative record was that the game froze 3 times in one single GR.... And this is present since start of Season 10.... This makes the game literally unplayable.... and on the top of that we ahd 3-4 patches since then and nothing changed. Very disappointing. :(
Blaiki on 9. Aug. 2017.
Blizzard knows best what's fun and better for us and we shall not complain about it's decisions towards our greater good and gameplay. (irony off)
Philippe Mello on 9. Aug. 2017.
I have to admit, Rhykker is fun
Wick3d3xil3d on 9. Aug. 2017.
@Rhykker can you do a video for team based necromancer builds? 2-p, 3-p, and 4-p? Or ideas anything. I think that would be cool and interesting. Thanks.
gene colon on 9. Aug. 2017.
Nah - titan was destiny 2....n stop saying diablo4 there will be hopefully more diablo 3 chapters...
Dan The-Man on 9. Aug. 2017.
I played the necro exclusively between seasons, but I didn't notice any delayed response...except Blood Rush feels uncharacteristicly slow compared to Monk's Dashing Strike and Wizard's Teleport. In Greater Rifts over 65, Dashing Strike seems to take longer to trigger, and that delay has wasted so many grift keys.
Damian on 9. Aug. 2017.
Disgusting click bait
Fafa Fooey on 9. Aug. 2017.
Brian the ultimate retard Holinka was "moved" ... if he shows up on ANY game... I won't buy it.
ramses byron on 9. Aug. 2017.
Didn't even know abou tit
Funguspower2 on 9. Aug. 2017.
Oh hell yeah. Sorry vanilla diablo 3 is way better than the set based game.
Darío Daniel Quispe Quispe on 9. Aug. 2017.
I like to touch myself watching in the mirror.
Ken Havens on 9. Aug. 2017.
gummy server would like a word with you :) It was shut down the first day it went live in the USA. Lol death threats.....get a life people, its a video game.
Yuri Hageshi on 9. Aug. 2017.
International laws can have reach if blizzard is being hurt.
Yuri Hageshi on 9. Aug. 2017.
there is little to say about d3. There is not much content beyond the necromancer, but druid would be nice
Yuri Hageshi on 9. Aug. 2017.
Death threats? Since when does these help get anything done bu make more jobs for security that would rather be doing something subsiantial then watching for trantrum throwers over...
Jordan Bryan on 9. Aug. 2017.
This kid wants to be forcesc2 so bad it hurts.
Jimmy Post on 8. Aug. 2017.
Didn't know about it, but couldn't agree with you more. I don't personally care that I missed out, and people, especially those that hide behind their computer to talk shit that they can't back up in real life, are idiots!